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  1. The cattle bridge was built as a temporary structure that was meant to last 2 or three years before a permanent structure was to be built. It ended up lasting over 20 years because that's how government works in this state. It's amazing that it never collapsed. My best/most frightening memory from walking across that thing was being with my father after the Devils won the Cup in 1995. People are going crazy inside there and it's so loud your ears are just ringing. People would pound on the corrugated metal sides all the time, but this was on a whole other level. At one point, the pressure got too much and they popped one or more rivets or screws out of one of the panels right in front of us as we went along. I thought for sure that thing was going to fall right onto the road underneath and it's a miracle that it didn't.
  2. Seriously! This is a tough choice, but a good one. The problem is that these 2 guys are going to constantly be measured up and compared to each other for the rest of their careers, especially with Philly having the 2nd pick and getting whoever we don't take. Still better than picking 5-8 though.
  3. In a utopian world, what your saying makes sense. But we don't live in fantasy land, we live in NJ, where mass transit sucks. You speak from something you clearly have little experience with. When the Rock first opened, before I had kids, we tried taking NJ Transit to the games. It is a sh!tty experience that I will never do again. Coming from Morris County, an area where a huge number of our fans come from, there is no train line that goes to the "major train station adjacent to the arena." It takes you to Broad Street Station, and from there you either can (a) walk, (b) take a bus, (c) take a cab/Uber, or (d) take the light rail to Penn Station then walk to the arena. Now try doing that with kids under the age of 10. All of those options are completely ridiculous and inefficient. Add on top of that the fact that it costs more for the roundtrip train ticket than parking when you have 4 people going to the game, while it takes approximately 50 minutes on the train from Morristown to Broad Street when driving only takes 25 minutes, and you should easily be able to understand how your oversimplified example doesn't work for most people that attend games in the arena. And finally, when leaving the game with your family of 4, you need to reverse all of the BS you had to do to get to the arena, and make sure you catch the train or risk having to wait 30-60 minutes for the next one to take you home. Most people, me included, would say no thanks to all of that, especially when dealing with kids. It's just not worth it when I can easily drive there in less than 30 minutes, and do the same thing coming back. If you take away my ability to drive to the games, then I will just give up the season tickets I have, and won't go to nearly as many games as I currently do (if any at all). There are enough people just like me where it will affect the team and arena's bottom line in the long run.
  4. Some teams just find a way to lose, year after year. Washington and St. Louis are right at the top of that list. At least the Caps made it interesting in their annual second round elimination by forcing a game 7, but to get shut out at home after coming back from 3-1 down to force the decisive game is embarrassing. And everything that Slava ranted about seems dead on to me. Ovi is all about Ovi, and the Caps owner and management have let it be that way, and even have encouraged it, from the beginning. There is no accountability there, and that team suffers because of it. It is basically the exact opposite of everything the Devils were under Lou.
  5. Nobody said you have to make the city into a lot for Devils fans. But they need parking structures because, like it or not, most people go to Newark to work, attend sporting events, etc., via car and not mass transit. Last time I checked, there are tons of parking structures all over Manhattan, Chicago, and most other major cities throughout this country, including the areas around MSG. Yes, open air lots are a problem based upon the civic studies that have been done over the past 20 years, but to think that parking should not be part of the overall plan to revitalize an area is foolish. If they build over all of the lots and don't replace the parking spaces, what do you think is going to happen to attendance at events at the arena, and for the Devils specifically? There are a number of different ways to go about it. You can have a freestanding parking structure, or a parking facility combined with an office or residential building on the site. The point is that you need to replace the parking spaces because people with families (which makes up a large percentage of the ticket buying fanbase of this team) are not going to walk 10 + blocks at 10 p.m. in the winter to get to/from their car in a city like Newark.
  6. I get what you are saying. That's why it won't be easy to get any deal done, assuming Kovy has the limitations on where he will play that have ben reported. But there is a very real reason the Devils have never made a trade with the Rags, and never will. If he goes there and helps them win a Stanley Cup, Shero becomes a pariah and the large majority of fans, rightly or wrongly, will never forgive him. I just can't see him getting traded to the Rags for any return, unless it is so 1 sided it makes Washington's decision in the Erat for Forserg deal look good. I also don't understand why he would be willing to play in Tampa, but not a place like Boston, Pitt, Washington, Buffalo, etc. His home in Florida is outside of Miami. It's not like Tampa is a 20 minute drive away. He'd have to fly home on an off day, and could easily do the same thing to his home in NJ if he played in one of the other cities I previously mentioned.
