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  1. 2011-12-Broken Collarbone 12-13- 2nd Broken Collarbone 14-15- Groin Injury 2016: Sports Hernia (Surgery) 16-17 Groin (3 Months) 16-17 Leg/Knee Missed Playoffs Idk about you but that is a lot of injuries
  2. I know its a long shot, but maybe Ray can pull his magic and work something with Tampa. Its rumored he would like to play in Florida and Tampa has a couple good RFAs and don't have cap space to sign them
  3. Just love the fact we can debate over who to pick
  4. I think there will better options for defense on the market than De Haan. Not saying I don't want him just think there is better
  5. I have the same feeling but he is ether sitting out a year or playing with a non rival
  6. I would prefer a 5 or 6 year deal. I believe he is 28. So the contract would end when he is 33 or 34. I wouldn't mind that
  7. If that's what he meant then I misunderstood.
  8. You're saying people don't buy tickets to see OBJ? You're lost and what does that have anything to do with Devils
  9. Where do I sign?
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/SlavaMalamud/status/858785019585757186
  11. I think its Nolan
  12. AMAZING!!!!!!!!
  13. If the Olympics are that important to him. Then he isn't coming back.
  14. Its every year there is some report or rumor that he is coming back. Ill believe it when I see it
  15. He's not wrong here