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  1. Meeting Sergei Brylin

    Very cool !!
  2. We signed Krys Barch for 2 years

    Someone beside Cam to dress in pre season games vs NYR. Need filled.
  3. Emotional Reaction to Parise Leaving

    If a max contract , playing on a contender , captaincy and living in Jersey is not good enough for him then FVCK HIM. The Wild are annual disappointments and Parise and Suter are not enough to put them over the top. I hope this is the beginning of a lengthy career slide and many bitter moments for the Wild.
  4. Bernier

    I just need to see his mug in the locker room explaining the most bone headed , ill timed penalty in Devils history..........then I never want to see him again.
  5. GDT: SCF GAME 6 - New Jersey @ Los Angeles

    I can't believe that bonehead kid just cost us the game in the first period. Fuvk me
  6. DeBoer’s Devils are class acts

    Only the Torts / Brooks feud could have Larry spewing niceties in the Devs direction lol......
  7. New Gaslight Anthem merch

    Gaslight had similar Jets / Giants Ts at the convention hall show last year.The Aggrolites have themed Lakers and Dodgers shirts and there was also the Phillies Ramones T shirts from last year featuring the big 4 pitchers.. Love the sports punk crossover.
  8. GDT: Devils vs Rangers 3/6/12

    Regulation win , and for crying out loud , lets score a few goals. LGD
  9. GDT: Devils vs. Rags

    Wow.....coupla really weak games for Zidlicky......
  10. GDT: Devils vs. Rags

    Mr Clarkson has lost his cool and is now hurting the team. Two game suspension on its way......
  11. The new NHL Network

    I like the show , and the host....whatshername ?
  12. GDT: Islanders @ NJ Devils 1PM 11/26/11

    I'm pissed too but they put themselves in that position with some sloppy half assed play. Never should have come down to that.......
  13. Devils promotion schedule up at long last

    Leave it to the Devils marketing brains to give away the calendar in Nov after 4 Oct home dates......
  14. Filming commercial at practice rink for NBC right now....somebody needs to throw a Devils jersey on Stamkos !