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  1. I hated the picture adidas posted, but when I saw it on the players I didn't really mind the redesign at all.
  2. You can argue the cap circumventing Kovalchuk contract led to a pretty bad outcome for the Devils, no?
  3. I'd trade kovalchuk to the rags for Brady Skjei and a 1st.
  4. Sec 226. LGD.
  5. I think they'll drop big time because the Devils artificially inflated the price for tomorrow's game. The game isn't even close to sold out, and people will scramble to unload tickets on the secondary market.
  6. Shots are 40-20 and that probably understates how badly the Devils are being played territorially. Hard to hang this one on Schnieder.
  7. Should've been better rebound control on #2 but Lappin put it into the net. Hard to blame that one on Cory.
  8. None really. Maybe #4 but it came after an absolutely brutal turnover.
  9. I just looked at Roy's stats for 1993. Pretty pedestrian regular season numbers for him. Amazingly Andre Racicot went 17-5-1, which really boosted the team's overall record. OTOH, his playoff performance that season was superhuman. 2.13 GAA with a .929 Save Percentage. Those are unreal numbers in 1993.
  10. Hasek vs Brodeur reminds me of Barry Sanders vs Emmitt Smith.
  11. True but it did help him pad his numbers a bit at the end. He was really good in them too. I'm guessing he ended up with 30-40 shootout wins in his career. One other knock on Brodeur is his playoff OT record. I know that's not entirely on the goalie, but he went through a stretch from 97-02 where you could just pencil in a loss if the Devils went to OT in the playoffs. Meanwhile Roy took a decent Habs team to a championship in 1993 winning 10 OT games in the process. I don't know why giving Roy a slight edge over Brodeur is considered such a knock on Marty. Both guys are absolute legends.
  12. I'm a Marty fanboy and I'd still put Roy in front of him. He won an additional cup and beat Marty head to head to do it. It doesn't help that Brodeur had such a stinker of a series head to head with Roy. Roy also didn't have the advantage of the shootout to pad his win totals.
  13. Wow! So glad I watched this one!
  14. Cory has to steal some games for this team to make the playoffs and this is just not going to cut it. The last 2 goals were soft.
  15. Cory is killing this team of late. Stupid play by Hall but he has to make that save.