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  1. devs win with helga in team game
  2. garbage call on jj
  3. whos goalie saturday
  4. dat 4th line woah lgd!
  5. imagine gretzky as devils coach haha
  6. a long time ago i thought i heard talk of them looking into lakewood nj...not sure where this came from or how true if at all. went to a few ahl games at AC at the boardwalk hall and that was very fun and you could tell the players enjoyed it but its pretty philly and there were more fans from DC there...or hershey but also saw the sandy charity game there during the last lockout and that was a full house...kumbaya
  7. that review is such a momentum killer
  8. remember last game he used his blocker to punch palms in the back of the head iii memba LGD
  9. ever since he had that puck to the neck scare. rangers will get enough BS PP to sustain them.
  10. whats the stat for no goals called against vs for lol
  11. henrique has to go, maybe he has some value idk but hes too slow and lazy and no offensive skill. i think he a bit of a locker room cancer but thats just speculation and he got herpes
  12. i didnt even think a guy with the puck could go offsides on himself but hall has done it have to be dragging the puck behind you and its so close its ridiculous; i cant. how is it that the leafs are in 3rd over the sens with the same points and games played and two less regulation wins? but yeah that goal differential stat is telling. devs just need mojo or chem or flow; its not there for them and i want to blame henrique but thats another topic.
  13. i cant watch quincey...hes a disaster wwood that was disgusting gtfo
  14. severson is not that great of a skater imo lgd! if i remember right, santini can; watch his footwork
  15. peeps get banned for that kind of hockey talk and others quit and comeback just for attention