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  1. I was thinking about going. I have mix feelings if I should or not
  2. I think Nico, Boqvist and Zacha we're on the top that stood out to me
  3. No clue but I do like MOJO
  4. Its being reported that The Devils Demands were too high
  5. Figured I'll throw this out there as well
  6. Colorado fans must be loving Sakic
  7. I'm not seeing how a trade works out with the Blackhawks. John Hayden?
  8. 9,865,790 left
  9. Trust the process
  10. 2 years left on his contract. Almost 60 points last year. Great trade
  11. Caps have 4.6 million left in cap space and still have to sign Burakovsky and Grubauer
  12. After the Marleau signing. JVR probably on the move