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  1. I look at that Ranger team and it's aging goalie and defense and no-star offense, and conclude they're not that far away from being us.
  2. Indeed he was.
  3. Boy, the Rangers sure could goon it up back then. Kocur, Domi, Jay Wells, Kris King.
  4. Colorado Rockies 76, I might have had the timeline mixed up. The brawl I posted was from Game 6, correct.
  5. Great entertainment!
  6. This is accurate, in my opinion. White nationalists were a vocal minority, but they were a small part of the victory. If white nationalism had been a bigger part of the victory, more whites would have voted for Trump. As it turned out, Trump drew fewer white votes than Romney. That really surprised me.
  7. A political earthquake.
  8. "France is no longer France." -- Donald Trump, 7/28/16
  9. Well said. Devils Pride 26, as I wrote earlier in this thread, many Muslims ... most, I imagine ... want to live in peace. It's unfair for them to get caught up in this. But my stance is that Europeans must have a future where their peoples control their homelands. And if things continue like they are, if the refugees keep coming, they won't.
  10. Moustic, Those in power right now offer very limited, and unsatisfactory, solutions to the Islam problem. Manuel Valls said the French people have to learn to live with it. I have read others saying that France has not done enough to integrate the Maghrebi. Another idea: pour more money into gathering intelligence on terrorists. This is all foolishness. When will it end? How will it end? Probably not peacefully. My solution, repatriation, is the inevitable solution. It could be done now relatively peacefully, perhaps with incentives. Or, Europe and the US could continue being targets for massacres, and we can wait for the inevitable retaliation, when a mosque is blown to smithereens. When there is war in the streets. If nothing is done, war is inevitable. I think you know it.
  11. I have relatives in Germany, too, and they are firmly in the Angela Merkel/globalist camp. I find it sad, but am encouraged by the growing number of people who are not happy. There may be reasons beyond race (more stress on the social safety net, a greater competition for jobs), but I think race/ethnicity is the biggest factor. I can think of nothing more natural than Germans wanting their country to overwhelmingly be for their people.
  12. We all have to pick a side, and you have chosen yours. I've told you before, I am a great admirer of Germany and its people, and I hope very much that it can shake off the yoke of shame that has been foisted on it since the fall of the Nazis, and fight against the flood of foreign peoples pouring into the country.
  13. Moustic, thank you for your response. I respect your opinion that the National Front won't be able to govern. I don't believe that the political system in place is capable of solving France's problem. A system that treats all people equally won't work. There are many peaceful Muslims who are good citizens. But the Muslims who kill for Allah are weakening France and tearing at the fabric of the country. What to do? Is deporting Muslims, even the good ones, fair? No, it isn't fair. But France's survival should take precedent. And that is why many people will turn to fascism ... because it is the only way forward, in my opinion.
  14. Many white voters in Georgia may not care for Trump but most are not voting Democrat. THAT I would bet on. Let's see what happens. The polling in the swing states these days shows promising things for Trump.
  15. I disagree with almost all of this, and would recommend not reading Red State or at least keeping it in the front of your mind that Red State's Erick Erickson hates Donald Trump as much as the Salons and Slates of the online publishing world. Yes, Hillary Clinton is hawkish in the Middle East, but she also is rolling out the red carpet for Muslim refugees. The notion that Hillary Clinton politically benefits from Islamic terrorism is counterintuitive ... I don't see how you twist yourself into that pretzel. There's no way Georgia is in play for her. Regarding France, I'd like to think their people are fed up with this and will propel Marine Le Pen's party into power, but I have some serious doubts about that. Some Frenchmen, I believe, are very angry, but many others have accepted Islamic violence as part of life in the country. I'd like to hear Moustic's opinion.