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  1. Devils at Capitals 7:00 PM, FSNY

    The caps got no chance against us tonight. Go Devils!
  2. Bergen chief knocks Nets, Devils

    Stubbs if i said my real opinion about you i would probally be banned from this great site so i wont call u what you really are. Also this has to do with the way you act and not your views whether i agree or disgree with them.
  3. Bergen chief knocks Nets, Devils

    Can't we just limit stubbs to a certain number of post a day. That will make dealing with that jackass who thinks he know business by running a part time djing business, a lot easier.
  4. Rule changes interesting and amusing

    I definately agree with that.
  5. Bergen chief knocks Nets, Devils

    Right on.
  6. Bergen chief knocks Nets, Devils

    Stubbs youre obviously not willing to support the Devils in Newark and that entire idea because you just want everything to be nice and convinient for YOU. This entire Newark idea is more convinient for the better percentage of the fans so stop being greedy. I understand this can upset you, but as you get older you will realize that we all have to compromise sh!t to other people in life.
  7. Bergen chief knocks Nets, Devils

    Stubbs stop being greedy! There are other people in this world besides you!
  8. Players

    Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh, that wouldnt suprise me either.
  9. Possbile way to deal Igor....

    Sounds good to me!
  10. Minnesota @ New Jersey, 7:30 FSNY

    Damnit brodeur what the hell is going on? he normally handles the puck so much better than that.
  11. Minnesota @ New Jersey, 7:30 FSNY

    Lets go DEVILS! We're going to kill the wild tonite.
  12. Devils vs. Kings GAME THREAD

  13. OT: A-Rod to Yankees for Soriano

    I hate arod but I like this deal even though it probaly wont go through. I like it cuz arod is great offensively better than anyone on the yankees, and hes not bad defensively. Also soriano wasnt great when we needed him to be in the postseason and i would only trade him for a good deal like this.
  14. Press Conference?

    What time was this press conference, I never could find out and I missed it. I did read all the articles on it but could not find out when it happned.