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  1. TICKETS!!!

    I know its a long shot but if anyone has 2 extras for game 7 hit me up w a PM including the price. I already have 2 but need 2 more.
  2. TICKETS!!!

    Anyone interested in 2 tickets to game 5 up in 117 let me know. I can email the tickets or I can meet you if you live on Staten Island (so you can have a nice hard copy of the ticket to save)SHoot me an offer via PM and we can go from there. If anyone wants these I am looking for $350 for the pair.
  3. Can We Haz Boxset Now?

    Makes sense. It seemed wierd to me that the OP didn;t list a Habs set. I was to lazy to check it though
  4. Can We Haz Boxset Now?

    Doesn't matter that we have been to the finals as much as we have. The reality is only diehard Devils fans would buy it and there aren't enough of us to justify making a boxed set. All those teams are much richer in history with the exceptions of Edmonton and Pitt but Gretzky alone sells the Edmonton set and Mario and Sid sell the Pens set. I am more shocked the Wings, Canadians, and Leafs don't have boxed sets if those are indeed the list of teams that do have boxed sets.
  5. TICKETS!!!

    I am a STH and if I sold below face I would not make a "very healthy profit" for this round. I think the breakdown on what I paid for the finals is somewhere around $130-$140 each and face on my tickets in 117 are $150.
  6. I'm looking to buy two tickets to game 6. Have any for sale, and if so, for what price? Thank you.

  7. Looking for ECF tickets

    I have tickets as well. I am in 117. If you are interested PM me an offer. I have 2 for each game.
  8. Game 3 roll call

    Nice. I am 2 rows behind you. Row 12 seats 1& and my buddy normally has 3&4 but didn't get the playoffs this year. I'll see ya Sunday I guess.
  9. Game 3 roll call

    What row are you in?? I am a STH in 117 also. Unfortunately I had to sell my tickets tonite because of work (I made sure to sell to a Devils fan though) I will be at game 4 though
  10. NHL Separated at Birth

    Kovy always reminded me of Keanu Reeves and Zubi always reminds me of Gina Gershan
  11. Johnny Madden

    its still weird to see mad dog in a different uni.
  12. Devils on General Hospital 1989

    that is awesome!
  13. Zajac to play, Hedberg to start Fri night

    Try after the game by the back door between the parking garage and the ice skating pavilion. He doesn't come over and sign, but he will every once in a while. Worse case scenario you will probably get some of the others ... Moose signs almost after every game. **EDIT** I just realized they have an away game Saturday. You will have no shot at anyone as they will all be leaving together to catch a plane after the game so they will go straight onto the bus. I have extra Zajac stuff though if you need anything PM me.
  14. Cole with a class act

    I know Moose always drives Tedenby home after games or atleast I assume that because they are always leaving together in Moose's car.
  15. Thanks man. I would hate for them to go to waste, but I would also atleast like to get atleast parking money back for them. Were are you sitting??