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  1. Nationwide Uniform Driver Licenses

    i'd be in support of all driving laws being uniform across the country. i'm sick of these kids from kansas getting their license at 12. as for a uniform license? i guess i'm for it... not really sure though.
  2. Speed up your Mozilla Firefox

    thanks for the info. my only prob. w/ firefox is that on certain websites it takes forever to load, and on others it loads faster. also: it doesn't load .mp3 files on websites and such that are streaming....
  3. Got a car today

    <--- jealous due to not having my license yet. march 4 is a date far, far, away.
  4. What Christmas Gifts Did You Buy YOURSELF?

    -New video card. -New psu. -New clothes.
  5. Screenshots of PSIII and XBox 2

    I own both PS2 and XBOX, but PC Games, have just always been more entertaining not only with the games, but the graphics, as well as the actual community. Am I the only one that reads these forums that plays games competitively?
  6. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  7. Holy Crap

    they jump on everything.
  8. Happy Birthday MissionHockey!!!

    god i cant wait til i turn 17. tis only about 3 months!
  9. World of Warcraft released tonight!

    I played in 3 different betas for the game. Put it this way, if I bought it, I would lose my job and fail school.
  10. IQ & POLITICS.

  11. Post Your cd's

    Wow RD, and I thought 1,000 was a lot.
  12. Michael Moore's Reaction

    I actually enjoyed reading Michael Moore's reaction. This guy always puts a smirk on my face.
  13. Point About The Election

    No political sigs. k thx.