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  1. Nordiques Nation to come back to your town!

    Thanks I don't think we'll gonna be 2 000 like last time, but still, it's gonna be fun Some people were talking about organising a tailgate, but I don't know if we'll be able to bring some BBQs .
  2. Nordiques Nation to come back to your town!

    Nobody said that the Devils should not be there, you got us wrong on that . On the contrary, the Devils are to stay in New Jersey for at least another 30 years . Reasons why we came to Newark last year : Tickets were available, Bettman's office just around the corner, Fan Appreciation Day, and the verry last game of the season for the league . Last year we were sending a message to the league . We don't need to send messages anymore . Reasons why we are coming to Newark again this year : because it was so f**king fun last time Look at our agenda this year : New Jersey, Florida, Ottawa, Boston and Detroit . You think that we are going to Ottawa, Boston and Detroit to tell them that hockey does not belong there and their team should move ? And Why are we going in Florida ? Beacuse their management invited us and we get a chance to have a vacation in Florida : the beach, the sun, the Everglades, Disney not to far away . We don't want anybody to lose it's team . We are happy for Winnipeg, but we are sad for Atlanta . We know damn to well how it hurts, and we don't wish this to anybody . Of course if a team becomes available, we will take it, but we would prefer an expension over a relocation . Like I said, this year, we are doing this simply because we are having a great deal of fun doing it . There is no sending messages anymore . It's simply having fun with hockey fans from around the league
  3. Nordiques Nation to come back to your town!

    The Winnipeg fans did not go to other arenas like we do . But in fact, is there somebody here that remembers someone else doing this before the Nordiques Nation . But they were really active . They made many activities and many huge rally . You just didn't heard of it outside Manitoba . Be frank with me, is there 1 person here that heard about the marche bleu (blue march) and the match bleu before we did our 2 trips to Long Island and Newark ? You heard about us simply because we did a big stunt that nobody did before, and we did right . It can be hard to understand why we are so happy for them, since that from your point of view, it must looks like we lost a battle against them . They were in the exact same situation than we are : they lost their team 1 year after we lost ours, for the exact same reasons, they are as passionate as we are, they love and respect the game as much as we do . We were cheering for them to get a team for years, and when we finally entered the race, they cheered for us as well . Even their mayor stated that if we had already built our arena, it is us who would have ended up with a team instead of them We were doing the same fight, but we weren't battling each others : we were battling alongside . Our message is not just bring the Nordiques back . If you listen carefully, part of our message is take hockey out of places where it does not seem to belong, and bring it to places it does belong, and we believe that Winnipeg deserves it's hockey team as much as we do . The Jets are back, that is a victory in our point of view, that shows us that the NHL is getting back to markets like Quebec city, and if we were seconds behing Winnipeg, now we probably are the next in line if the NHL makes another move . Our motto is : For the love of hockey . We will be reaqlly sad and disappointed if we do not get our team back, but we will still be happy if the NHL listens to that part of our message .
  4. Nordiques Nation to come back to your town!

    Don't worry, we don't intend to be obnoxious . We will cheer for the Devils just like last time . But like I said, Winnipeg is special for us . You won't hear Let's go Jets chants all game long . You will hear the Nordiques Nation and Let's go Devils like we did in April . But we will not boo the Jets goals . If they score, we will make as much noise as if it was a Devils goal . We just want to tell them Congratulations in bringing a team back in Winnipeg and welcome back in the big league . Remember last year when we announced that we were coming to the Rock ? Everybody was upset and preparing for a war . We received a lot of heinous messages . At the end, we prove everybody wrong . It was a big party where everyone was enjoying themselves regardless of the color of the jersey they were wearing . We are aware that it will be confusing for some people at the beginning . We are also aware that when we do our trips, the cameras are watching on us, and if we want to be able to continue to enjoy these big parties, they are lines that we need to be carefull not to cross . You can be reassured, we're gonna have fun altogether like last time we visited
  5. Nordiques Nation to come back to your town!

    To answer some questions, don't be surprised, this time, since it's the Winnipeg Jets who are visiting, we will root for BOTH the Devils and the Jets . The Jets are specials for us, we are really happy that they succeeded in bringing the team back in Winnipeg, and we want to show it to them . Kind of our way to congratulate them . So we will root for the Devils like last year, but we will also go crazy on Winnipeg's goals to . Last year, the first stunt we did was at Long Island . This was no accident that we went to a game between the Thrashers and the Islanders . These 2 teams ranked 28 and 29 in attendance . Last year, we had a message to sent to the commissioner . When we saw the succes of the stunt, we decided to push it further : New Jersey, tickets available, Bettman's office just the other side of the street, fan appreciation day, and the very last game of the season in the league, all together . We couldn't resist lol This year is different . We don't need to send any message . We don't need to tell the commissioner how much we want a team, he already knows it . After the 2 stops last season, you asked us to come back, and we received many invitation from teams managements . The Panthers were the first to do it . We had so much fun during those 2 trips, so we decided to continue the adventure this season, and we choose 5 destinations without looking the attendance, or if it's near the commissioner's office . This year, we're doing this simply because we're having a great deal of fun . And if everything goes as well as it did last season, I can announce to you that we will do it again next year Why we lost the Nordiques back in 1995 ? Not because of poor attendance, we were sold out every game . The canadian dollar was really week in the 90's, there was no salary cap, we didn't have an owner that was wealthy enough to support any money losses, and we needed a new building . You probably don't know it, but the Colisee is 62 years old . Our government in place at that time, and the mayor, refused to give any help in building a new amphitheatre . That cost us our team .
  6. Nordiques Nation to come back to your town!

    It was the same weekend of the Bruins vs Devils game . Since we were going to New York all weekend, after the gathering at Times Square, some people wanted to visit the city and go shopping, and others wanted to go to the Mets game . I agree that it must have been a very confusing sight for you lol The day after, we were having fun at the Fans Appreciation Day and the Devils game