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    I Support the soccer team "NEC Nijmegen". And i like to go to K
  1. Funny, funny, funny. Hey Saints Nijmegen.......ever drink at Pefkin in Koln? ow now i understand what you mean No i never went to drink there, after the games we go see in the K
  2. Aww, Saints, he wasn't saying that about you. He was saying he didn't know why HE was telling it. He didn't know you had said that somewhere else. He was just enlightening ME. OK? I'm not angry i'm jsut explaining why i just the movie "a bridge to far"
  3. only one think, say never to somebody from Nijmegen that the Nijmegen bridge is in Arnhem that's like saying to a english men that he is scotish. Nijmegen has is own bridge going over the River the "Waal" and Arnhem has is own bridge going over the "Rijn". Before the Brits could take the bridge of Arnhem they had to take first the bridge of Grave and the Nijmeegse bridge so they came from the south and went over the briges to the north. but no more history now. I just came back from a game in Tilburg and we won with 4-5 Can any one tell me if there is a web site where you can see full NHL games? we have this with soccer you pay some money and you can see the game live on the internet or wenn your working during the game after the game is finished. i hope they have something like that in the NHL i could see the games than with my team mates There is only one good thing about Arnhem and that's the bus leaving to Nijmegen
  4. I was explaining where i'm coming frome and wenn i say Nijmegen the most people don't know it. But wenn i say the bridge of Nijmegen in the movie a bridge to far then they know it. Nijmegen is known by 2 thinks the movie and the four days march with a week long summerfest. That's how the movie came in this discusion sorry when you don't like it. But good that you know it
  5. you should have come the my place and drink legaly from your 16th There are many thinks why i like the Netherlands that is one of theme
  6. maybe this once's our good?
  7. Yes Congratulations make it a nice one, with a lot of and a lot of
  8. ------------ Saint, yes, Joe Nieuwendyk's parents immigrated to Canada before he was born. He's a future Hall of Famer, now with the Toronto Maple Leafs. And my favorite player, in case you couldn't tell. Now i don't like him he should play for the Dutch national team maybe we will become i bit beter than
  9. Yeah You understand me !!! I'm near the glory Don't be to sure moustic where are you from that people have probems understanding you?
  10. A Forum life is also a life Forummer it's a dirty job but someone has to do it
  11. I can see that you like eachother
  12. "een boterham met kaas" (a sandwich with cheese ) "voeten vegen" (Wipe your feet) that's a beter translation But cool that you remember this
  13. they don't??? uhmm that's strange i had one yesterday When you come to the Netherlands and you are intrested in history and the second world war you should come to my city. Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands and near the german border. A lot to see in the area all the bridges of the movie "a bridge to far" and i life on the oldest spot in the Netherlands this part of the city has been rebuild and during this building they found a lot of stuff of the roman time.
  14. Oh, when the saint go marching in that's the songs of the team i play in. But maybe somebody can help me find a rock and a dance version of Oh, when the saint go marching in