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  1. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM

    i think zacha does a lot of things well but its not pretty or gritty and doesnt pass the eye test. im not a fan of boyle hes not strong or fast; he has no hands etc hayes has decent speed and hands for a big guy...and grit
  2. GDT Devils vs Panthers 7:00 MSG+

    big win
  3. GDT Devils vs Panthers 7:00 MSG+

    andy fvcking greene
  4. GDT - Oilers @ Devils 11/9/17

    ill take the point; they played ok meh
  5. GDT - Oilers @ Devils 11/9/17

    damn stafford has been great and noesen hard on the puck
  6. GDT - Oilers @ Devils 11/9/17

  7. GDT - Oilers @ Devils 11/9/17

    ugh with these weak calls
  8. GDT: 11/7/17 Blues @ NJ Devils

    jet lag; bouncing puck; injuries game was close to 2-1 devils on zacha, the talent is there, he watches to tentative
  9. GDT: 11/7/17 Blues @ NJ Devils

    last game was good considering. LGD!
  10. GDT: Sharks @ Devils, 7:00

    a lot of the games have been ugly wins; but i know this team can beat the caps and sharks
  11. GDT: Sharks @ Devils, 7:00