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  1. i'd be in support of all driving laws being uniform across the country. i'm sick of these kids from kansas getting their license at 12. as for a uniform license? i guess i'm for it... not really sure though.
  2. thanks for the info. my only prob. w/ firefox is that on certain websites it takes forever to load, and on others it loads faster. also: it doesn't load .mp3 files on websites and such that are streaming....
  3. <--- jealous due to not having my license yet. march 4 is a date far, far, away.
  4. -New video card. -New psu. -New clothes.
  5. I own both PS2 and XBOX, but PC Games, have just always been more entertaining not only with the games, but the graphics, as well as the actual community. Am I the only one that reads these forums that plays games competitively?
  6. Happy Thanksgiving!
  7. they jump on everything.
  8. god i cant wait til i turn 17. tis only about 3 months!
  9. I played in 3 different betas for the game. Put it this way, if I bought it, I would lose my job and fail school.
  11. Wow RD, and I thought 1,000 was a lot.
  12. I actually enjoyed reading Michael Moore's reaction. This guy always puts a smirk on my face.
  13. No political sigs. k thx.