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  1. NFL Off Season 2016 - Coaches, Caps, and Combines OH MY!

    Do you know how to RAM IT! Who remembers?
  2. NFL Week 11 thread

    I've got my eye on Brock Osweiler, to see how he performs.
  3. Once again... Paris is under heavy attack

    You know how I feel about this issue based on the Charlie Hebdo thread, and I know your views. I wish you all the best.
  4. Once again... Paris is under heavy attack

    I sense a hopelessness in France, a resignation that they cannot fix this. I hear people saying that they won't let the terrorists make them hate or change how they live their lives, but I don't sense a resolve to stop Muslims from killing them in their homeland. Not yet.
  5. New York Mets 2015 Season Thread

    The Dodgers are done. The Mets are going to kick their tails in New York. The pitching match-ups favor New York, and the bats will be waking up in a big way. Watch.
  6. Lou is New Toronto GM

    Hear, hear. Lou and Ken Holland are in a class by themselves.
  7. Obama's white inside, huh? His mother was white, so shouldn't he be at least half-white inside? He certainly doesn't identify as white. This is the president who said, "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon." Morrissey sure does look out for black people, doesn't he? Bless his little social justice warrior's heart.
  8. Satirical Newspaper in Paris attacked

    It's hard to be sympathetic with Charlie Hebdo. It's a magazine that claims the right to satirize anyone it wants in the most obscene manner, for the sake of its own amusement. It doesn't stand for anything more than that. Should Charlie Hebdo be permitted to publish as it pleases? Yes, but the cartoonist who survived admits that it will be very difficult to do so. He also says that most Muslims wouldn't kill over a cartoon, and he's right about that. He also says that Muhammad is "just a chap," and that's where this cartoonist goes blind. Muhammad is sacred to devout Muslims, and there are some Muslims willing to kill over such an insult. That does not fit his world view. It is an affront to his right to publish anything he pleases without the fear of violence. I do pity this man, as he feels helpless. He clearly wants his Western government to protect his right to offend, but he has no idea how that can happen without offending his own deeply rooted beliefs about equality and fraternity among all peoples. He knows that there are Muslims who will never see it his way, and that they will resort to violence when they are slighted. He wants to believe that we all can live in peace ("I hugged a Muslim at Charb's funeral") but he knows deep down that we can't. What a quandary. He might as well kill himself, I guess, because his world view offers no hope whatsoever.
  9. Hasan's Brodeur Post

    How'd that go in?? I was at that game, too. Marty was quietly great in that playoff run, as he was in other years, too.
  10. Hasan's Brodeur Post

    Great post, CR1976.
  11. Hasan's Brodeur Post

    I was at the playoff game against Montreal when he scored a goal, and I was at the game in Montreal when Brodeur tied Roy for career wins. Great personal memories. Another one that sticks out for me is when Marty tried to calm the crowd when we were booing the selection of Giguere as the Conn Smythe Trophy winner. He pretended to put the Cup over his head, indicating that the best trophy was yet to come, and it was ours.
  12. Super Bowl 49!

    I was thinking Russell Wilson on the fake dive. Seattle overthought that one.
  13. NFC/AFC Championship Weekend and NFL Awards!

    I don't agree with Tannehill, but he had a nice season.
  14. NFC/AFC Championship Weekend and NFL Awards!

    I was thoroughly entertained by Marshawn Lynch's "You know why I'm here" answer to every question at Super Bowl media day. It was funny how people kept firing questions anyway. "You know why I'm here" reminded me of John Tortorella's "We know what we did." Remember that one?! Great moment.
  15. Satirical Newspaper in Paris attacked

    She's not in power yet, but her power is growing. Twenty-one percent is a significant number. National Front was deep in the single digits not that long ago. Why is that percentage growing? I would say that it is growing because more people are correctly realizing that France's pathological views on equality and fraternity (what you call republicanism) won't save their country. Most of the North African people who live in France have no intention of embracing the secularism that the French hold so dear. You can't "assimilate" that many of them. They would use democracy to get the kind of country THEY want. That takes numbers. And so I ask again, what percentage of Africans are you willing to have in France, given that most of them would choose their god over France's secularism (which is basically Christian ethics without the church)?