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  1. Would love to have Shattenkirk here, but I don't see how it works. The Devils absolutely should not be trading any first round picks right now, and we really don't have much else that would interest them.
  2. The speed and his ability to be a puck mover is key. Zacha can be the finisher, but he needs someone to get him the puck and set him up in good scoring areas. Hopefully this kid can do that. Clearly, Shero had him ranked over Brown. It's not easy to pass over a 6'6' center with speed, so I hope they know what they are doing here.
  3. I'm not going to pretend I know anything of substance about this kid. Like that he has been described as a tireless worker with blazing speed. Don't like how there is no mention of his hands or playmaking ability when they describe him.
  4. I have no idea who we are going for now. Not thrilled with the way this has gone this far.
  5. Well, there goes that idea. Really don't want a defenseman with #11.
  6. That hurts. I was hoping this kid would fall to us. Now hoping for Nylander to slide.
  7. Unless he's on a 1 year deal and is able to be dealt at the deadline to a contending team, I want no part of Crusty the Clown here in NJ. The guy is old, with diminishing skills, and doesn't fit with what we are trying to build here. He is best suited for a contending team looking for 3rd line help that can be a pest.
  8. Sad day for hockey. RIP Gordie.
  9. Like any other team, A lot of their success will depend on the commitment of their ownership group as well as the support they get from from the casinos and business community in LV. The arena is great and in a perfect location.
  10. No. Our jerseys are great. No need to touch or tweak them in any way. If they want to add a 3rd jersey, fine. It will likely be terrible and cartoonish, but I can deal with it. If they touch the home or away jerseys I will be pissed
  11. Those jerseys are terrible.
  12. Just saw on SI that the NHL will have ads on the shoulders of the jerseys worn by players during the World Cup of Hockey and will "monitor fan response" to determine how they go about implementing them on NHL team jerseys going forward. Since the World Cup is nothing but a money grab for the NHL, this news is not shocking in any way. However, I can't stand the idea of ads on jerseys, helmets, socks, or other parts of the uniform. It looks completely tacky and is distracting IMO. Hopefully it never happens, but I'd bet every last cent I have in the bank on seeing ads on game jerseys in the NHL beginning in 2017-18.
  13. I thought they would lose in the first or second round. Never thought they would get to the conference finals without guys like Stamkos and, more importantly, Strahlman. They totally proved me wrong and impressed me with their depth and how they are able to deal with injuries to major contributors in a seamless fashion.
  14. They will see it in the World Cup a few months from now (except for Gaudreau and McDavid who will be on that stupid/gimmicky Under 23 NA team). Nobody cares about this tournament because, unless you are a die hard hockey fan, you would have no idea it is being played. The NHL playoffs get all of the press and attention this time of year (deservedly so IMO). Plus, it is always played in Europe/Russia, which means that game times are like 9 am and 1 pm EST at best, not exactly conducive for people with jobs to follow here in NA.
  15. Unless they trade Fleury to a team like Calgary first.