  7. It works both ways. Kovy doesn't have to go anywhere he doesn't want to go, and the Devils don't have to bring him back in the first place if he attempts to limit their ability to trade him to teams they don' want to move him to. He obviously doesn't want to go back and play another year in Russia if he legitimately is trying to get back in the NHL. Like Congress, both sides need to work together and come to a compromise to make it work. However, like Congress, there is a high probability of dysfunction in the system with both sides getting entrenched in their position, which will lead to an impasse that has Kovy returning to Russia for 1 more season. At the end of the day, if Kovy said to the Devils, I will only go to the Rags, then I would tell him to enjoy the Borst in St. Petersburg for the next year as he can go F himself. He's not going to dictate how this goes. However, if he gives a list of teams, I would work out the best deal I could and possibly package other assets to make him part of a larger deal. He is a free asset, and it would be stupid not to get what we can for him.
  8. It sounds nice in theory, but it's never going to happen. I just don't think Dallas would do that deal, even though it might make some sense for them. I have to say though, the Hockey News article brought up a very intriguing possibility. I'd hate to trade Cory, but it makes too much sense if we could get the #3, use it to draft MIttlestadt or the top D on the board, then find a way to pickup a goalie in the offseason by way of trade or FA signing. What scares me is that Shero wouldn't go for Bishop, but instead would make a trade with Pitt for Fleury. He's definitely upping his value these playoffs, and Pitt needs to move him or risk losing Murray in the expansion draft. It lines up perfectly for Ray to bring in another Pen to the org, which he loves to do.
  9. The problem is, Shattenkirk is not a #1 defensemen, and has some holes in his game. However, he is going to get paid like one on July1, and the expectations for this guy are going to be through the roof, no matter what team he signs with. Unfortunately, he will never live up to his contract or the expectations that come with it, even though those expectations are unfair and unrealistic. That said, we absolutely should try to sign him in FA. Like others have already said, he is better than anything we have on our roster. Moreover, we have absolutely nothing in our system other than Rykov, who is likely at least 2 years from coming over from Russia. I still don't think he will sign here, but it's worth the shot at this point. His down playoffs is not ideal for him, but it doesn't diminish the player he is or what he has done in his career to date. In fact, it might actually work to our advantage a bit and bring down the overall price on his deal a little.
  10. Don't be so sure. They can easily come back and win this series over Ottawa, then find themselves completely healthy and up against an injury riddled Pens team without Crosby. I wouldn't bet against them winning that series as the Pens always seem to have trouble with them. I hate to say it, but this is setting up to be the best shot the Rags are going to get to win a Cup during the Queen's era.
  11. I was a kid through the red and green years, and was a teenager through the transition to black and our first cup. While I don't mind the old uniforms as a third jersey or something to be worn on certain occasions, I would hate it if they changed the colors back. Never really liked the awkward striping on the arms and socks for the red "road" jerseys, and hate the color green unless it is in my wallet. Plus, that uniform and color combo was associated with nothing but losing for me, outside the miracle run in 1987-88. The one thing I always liked was the striping down the side of the pants. Hopefully they incorporate that into the new unis. The Christmas tree uniform thing was always something I heard from Rags fans trying to poke fun at the Devils. It was never something endearing said about the uniforms by our own fans from what I remember. I thought I already heard somewhere that they weren't changing the colors or logo (it could also just be wishful thinking for me), but if they do then they need to go with a much darker shade of green than what was worn in the 80's. I guess we will see when the pick is announced in June. Should make for an interesting day if they keep their decision on the pick under lock and key and the jersey designs aren't leaked beforehand.
  12. I don't think we can go wrong with either of these players and I won't be upset with whoever we pick. I was really impressed by Nico's performance at the WJC this winter, and how he was able to carry that Swiss team on his back. The kid has serious wheels and hands to match, which is scary to think about since we will likely be facing him a Flyers uniform for the next 10+ years. That said, my choice probably would be Nolan Patrick. Nolan is an all-around player with an NHL body, wicked shot, and great vision. When he's healthy, he's been an absolutely dominant player going up against older and more experienced players in the WHL. However, the injuries do concern me a little bit. It's not enough to draft Nico over him, but it makes it much more of a toss up then it would be if Nolan didn't have the injury issues. It will be interesting to see if the Devils go with Patrick over Nico, especially since Nico seems to fit more of the fast, attacking, and supportive model the Devils have been trying to mold this team into lately. Still, I don't think they will pass on Patrick in the end, unless the doctors come back with something they don't like in their physical evaluations of him prior to the draft.
  13. Mr. President, are you saying bigly or big league? I'm confused.
  14. I'm with you. The Rags are making the ECF and, IMO, whoever wins that series is winning the Cup this year.
  15. If he legitimately wants to come back, NJ has to take him as he is an asset. Then it is up to Shero to decide how best to maximize the value of that asset, whether it is through a trade or sign him to the roster. No doubt that there are a lot of Devils fans that will be pissed and boo him ... until he lights the lamp. Personally, I would prefer that they trade him, and he never plays another game in a Devils uniform. But, I won't boo him and won't be too pissed if he is on the roster next season.