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  1. Ok thanks.
  2. Do you know if your tickets are in your season ticket locker yet? Bc mine aren't there yet
  3. Got seats 1&2
  4. Are those ur season tickets? Bc if so I have the 2 seats next to you..
  5. Oh ok cool. I was looking at that one on eBay but I don't know somebody bought it or the guy took it down.
  6. Nice collection you have, where you trying to sell that daneyko helmet on eBay a couple weeks ago?
  7. The only way they can know if your a STH is that if your ticket has your account number on it and they normally not even ask to see your ticket.
  8. How much are the tickets to that shoW
  9. I'm selling my tix in section 107 row 5. Devils attack twice. I have 2 seats If interested pm me
  10. They have a little bit of everything pasta, meat, fish, salad, desert. I think the menu changes from day to day but every time I been their the food was good.
  11. You need to make an reservation for the ledge seat to be able to seat there for the game. The first time I went their I didn't know about the ledge seating and they wouldn't let me seat and watch the game at the ledge without a reservation. Last time I was there it was $75 per person that includes all the food you can eat, alcohol and soda isn't included and you have to pay extra.
  12. Great thanks. I just want blanks
  13. How are the quality Of jersey at SportsK and are they real??
  14. I'm a STH also and haven't received any letter or tickets about the STH BBQ..
  15. Ya i know that, but I was a STH in the old area and I don't remember it being anything like it is in this prudential center. Trust me I thought about moving to Brooklyn when the islanders move especially since I'm from Brooklyn but I can't abandon the devils.