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  1. yeah thought the crowd was fun and laughing and you could feel this is a new devils. was an ugly game early on lots of chances against...looked like hynes was switching D pairings but i guess quincey will have to do for now.
  2. hall...that is all
  3. guess im gonna miss 2/3 of the game down the other end
  4. feels real good
  5. i want cammo with zajac and palms for consistency sake
  6. just went to marblehead ma its pretty and old and expensive...didnt know cory was from there.
  7. thanks tri thats a new protocol for me we see close calls go back up ice for goals all the time
  8. schneiderman gets a point
  9. pumped up 4-2 devs
  10. devils sweaters > NA or USA or WTV
  11. patty to the blues...i can see it now
  12. helgeson
  13. according to that article it seems he would still be making less. also consideration is the death tax depending if a player is married or not.
  14. off his vid...he skates too knock kneeded gonna get lit up= top heavy also zacha skates way too wide so could be next jagr/lemieux lol
  15. that move is hertl's