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  1. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    Hard pass. No way I do that deal. Weber is on the decline and the wrong side of 30. Galchenyuk I would take a look at, but the price is probably going to be too steep for a guy that thinks he's a center, but really is a wing and pouts when they play him there. Honestly, I really hope Shero sticks with the rebuilding plan and doesn't do anything crazy trying to get this team in the playoffs this season. We need to look to the long term with this rebuild, and giving up top prospects and picks for guys over 30 doesn't make a lot of sense based upon where we are at in the process.
  2. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    I don't think so, although in this state anything is possible. They are part time, hourly wage workers, so there really is no financial incentive for them to unionize. Most of those people pickup work at the Rock as a side job to make ends meet. Paying union dues for a job that doesn't provide healthcare, a pension, or paid sick/vacation days doesn't seem to be worth it to me.
  3. Season ticket holder questions

    Don't take this the wrong way, but I have no idea what you are talking about.
  4. GDT: Devils @ Toronto 7pm Msg Return of the Zajac

    Zacha should be playing. Whether it is in NJ or in Bingo, the kid needs to play and continue to develop. Sitting in the press box for more than a game here or there isn't going to help him.
  5. Brodeur likely to lead 2018 HOF class

    Butch Goring is an idiot Isles shill. Now that Kariya got in, Elias absolutely deserves to be in.
  6. 2017-2018 Prospects Thread

    He was injured while here in NJ. I'm sure they wanted to keep him around the team and have him treat with their medical staff and trainers as part of his recovery, and they had the ability to keep him here since he was injured while playing with the big club.
  7. 2017-2018 Prospects Thread

    Nothing surprising there. Hopefully he goes to the OHL and tears it up.
  8. GDT - Oilers @ Devils 11/9/17

    I thought Cory was good, other than the Lucic goal which he needs to stop. Hall played well too. Not sh!tting on them at all. However, it's those little things like stopping in front of the net rather than circling behind it, which is taught in Mite hockey, that can be the difference between a win and a loss. And with a young team that's on the bubble talent wise, it becomes even more pronounced.
  9. GDT - Oilers @ Devils 11/9/17

    I thought they played well last night and deserved a better fate. Nico should have taken the shot in OT, but where the hell was Hall going on that play. He ended up going behind the net and, if he was in good position on the far post or moving to the front the net for a potential rebound, he has an easy goal there. Agree that this has been a tough stretch schedule wise, but they have to break this losing streak on Saturday to start building some confidence again.
  10. Is Phil Murphy a Devils fan?

    Come on guys, settle down now. We deserve better than this!
  11. Is Phil Murphy a Devils fan?

    He was wearing a custom USMNT jacket outside the Hoboken PATH terminal yesterday. I guess now that makes sense. Unfortunately, there is no bigger embarrassment in sports right now than our national soccer team. Murphy grew up in Mass. If I had to guess, deep down he roots for the NE based teams, which is almost as bad as Christie rooting for the Cowboys and Rags.
  12. Defensive help

    Pretty much this. I felt the same way and was so pissed off when we traded down and ended up selecting Tedenby. Then Carlson goes out and win the WJC in OT over Canada in the season following his draft and I just knew we would seriously be regretting not making the pick. Needless to say, we are now in the position to hope that Washington is dumb enough to let him get to FA and, hopefully, he wants to return home and play for the team he rooted for as a kid. IMO, he is better than Shattenkirk and worth every penny of the contract Shero was willing to put on he able last summer. http://www.nj.com/devils/index.ssf/2008/06/colonias_carlson_likely_a_high.html
  13. What is the deal with the Devils on WFAN? I tried to listen to a game last week or so when coming home from work and the Isles were on instead. I knew the Nets were now on WFAN, but when did the Islanders become part of the rotation?
  14. GDT: Ottawa @ NJ 7:00 10/27

    LOL! My god, what a total disaster that project has been. But hey, let's build a $4 billion mall when retail brick and mortar stores are a dying concern. Perfect NJ logic.
  15. GDT: Devils @ Toronto 7:30 PM

    Basically my reaction to any comments made b Melrose or about hockey by anyone on ESPN. Although I like Bucci, his use of the over the top hockey lingo on air is just annoying, much like everything else on that channel.