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  1. need a finisher/ leader; a guy the devils can point at what if hall gets out maybe his substitute still...cant teach scoring lol
  2. went to the preds devils games last two seasons; both on tuesdays; one was a veterans camo sweaters.
  3. go back to the yankee/philly world series when arod hit the homer off the camera hanging over the wall and now they do video review... yeah. on topic sort of i cant watch any game with joe buck... yeah.
  4. this lol
  5. ^shouldve gone short side, its the new five hole^
  6. if ilya is back does that change who you pick depending if ilya stays or does that have no effect right away you say no effect but...yeah
  7. i didnt think this was real but holy sht fuk yes...def want that trade deadline try out
  8. imo as a quick look ie no idea...devs need a leader/finisher/so on so nolan is my idea
  9. im not feeling it...needs more memes
  10. just like henrique gets credit for what i dont know...the whole "henrique, its over" goal was set up by kovy. anyway after a SCF and a lockout and before an olympics and team sale...its a wash; not a favor or a screw job its business and we dont know what went on off the ice
  11. preds are legit...feel bad for the blues
  12. anyone who thinks he "screwed" the devils needs to put the kool aid down
  13. he could also bring a few other KHLers with him
  14. was wondering about getting nichushkin from KHL through dallas if that was a possibility and if its worth it big and fast and havent really watched what happened to him...injury