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  1. GDT: 9/18/17 Washington Capitals @ NJ Devils

    just tuned in for nicos goal/steal; yes!
  2. July 2017 Devils' Development Camp Thread

    i dont know about likability but if it translates to leadership then yeah...needed a guy devils can point at and be thats our guy...but he needs to lead stats column to for that to work with nico...and/or less pressure will allow hall to go full retard haha
  3. Shattenkirk’s in love with Messier

    brett hull was my hero growing up like never had a hero before or after haha
  4. Hypothetical question

    how much to make lovejoy go away...$500 seems fair.
  5. Hypothetical question

    you owe everyone on here $5 for reading this thread
  6. Remaining Summer Business for Devils

    as excited as i am to see this team develop...still, lovetap ruins the whole thing for me.
  7. Devils acquire Marcus Johansson from Caps

    happy new year! cant wait to fly around shattenkirk and make lundqvists head spin
  8. Cammalleri and DSP Bought Out

    so hard to get rid of cammo imo but maybe he didnt want a trade because of his family situation (and injuries)...dont know why you dont keep him for presence; good hockey sense. last season was a legit tank job...imo peace

    uhm...what lol

    god i hate this guy but wtv i feel shattenkirk is baby sh!t soft connecticvnt to but wtv shero type guys i guess
  11. hartnell did the sandy charity game with clarkson during the last lockout...the koolaid is flowing
  12. Devils select Nico Hischier #1 overall in 2017 Draft

    ^and with hall getting killed out there without anyone to step up for him...same with schnieder...im not saying that you need a big hitting team but these assets need to be protected...pens were lucky crosby was able to come back from being concussed mid series. maybe wood can hit but he loses it and the power play cant do anything about it.
  13. Devils select Nico Hischier #1 overall in 2017 Draft

    TRists i live at the beach...we pay for Toms River to exist
  14. ^pens are an asterix with all of the dirty diving and goals against taken away...devils arent that lucky preds are big hitters...but yeah santini can hit; maybe gazdic...i dont want gazdic out there and devils pp was embarrassing so that doesnt help either...wtv im happy with nico