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  1. Devils stuff in new movie

    I was checking out the movie's site and it turns out the guy is a scout for the NJ Devils.
  2. Awards pictures

  3. Awards pictures

  4. NHL Awards Thread

    Congrats to Marty & Neids.... I have a feeling that Neids won't be back but I seriously hope I'm wrong. It'll be a big loss, if he leaves but it's only June and I'm not worrying about it yet... Anyone know what Marty was saying during his Vezina speech when he was speaking French?
  5. Those annoying fears everyone has...

    What do you think the players fears are? I'm not talking about fears of getting hit, or seriously injured or anything like that? What I mean is what player is afraid of spiders, or insects, needles, heights, rollercosters, etc. Those stupid fears that everyone has. It's kinda funny if you think about it, a big hockey player who will play through all sorts of pain being afraid of a needle or heights. So what are the Devils players fears? Yeah I'm bored and it's going to be a long offseason....
  6. Players Cars...

    It's definately the off-season and since the Devils aren't playing hockey, I have way too much time on my hands. I've been wondering, what kind of cars does every Devils player have?
  7. Sabres vs. Devils 2/25

    I saw it on TV but all I heard were Rangers Suck chants. What were some of the other chants? I love hearing new ones. Katie
  8. Hey I'm New

    Thanks everyone Devils beat Ottawa tonight! Katie
  9. Hey I'm New

    Hey Everyone I'm new here. I found this board a couple of months ago and put it on my favorites list but then forget about it and then found it again last night. So let me introduce myself... My name is Katie & I'm a 17 (18 in April) year old devils fan. I Have been a fan of the devils since the 1999 but I really got into hockey in 2002. I live in Northern Jersey and have been to 4 devils games this year and I'm going to more.