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  1. Richards becoming go-to guy

    Yea, but in hockey you are not given 15 feet, you earn it, you find it. He has great vision as well. He was an unbelievable junior player and next year will he reach the 90 point plateau.
  2. Pictures Of Yourself

    This was my season photo. I couldnt figure out how to upload my own. ????
  3. Best trade ever by lou

    ill say that it was a combo of the trades that got us freis, langs, and nieuwy (hey, we won the cup right? couldnt hve hurt the ducks either)
  4. Do any of you play hockey?

    Yes, I play for the Dartmouth subways, but i was drafted by the Chicoutmi in the QMJHL. I played with Sidney Crosby on the subways.
  5. Thanks Guys

    My favorite moment occured against the rangers, when we scored like 8 goals. THe EGG line began to flourish after this win, as the registered a combined 11 points in the game. Man that was a butt kickin!
  6. Devils will Edge Flyers

    THE DEVILS WILL WIN!!! and yes the Philly Fans will cry!
  7. It's that time... PLAYOFF PREDICTIONS!

    Heres Mine: 1st round Lightning in 6 Bruins in 6 Devils in 7 Leafs in 7 Wings in 7 Sharks in 7 Canucks in 7 Stars in 7 2nd round Devils in 7 Bruins in 6 Stars in 6 Sharks in 7 3rd Round Devils in 7 Stars in 6 4th round Devils in 6 (ALA 2000) Leafs and Wings are too old.
  8. If the Devils ever changed their Jersey....

    I personally liked the olive green
  9. Who Plays Hockey

    I play ice hockey
  10. Parise to join Devils

    No wonder Lams didint make a major move at the deadline, he just decides to sign Parise, who will be a GREAT Devil sooner before later.
  11. Devils Sign College Phenom Parise

    Do you guys think that it is remotely possible that we may try him out before the playoffs?
  12. Devils Top 20 Prospects from HockeysFuture.com

    I'd personally like to see Laine play. Faster than Gionta, Gomez, Neidermayer? That is pretty fast.
  13. Satan could be headed out of Buffalo

    We should definitely get Satan, just think about it. . . . "Gomez slides the puck to Elias, Elias to Satan, and Satan scores for the Devils" I mean that just fits, it was meant to be. We should make Satan the captain of all the Devils.
  14. Devils trade Michael Rupp to Phoenix

    Although Mike Rupp is not that good of a player, you have to admit, he was clutch in the playoffs. . . And if you ever watch NHL2Night with John Buccigross, you'll know that clutch is everything.
  15. D guys you DON'T want

    Witt would be a bad choice for a defenseman, especially considering that he played for Washington.