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  1. Any Devils Fans In Colorado??

    There are more NJ fans in CO then one would expect. I've lived here 8 years and whenever I go to an Avalanche game make it a point to wear some sort of Devils gear and always get stopped by someone. If you want to find fans in/around Boulder try posting locally. Oh and you'll find that most people who wear the old Rockies jerseys to Avs games don't know that the Rockies became the Devils. They seem to think they're supporting the Avalanche by wearing those jerseys . . . people in CO are mostly fans of teams and not the sport . . . it gets tiredsome explaning offsides to people wearing Avalanche jerseys at Pepsi Center.
  2. What is the difference between being successful

    I just don't know if I buy the "no heart" point of view. I don't see anyone on the Devils as the typical spoiled athlete who just doesn't care - those types get traded quick out of the system. Maybe I'm naive but I assume this series Elias is pretty hurt because he was invisible - not because he didn't care. I do think this current team can't concentrate or keep up the intensity for a full game - and these lapses are what other teams seem to easily exploit. They also have a tendancy to "panic" and start to run around/watch the puck in the defensive pzone rather then cover people/passing lanes more then past teams, but who do you blame for that - players who should know better, coaches for not figuring out some way to fix the problem or management for perhaps picking guys with more potential then talent? Whatever personal feeling people have about Niedermayer and the Ducks - they beat the Sharks because they were better at holding their positions and not just because of pure talent. I have become a big fan of them for that reason - and agree with someone in another post that if we could grab Beaucamin that would be awesome - of course I would first take back Niedermayer if possible.
  3. Always Look On the Bright Side of Life?

    Thank you Devils - you always put together a team that is competitive and makes the playoffs. Now that I live in CO, I go with friends to Avalanche games regularly and this season was reminded how lucky I am to be a Devil's fan. I get to cheer for and watch a team that makes the playoffs and runs a top rate organization. Thank you Devils.
  4. These past two post-seasons have made me wonder - especially this season. After Marty gets hurt everyone just crossed their fingers and hoped the team could hold on and keep themselves in a position to make the playoffs, but they surpassed expectations during the season. So why the trouble in the playoffs? Why get knocked out first round two years in a row? Is it coaching decisions? Is it really that defense wins playoffs and that's not as important during the season? Is it fatigue from the effort from the season?
  5. OOT Scoreboard - Mon. 11/17.

    Turned on the Preds game to see Arnott being taken out on a stretcher. Have not caught a replay but seems like it happened when Preds were on the power play and no penalty called. The announcers just said he was being brought to the hospital but has feeling/movement in all extremities and are very glad to hear that based on what they saw happen. They also seem to think it was just a tough play and nothing dirty - they are the Sharks announcers on Center Ice but seem pretty fair in how they are talking. Hate to see any player get taken off on a stretcher.
  6. Women's hockey protection

    I play and have only used women's shoulder pads and breezers so can't really compare. I bought my stuff 5 years ago but I did try on both mens and women's gear when deciding what to get and ended up wtih women's versions. It's also the general opinion of women I know is that women's gear is better for fit, comfort and protection. From locker room conversations womens' shouder pads seem to make more of a difference for women with a larger chest - which is not surprising. I also know that women who have men's comment on the fact that they don't think the shoulder pads go down low enough in front. I can't help you too much in size but can tell you I'm between a small/medium when buying normal tops and I can't remember what brand but have a small. It's nice and snug when the velcro is fully "cinched" so I probably am not doing the right thing by having it loose but the medium was too big.
  7. I know that there is a lot of venting/frustration here and I'm with everyone on that. The refs sucked, we have scoring issues, etc. However, we consistently make the playoffs which indicates to me that we are lucky fans who get to watch more good hockey games then bad. Yes, this has been a "rough" year using Devils standards. It stinks to be down to the Rangers (of all teams) in the first round. Now my two cents, the Devils are a team build around defense first. I know we have scoring problems, but for me part of that problem starts with the defense. Although this statement is a slight overslimplification, even our forwards are schooled to play defense first and capatilize on the other team's mistakes. I get annoyed at the mistakes made by our defense but also think we have been spoiled and need to understand and some of these guys nned to get more experience and grow. I think Oduya is a perfect example of this working, I'm not saying he's perfect is now solid and plays his role well. I have no problem if we take a couple years to really concentrate on developing a young defense core that we allow to stay together. I know people will say this isn't really just a young core that needs time, and others will want immediate fixes. However, I'm with the team (and Lou) becuase they have proven in the past to put together a team that consisently makes the playoffs. As a fan, I also like a team that has a consistent group of players for me to get to watch and grow. That's why I'm a Devils fan and will take these "bad years" over quick fixes and having a revolving door of players leading to a "great" team one year and an average team the next year.
  8. Great Game Today

