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  1. The Cory No chant started in 123, not the Stabley guy. It is the same guys that call him a virgin and other "witty" things in their attempts to shout him down.
  2. Don't know how to describe it really. to me, it kind of looks like a cardboard ET with a Rangers suck jersey. Then I think he has a second one that is shaped like the cup but with a whale tail at the top instead of the bowl. I never really pay too much attention to it, so I'm not sure if it is the same one or not.
  3. It's more than just a few people in section 119. There is a group (the Cory-No guys) in Section 123 that try to shut him up as well, regardless of whether he's trying to do a LGD's chant, or his "everybody clap your hands" thing. I just thought it was because the guys in 123 were a bunch of d-bags who think they are funny, but are just really annoying. But apparently he's getting shouted down in other sections as well. The sign/cutout is stupid, but I could care less about it. Glad the kid tries to get the crowd going with something outside of the Rangers suck, Flyers swallow chant.
  4. I would think we get more than a 4th for PAP. Hoping we can at least grab a 2nd for him this year.
  5. Shows you how dumb Mr. "hey bro" is when it comes to hockey. Anyone with a brain knew the Devils were the better team and were red hot going into that series, while the Rags lost something like their last 5 games to give the Devils the division title and home ice advantage. As a Rags fan, you had to be an absolute moron to talk serious trash and be overconfident going in there. Glad he got what he deserved. I just don't like him or that show. The fact that he has a job on the radio is amazing to me. However, I will take him over Steve "monotone" Sommers any day of the week.
  6. Exactly. Admittedly, I'm not a Moneyball guy, and don't put a lot of stock in advanced stats. Yes, they are a part of the game and should be looked at as part of making decisions on players. But Gelinas is one of many examples as to why you can't rely on stats to tell the entire story of a player or a team. Gelinas is a slapshot, and nothing else. Once teams figured out how to pressure and play him to prevent him from getting it off cleanly, he's useless out there. The guy has no hockey sense, especially in his defensive end, and is a detriment at the NHL level. That said, I'd take him on my men's league team anyday.
  7. That sucks about Merrill. He really stepped up in Greene's absence, and seemed to have finally turned a corner. Hopefully this is just a minor injury and he will be back in a few games. However, he gets injured too often.
  8. They are in a really tough spot. If their fans weren't so douchey the past few years, I might actually feel bad for them. The Islanders should be on LI. The move to Brooklyn made no practical sense from day 1, and alienated a large portion of their fanbase. I've read that the renovated Coliseum can expand seating to 15,000. If that's the case, then it seems like that will be their only real option at this point, other than agreeing to renegotiate with Barclays on the terms of their deal, which will only get worse from the team. The only problem is that the new Coliseum still wont have the luxury boxes other arenas have to generate large amounts of revenue. Also, the Isles won't get the revenue stream that teams like the Devils get from operating the arena and taking in money from all events held there since Barclays runs the Coliseum now. Like DM84 has said, there is going to be no public appetite for public funds to be sunk into another arena in this area. The Wilpons sure as hell aren't building one next to Citifield without substantial public investment, and I doubt the new owners are going to shell out over $500 million for a new arena to put on top of the debt they have from the purchase of the team. This is a no win situation for them, although I still don't think they will move out of this area to places like Quebec, Hamilton, or Seattle.
  9. Nice to see Palms ripping the puck tonight. Real strong game from him. Also, like the early returns from the Zacha Josefson Noesen line. On another note, I heard at the start of the game that Detroit claims that this is their 256th consecutive sellout. What a crock of BS. But since they are an original 6 team, nobody calls them out on it.
  10. I know it's a different sport, and the Yankees reach is much greater than the Devils, but the Trenton Thunder (Yankees AA team) has a great stadium and have done well attendance wise for a long time now. I have no idea what the demographics are for sport allegiances in the area. I just don't know if the area has the financial wherewithal (corporate sponsorships, ticket prices, etc.) to support an AHL franchise. And at the end of the day, that is the name of the game with these new owners. Their new deal in Binghamton seems to be a net positive for the bottom line, and is bolstered by an ownership group there whose equivalent is unlikely to exist in Trenton.
  11. The Devils seem like they get a sweet deal out of this. According to the article, they go from losing over $1 million per year in Albany, to generating $2 million per year in fees from the owners in Binghamton, and will not have to staff the operations of the team there. I was willing to give Albany and Lowell the benefit of the doubt on attendance because the teams we put out before those fans in years past were horrible. But last years A-Devils team was good and exciting, made a nice run in the playoffs and, still, attendance was poor. This year's team is in 2nd place and again, looks good while being poised to make a deep run in the AHL playoffs. However, attendance is still worst in the league. Maybe there are certain factors at play that have led to the attendance issues, but that city never embraced the Devils after the move from Lowell and there is no reason to keep trying to force a square peg in a round hole there.
  12. Pretty much. Leave it to us to pick a year to fall apart and get a top 5 when the draft is considered weak and there is no top end #1.
  13. Add in Chelios on D, Larmer and his slapper on the other wing, and Belfour in net, and that team was unbeatable. Loved playing with them in that game vs. my friends.
  14. It's great that they are finally going forward with the park and improving the area around the arena. However, I would like to know what their plan is to replace the hundreds of parking spaces that are being lost to the development of this park. The only thing I had heard was a prospective parking deck being built behind city hall, which hasn't happened yet and isn't going to be done anytime soon. Seems to me like they should have completed that first, before moving forward with the park. Also, did they mention how long it would take to complete all 3 phases of this project?
  15. Awesome effort last night. I really have been impressed with the play of Merrill and Santini, and like what Coleman has brought to the 4th line.