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  1. Do you guys know where I can see the game? Is there any stream available?
  2. sure
  3. Oh, it worked for me now, awesome!!! LETS GO DEVILS!!
  4. Haha yeah, Mattias and I went to the same class for two years before he chose to quit school so that he could focus fully on just playing hockey.
  5. I am from Sweden so I can't watch the stream on So I was wondering if anyone knows if the game will be streamed at or something. This will be my first NJD match for this season. Will be exciting to see my old classmate Mattias Tedenby play again.
  6. Sebastian Collberg has not impressed me yet. He has only played one game in the swedish league so far. He has made four points in six games in Frolunda's junior team. So I can not say much about Sebastian atm. But he has been very good in the swedish national team (U18) , 7 points in 5 games. Pontus Aberg has played really good so far. He has done 5 points (4 goals) on 7 games. Pontus has been one of the better players so far in Elitserien. I am sure that he will play WJC-20 later this winter.
  7. Hi guys, I was wondering how Anton Stralman and Mattias Tedenby is looking/doing. Do you guys think that Anton will take a place in NJD?