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  1. This was a pretty cool experience. Not just the actual day but also being in the mad scientist food lab with some talented foodcentric dudes for a week coming up with stuff #For├ža

  2. For Chinese takeout eaters

  3. Alexander Technique ... Going a lil more... Global.

  4. Angela R. Lara and Kamilah Rouse

    In case you and anyone reading my poss want to share the details of this blatant crime.

  5. For all of bartender and bar owner brethren. Definitely grow your own herbs in house if you can and make your drinks seasonal. A little planning like this will work well with your drink menus

  6. My next read. Does anyone agree that although we should protect players, I still feel it's their choice to be on the field as long as they absolutely now the consequences.

    They are paid MILLIONS. They are paid a lot more than soldiers and police who live the real daily risk of dying on the job - instantly.

    The NFL is a successful business - because we love it. Not because it charges you $750 a pill that you need to live.


  7. Where to eat before Devils Games

    Hey all, Anyone know a good sit down place to eat before a Devils game? I already know about Fernandes (http://www.yelp.com/biz/fernandes-steak-house-newark) but I heard it burned down this year. Not sure if it is up and running yet. I have been to Paleio (http://www.yelp.com/biz/paleio-portuguese-bistro-and-lounge-newark)on the corner of market and ferry and it is really, really good food too (been there tons), but I wanted options other than Portuguese food. Any ideas?