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  1. Couldn't agree more DJ.  Spot on.   Great game last night, and a big win for the Devils.  The crowd spilt was as bad as I can remember it being for a long, long time.  Just glad those losers went home crying in their beers, but being there having to listen to these a-holes makes me understand why some people decide to sell their tickets on stub hub.
  2. New Jersey Devils' Lineup/Roster Thread 2015-16

    I don't think there will be any major jersey design change. Our jerseys are generally regarded as well designed, and one of the top 10 in the league.  A third jersey is inevitable because sports are a major money grab, but if they redesign the crest and go with something as hokey as this as part of the primary jersey, then I, along with a lot of other people, am going to have a major problem with it.  It will end up making the goal song debacle look tame.  I just don't see that happening though. 
  3. I can't use my tickets for tomorrow's game.  I have 4 seats in Section 123, Row 11.  Looking to sell them for $20 per ticket.  Willing to split them in pairs if need be.  PM me if interested.
  4. Albany Devils Thread - 2015-16 Edition

    Thanks Feisty.  Always love and appreciate your AHL and Prospect updates.  However, that crowd at the TU Center in Albany looks very small considering the point we are at in the season and the success that the team is having this year.  Doesn't seem like that community is supporting this team at all, which is disappointing considering how good the product on the ice has been this year. 
  5. Cory Schneider is an All-Star

    Definitely well deserved.  Should be interesting with the new 3 on 3 tournament format.  I might actually watch the games this year.
  6. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    drouin needs to play regularly.  If he isn't ready to crack their lineup, then it's better for his development if he goes to the ahl to play.   hopefully they give up on him and trade him to us on the cheap (one can dream).
  7. 15-16 WJC Thread

    Our prospects generally had a poor showing at the WJC.  Q-ville was the best of the bunch and had a nice assist on Canada's first goal today.  Zacha was injured and contributed little when he was in the lineup and Blackwood, well, he was terrible today and was not impressive at all at any point in this tournament.  
  8. Around the League 15-16 Edition

     His decline is starting and their cup window is closed or rapidly closing.  However, there is no chance of this happening.  He can't have a modeling career in Calgary, or St. Louis, or Dallas...
  9. Crystal Palace

    My biggest concern is the potential that they are spreading themselves too thin.   it's one thing to play with the big boys in a salary capped league where your costs are effectively fixed.  It's a whole other thing to get into the world of professional soccer, where top talent will cost you $80 million before you even give that player a contract.  
  10. 2015–16 Prospect Thread

    I have to agree with this.  On a team devoid of top 6 talent, and starving for skilled forwards, we are the one of the best options for a player like Wood looking to make the quickest jump to the NHL from college.  That said, I think this rule allowing these drafted players to become a FA after a certain period of time is a bunch of BS.  IMO, the player's rights should be held by the organization that drafted him for a 1 year period after the player leaves college or juniors, unless the team doesn't make the player a contract offer at the time they leave school or their junior program.  At the very least, the team that loses the player should get a compensatory pick in the upcoming draft at the end of the round that they originally drafted that player in.  To lose the player for nothing because the player decides to stay in college (which is a right the player has and should have) is unfair.
  11. GDT: Detroit Red Wings @ New Jersey Devils 7pm (MSG+, WFAN)

    The Devils did a good job with Star Wars night tonight. They even went so far as to change the seating charts in the upper deck to reflect the team. It was pretty cool.
  12. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    This has Lou written all over it. Wouldnt be surprised to see Toronto put in a claim.
  13. I have 4 tickets I can't use in section 123, row 11 for the game on Sunday, 12/6/15 at 7:00 pm against Florida. Asking $20 per ticket or best offer. Willing to split the tickets if necessary. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  14. Albany Devils Thread - 2015-16 Edition

      I get the whole novelty jersey thing, but they generally are hideous looking, and this is no different.  I almost threw up when I saw that thing. 
  15. Zubrus signs with Sharks • 1 Year 2-Way

    Always liked Zubie.  Wish him the best of luck in SJ.  I hope the Sharks players like techno music.