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  1. Single Game Pricing

    This is nothing new to the NHL. I live near Washington, DC and tried to take my kids to a Devs/Caps game last season. For the first time ever, the Caps offered 4 different "types" of individual game tickets, all with different pricing, depending on the date and opponent. The cheapest ticket for the weekend game was around $90 and the cheapest ticket for the weekday game was around $50. And both of these were in the nose-bleed sections. This didn't stop fans from coming, though, as the team has sold out 106 consecutive home games. On a side note, when I lived in Jersey in the late 90's, me and my buddies had a 16-game partial plan in the $20 seats. Attendance was suffering back then as it is now. After almost 30 years in Jersey, plus a new arena with greater access to public transportation, I can't see how the team finished 25th in the league with an average of 14,775 fans per game (for the 2010-11 season). I would understand this if the team didn't win any Cups or finished below .500 most seasons. I consider myself a die-hard fan and try to make it to the Rock for a few games each year, but, in my opinion, with the increase in youth hockey in Jersey over the past decade or so, there's no excuse the Devils can't sell out every home game each year. It doesn't have anything to do with the management of the team. It has everything to do with us, the fans. So get out and support our team!