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  1. greene

    Ya his 14 mins was much more worthy of the 3rd star over Martin's 27 mins lol.....
  2. Quick Jersey Question

    Re the large sleeves, check the tag and see if it's a goalie jersey, they make the sleeves shorter & wider for goalie jerseys... Re the knockoff jerseys, always check inside the jersey to make sure the numbers are sewn right thru the jersey, there are a lot of heat sealed numbers that look like they are sewn on, and for the name plate, from the inside of the jersey press your fingers along the underside of the name plate, if you can't feel stitching, it's a fake...
  3. Top 5 Greatest Defensemen

    Here's the best I've seen play: Bourque Coffey Lapointe Orr Park Potvin Robinson Salming Savard Stevens
  4. Rank 'Em: Greatest Goalies

    I know records are made to be broken but if anyone gets close to Glen Halls' 502 consecutive games record, I think they should have to play the last few with no mask lol......
  5. What Happened to Brian Gionta?

    Maybe he just had 1 big year and he's not a 90 point man, maybe he's just a 45 point guy and we are expecting too much from him? He did have his best year at an ideal time, now it's time for him to be paid like a 45 point guy....
  6. Green scores in eighth straight game to break NHL record

    That's an amazing feat......
  7. Chara

    Chara looked pretty good to me, in fact everytime I watch him play I'm impressed and when you see him play live, he is a much more intimidating force than you see on TV. I still can't believe Ottawa choose Redden over him, probably the main cause for their spiral down in the standings?
  8. Pandolfo: 'They all hurt the same'

    I would've like to see some sort of player rotation between a few players rather than just 1 guy sitting, it would keep everyone in game shape and more ready to step in....I don't buy the winning streak theory, we were winning before Shanahan came along.......
  9. Strange night for calls and non-calls, too

    The call on Rupp was total BS, nice dive by Savard, you only hope the refs get reviewed and that these 2 refs get some kind of reprimand?
  10. Greene

    I'm not impressed with Greene, he's been given a long enough opportunity to prove himself, it's time for a change....I'd even use Pando in his place lol.. but seriously we need an upgrade on D
  11. Cam Janssen Appreciation Thread

    Is Cam hurt again, he hasn't played since his first game with the Blues?

    He would've had surgery if it was his contract year?

    Let's just hope Marty doesn't ever take a Playoff game off if he ever feels a little under the weather? I doubt he will, he is a real Leader!!!
  14. Elias out tonight

    I don't want to go down the "Leadership" road again but if it's only a cold he should be ashamed of himself. If it's worse than the flu then I'll eat my words, but if he plays Saturday what else are we supposed to believe? On a positive note, I'd move Sarge up to the 1st line and have Rass reunite on Madden's line and insert Cam on the 4th line.
  15. Matvichuk

    When White comes back, I hope they keep Matvichuk in & sit Oduya or Greene.