    I moved out to CO in 2001 and also never get to see them live and went to the game yesterday. There were a good number of people wearing Devils gear at the game, including some kids. I went to the game with a friend who has season tickets and who I play with in a women's league. On the drive to the game she was getting very confident that the Avalanche would crush the Devils because she didn't recognize many of the Devils players names. As the game went on she began cursing the fact that the Avalanche passes were being intercepted or deflected. I told her to watch the Devils positioning and she finally conceded it was not just bad ice and the Avalanche just being lame. However, like all Avalanche fans she could not accept the brilliance of Marty and actually went to get more beer after he kept making his typically great saves and I kept saying "Patrick who?" Basically after not being able to see them live for a while I was happy to see them play as a team and work together. They had a couple bad stretches but they didn't last long. I do get to go to a handful of Avalanche games with this same friend and although I have seem some good games this year, there is still no team that plays good solid team hockey like the Devils. Plus watching Marty is just a treat because of his style and calmness. It's great to see a non-butterfly goalie.
  9. GDT NJ DEVILS @ Colorado Avalanche Mar 15, 2008, 3:00 PM ET

    Go Devils! First time I get to see them play live in years!
  10. 88-76=12

    Head injuries are much more serious then people think. It is also true that once you have a concusion you are more likely to get more in the future. Plus with successive head injuries you usually don't bounce back as quickly. I know this b/c I suffered a pretty severe head injury two years ago and when it happened was told I won't be back to "normal" for 2-3 years and now they changed that to 4-5 years but could have noticiable sporadic for an undertermined amount of time. The change was because they really just don't know enough about recovery. (For my injury think Mike Richter.) Since my injury I have done lots of reading on head injuries and one thing hockey players have going for them is that they can take time off to recover. The best "medicine" for a head injury is just rest, especially in the days immediately following the injury. Unfortunately another problem with these injuries is you have good and bad days. The good days make you think you are totally normal and should be getting back to normal activity levels. I think this makes hockey players get back to the game before they are ready because they have a couple good days and can adjust their schedule so they are active a couple hours a day and rest the rest of the day. Plus I am guessing they get tons of pressure to get back quickly from the team, themselves and friends. WIth such a short career for most I am guessing they don't always think of long term effects. Basically head injuries are no joke and unfortunately there just isn't enough known about them to really help people. I do think among professional sports, hockey is doing a good job at raising awareness and providing support. They should be mandating the safer helmets. SInce helmets are required I don't see it as a personal choice for players like wearing a visor.
  11. Xbox360 or PS3?

    I am looking to get a game console. I am not a huge game person but have always enjoyed playing adventure type games. I got a hand-me-down PS2 a a couple of years ago and enjoy playing games like God of War and of course hockey games. I know they are phasing out PS2 games and also have some money right now to buy myself a treat for the holidays. I have been reading the reviews of both Xbox360 and PS3 and am not sure which one would be better for me. Basically, I need some advice on what people think about these game consoles. Advice for a person who likes to play to unwind when stressed, on snowy days but will probably still wait until games hit the used game shops rather then spend the big bucks for ones when they first come out. Any advice? I also have friends who have the Wii and although neat don't think it's the game console I would enjoy the most. Plus if friends have it I can always play with them so getting something else is probably a better idea. thanks for the advice.
  12. Hello from Colorado!

    I understand your pain of being trapped out here with Avalanche fans. I try to cut off their conversations with talk of real hockey and an explanation of the acutal rules of the game! It's amazing to me how many people out here don't know the basic rules but have season tickets. I'll be another person proudly wearing Devils gear at the Pepsi Center when there are out here in March.
  13. Missed the game last night

    There's got to be a solution to the breakout issue. I know the Devils love the controled breakout but its just not working. Maybe short quick passes rather than trying to get speed from deep in our zone and skating it into the zone or dumping after gaining the redline? I can't believe its a lack of heart, I'm just not that cynical. To me something with the system isn't working and since this is a team that works on systems the coaches need to figure it out and teach the players quick. The goals against are also puzzling. yes, you can blame Marty for not being "Marty" but what I noticed in games 1 and 2 is that the Devils weren't covering people. I couldn't figure out if they were playing some sort of "zone" and TB was just cycling out of these zones or if the Devils were just blowing "man on man" assignments.
  14. Missed the game last night

    I was out playing hockey myself and missed the game. I am trying to weed through the threads but know that people write out of reaction more than anything during the game. I'd love a thread about thoughtful, constructive reactions to the game. Here are some questions to get it started. Did they solve any of the breakout issues from the previous two games? Are they still trying the structured breakout from behind the net that normally works but TB seems to break up with their aggressive forcheck? Besides during breakout, where they connecting on other passes? What, besides lack of heart, do people think is preventing the EGG line from being an offensive force? THis one is puzzling me. Is it related to the breakout issues or just that the TB line is out hustling them so they are forced to play more defensively and never get to the offensive zone? Thanks for any answers/responses or other constructive comments.
  15. Training Camps?

    Does anyone know where to find a list of where/when teams are holding training camps? In the past I have made some road trips to the CO moutains to watch the Stars and Habs work out.