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  1. Ftorek is back behind the bench

    Earlier this season i saw him in the stands in Manchester watching his son's fir game. Who is a good player btw, but good for him wonder what will happen when the Rats play his son?
  2. The spending continues!

    First off, you don't have the best SS in MLB playing 3rd, so Jeter will end up moving. The Sox still have better pitching to have Derek Lowe as your number 4 is good, and they now have a closer (who is a hockey fan BTW, Orr called him a told him if he wins in Boston he will be a hero). Boston still has the better TEAM, they may not have a-Rod but they can and will win. NOMAR'S BETTER!
  3. OT: A-Rod to Yankees for Soriano

    As a Sox fan see ya'll in the ALCS. But they still have 25 players 25 cabs, while the BO SOX have a TEAM.
  4. A-Hole Teenages at the Game

    I was at game 4 in Boston upstairs all alone in my Devils Jersey most of the BOston fans taunted me, but nothing really bad. Except this one fan who decided to tell me the Devils suck and i suck. I was able to laugh. Then at the end of the game the croud was yelling Yankees Suck, (yeah it's boston i joined in) yeah this one fan continued to yell at me. Well i got the last laugh. Wish i could of seen him when they won the Cup.
  5. A tie game may be history

    In the AHL i got to see a penalty shot this year and it was the most exciting part of the game. Everyone was standing and yelling, it was a pretty good move, and it was a goal. The place erupted. I bet if they did this it would make it better. No need for OTL and ties, i have never left a time game happy, always like i was missing somthing.
  6. Authentic Devils Jersey

    One thing, the elbows are twice a thick on the authentic, also the way the names are put on are diffrent and i don't think replica's have the numbers on the sleves. There is probley more.
  7. 2003 Cup Tribute

    WOW, that is great, nice job!
  8. Hasek Out For The Season

    Why couldn't anyone picked up CuJo so the Wings would be with Manny, I'm not a big fan of Hasek, or anyone who leave one team to go get a cup, becasue it make them a "better" player, like a number 77, who once had a BIG "b" on his jersey.

    I just saw it on Yahoo, that is going to be great, when can I get Opening Night Devils Tickets?
  10. Official NJDEVS.COM Trivia Contest Thread

    Just a Guess was the Goalie Roberto Luongo

    Thanks, He is a special guy, we are all lucky to have him on the Devils.
  12. Miracle

    I just got back and i LOVED it, it was very well done and becasue i was not alive for the real thing it help show me what a HUGE deal it was. I recomend you bring the whole family to see it, becasue it is made for everyone.
  13. What do you want at the new arena?

    I restraunt like the Hard Rock Cafe in the Skydome, that is open all the time so you can see the arena empty would be cool. You need a team store at the entrance that is open durring the day and games, with sperate smaller booths around. Don't use bright yellow seats like in Boston. Cup holders are nice, we have them in Manchester NH, AHL arena. I think it is Colorado the glass without the poles on the outside. Thats it i guess.
  14. Which Devils would you most like to meet?

    Out of anyone on the team I would love to meet Brodeur, my first season as a big fan was his first year so i don't know life without him. He has always been my number one Devil, and a chance to meet him would be a once in a lifetime thing. The only problem would be i probley wouldn't be able to talk.
  15. Check out this theatre I watched the