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  1. would u shutup, i cant say one thing w/o some trying to defend it, if u dont like keep it to urself, its an opinion
  2. ha, saw that coming 5-1
  3. nope, they are boring
  4. i dont think the problem was stevens not here, i think the problem was there was no one to fill the whole.
  5. marty will win the vezina because he was nominated for the mvp of all positions, the only goalie, it would make no sense to have him nominated for the best player, and he not win at his position
  6. god melrose is so lame.....what teams trap besides the devils.
  7. souray : cory sarich, u got knocked the fug out!
  8. i forgot tampa was in the playoffs they have had such a layoff in between the 2nd round
  9. the way these flyers fans act so happy, its almost as if they believe they won the cup already, after beating one team.
  10. this is jsut a test
  11. can yo u guys give me some background info about this, im very interested
  12. well scratch that idea petey nieds and friesen going
  13. JR knows that Stevens is better, and by far, he cant say that and dis his teammate...he is saying the politically correct answer.
  14. People want scoring, a 8-5 with gretzsky type players scoring 5 points. and mario getting 3.. DECLine? are you serious....lebron is making the nba an elite sport again.