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  1. Brian Williams and NYR, Perfect Together

    And engaged. lol
  2. Officials picking up broken sticks

    I personally have seen them picking up sticks and actually holding onto them because they had no place to put them. I did notice it last night, and the puck did come close to striking one of the sticks twice, however it could definitely have an effect on the play.
  3. NHL Stadium Series - Public Tickets Sale 11/21 @ 10am

    Yup, it has gone up each time I re-searched. I wasnt going to pay 158 for tickets all the way out in the outfield and not be able to see anything.
  4. NHL Stadium Series - Public Tickets Sale 11/21 @ 10am

    I got two but bleacher seats in the outfield.. $158.00 per ticket... took awhile. Look up a better seating chart because you only have 1:20 to decide and you cant see that chart on the TM website.
  5. Travis Zajac

    Agreed. It was almost like night and day when they switched it up, they had some sustained pressure, and they had the puck moving much better.
  6. Out of town games

    The Rags are 1-3 against Ottawa for the regular season.
  7. Ryane Clowe Plays Puck from Bench

    He was doing what needed to be done, Clowe 1 Officials 0.
  8. The Official "2012 Playoffs Excitement" Thread

    My goodness, Zubie has a point!
  9. NHL Playoffs on 4 channels in U.S.

    If the game is on the NHL network, then I am not sure but it may be the local feed? Not everyone has the NHL network, so they may carry it locally.
  10. NHL Playoffs on 4 channels in U.S.

    At the start of those commercials, it says "Every game, every night."