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  1. Devils' Trade Deadline Primer, Part 1

    Hasnt anyone thought of Michal Handzus, he;s big, he can score, and was a runner up to the selke in 2000. Giving Philly a draft pick and maybe berglund or bicek could get him for us.
  2. Devils' Trade Deadline Primer, Part 1

    Neidermayer and Albelin: 30 years of NHL experience, with rafalski and white having won the cup, enough veteran experience? I shall think so.
  3. Devils' Trade Deadline Primer, Part 1

    You guys have made alot of good points, Neidermayer has been a good fit in Anaheim, so he would probably fit well in Jersey, but he has been a disappointment throughout his career,and has never been a proven goal scorer. Philadelphia is stock piled with goal scorers and could probably afford to give Michal Handzus up for a 3rd/4th round pick, which he originally was. He brings size (6'5") and could be a high scoring 2nd line center (11g-23a-34pts in 52 games with a +11 rating).The devils don't need any veteran "D". Leading the league in defense, they should be fine. If you are skeptical, look at Minnesota and Anameim's playoff performance last year. A bucket full of rookies and still taking the west by storm.