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  1. Pierre McGuire = My Hero

    To DevsRgreat: The hit by Stevens was on Slava Kozlov of the Detroit RedWings in the '95 Cup, not our current player, Victor Kozlov. Today, still the hardest open ice hit that I have ever seen. All of Stevens hard hits have not resulted in concussions but some, yes, have achieved that result, such as the huge hit on Lindros. I believe Shane Willis suffered a concussion during the Carolina series but Ronnie Francis did not, although, Francis fell down several times when attempting to stand up and literally had to crawl across the ice to reach his bench. Francis commented later that after he received Stevens' check he had no idea where he was and he could not get his body to function. Scary at the time? Absolutely. Was Francis concussed? No. Lindros suffers from a weak "noggin" which happens to be hereditary, considering his brother Brett was forced to retire early in his career from the same ailment. Paul Kariya gets flattened in open ice by Stevens and then comes back to score a huge goal and play the rest of the series. Some athletes in any sport are more susceptible to certain injuries than others and that will never change.
  2. The NHL 'Sells' Violence?

    Sally Jenkins of the W. Post knows the game of hockey like I know the mating rituals of the Polynesian dragon fly. It's like the old adage, "Say nothing and have others believe you're stupid, then open your mouth and thus remove all doubt." The list goes on and on. Include the idiots who were on with Stu Grimson and John Davidson last night, especially the jackoff from the Chicago Sun Times (whose name escapes me), complaining about lack of hockey coverage in the Second City yet he is a sports columnist! Go figure that one out! He was complaining about lack of coverage for a sport he covers! He did however tout the fact the the B'Hawks are an original eight club several times. Good for Chi-town. I guess when your team hasn't won since the Kennedy Administration you need to cheer about anything. Same holds true with Adrian Wojnarowski of the Bergen Record. At times, Woj is a talented writer, but with hockey? Let's just say he is about as bright as a lawnchair.
  3. Congrats to Turner

    Message for Turner and his Gordie Howe Hat Trick: Congrats and
  4. Should the Devils be renamed

    Newark....the city of New Jersey? What the hell is that supposed to mean? The city of New Jersey?????? I guess municipalities such as Jersey City, Paterson, Trenton, Atlantic City, Camden, etc. don't count? The Devils need a new state of the art arena in Newark to secure their economic survival, for numerous reasons. Now that the franchise has been successful you would never want to alter its tradition. Young fans are growing up as New Jersey Devils fans, let it be. Allow the tradition to evolve. Forget about another hockey as it's not possible. The Flyers would never allow a team in Trenton or Atlantic City no matter how much $ a new owner tossed into their pockets. Philly depends on South Jersey for their fan base and neither Trenton, nor AC could support a NHL team. We were able to change our ugly "Christmas Tree" sweaters to the current red, black and white, let it be. Continue the team name, emblem and colors and add to what is slowly becoming a nice rich history of hockey in the Garden State. PS Ninja's? Seriously? The Garden State Warriors? Forgot about the Golden State Warriors I guess. How about the Newark 'Nuckleheads?
  5. Elias' Leap-Frog Goal #5 on Plays of the Week

    Elias' goal was pure beauty, even my nephew was amazed (and he's a pretty hard sell). Of course not the classic like Nieder's end to end against the Wings in '95. Or Scotty Steven's end rush with the beautiful backhand goal off his own rebound off the long slapper from the left point. Larionov: I thought I was the only one who saw that nightmare play by the Russian elf. He could have easily attacked Leighton but instead circled back to the point to wait for a line change. Why? Only God knows. Igor never looks like he wishes to play, for one. Two, he never fit in with the Devils style from day one. Three, ever since he landed in Burns' doghouse after the incident at practice he has been completely useless. Four, he's not an Eastern Conference type player, and the list goes on and own. Reminds me a little of Vladimir Malakhov in 2000. Malakhov was perhaps the biggest bust ever (although who can forget Bernie Nicholls?) in the history of the Devils. He contributed absolutely ZERO to our 2000 Cup win (and we gave up Sheldon Souray, but I really cannot blame Lou after all the other impressive moves he has made for the team. Who can argue with 3 Lord Stanley's in nine years?).
  6. Worst NHL Trades ever

    Numerous awful trades in the history of the NHL and the Devils have made a few questionable ones in the past but.............. ............trading Souray for Malakhov was indeed the worst. Malakhov was the worst defenseman to ever wear a Devils sweater. He contributed absolutely zero in our 2000 Cup win and was an overrated embarassment every time he laced 'em up. A complete disgrace. I would take (and I never thought I would say this) a dozen Ken Suttons over Malakhov. What was funny however, was the Rangers grabbing him thinking they were getting another Bruce Driver from New Jersey. And we all know how well Malakhov worked out for the Blueshirts.
  7. Sign of things to come?

    You cannot move the nets back, you'll ruin the flow of the game. How is a team going to be able to cycle the puck down low when they are going for a game tying goal in the closing moments? How will a player shake off a defensemen while looking to hit his winger for a one-timer in the slot? It will also affect the PP and PK units, as well as other aspects of the game. How many points would Gretsky and Ron Francis, among others, lose if they could not set up behind the net?
  8. Why doesn't the NHL start its own channel?

    A 24 hour hockey channel is a great idea but, as others have pointed out, the interest in the sport needs to increase. The NHL is not going to suddenly increase their marketing budget ten fold so it is up to the individual fan to take on the task. It starts with decent media coverage of our local team, the Devils. How many fans take the time to write, E-mail, fax or telephone their newspaper when there is lousy coverage of the Devils, especially The Record? How many demand better AHL, ECHL, college and high school stats? Hockey, at the high school level, is growing extremely quickly in New Jersey and new rinks are opening annually. Demand better newspaper coverage on all levels of hockey. Complain to WABC 770 AM radio, and the Devils organization, that the pregame and postgame shows are woefully inadequate. The Devils have won 3 Stanley Cups in the past nine years (and are the defending champions) but you would barely know it based on the coverage the team receives from the media. I can still remember how wild Denver and Dallas went after those teams won the Cup. The media coverage was outstanding and the fans rallied around their teams. Interest will grow with improved coverage and that will in turn lead to better marketing. The time is now as our days grow shorter. We have a generation of children reaching their adult years who have grown up as Devil fans. Their fathers, grandfathers, uncles, etc., may be Ranger, Islander, Flyer fans but this new group of adults with earning power and some $ in their pockets need to be tapped into. The Devils organization is sadly on the fringe and the days continue to grow shorter. Make a difference-you as the individual fan is capable of this task. Support the New Jersey Devils. Support hockey.....the coolest game on earth.
  9. Hard Hits: A leg up

    Forsberg's mental condition holds back his physical abilities at times. Peter is a strange individual. Interesting article on the Devils' blueliners and Marty. Funny how the Rangers two best players, Bobby Holik and Mike Dunham, are ex-Devils. Without those two, the Blueshirts would be chasing the Penquins. Funny, that's all.