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  1. Niedermayer to Ducks (CONFIRMED)

    I wouldn't jump the gun and call the Ducks a *Cup contending* team just yet. Burke managed to spend 32 million on 12 players according to TSN. They are going to have to fill up the rest of the roster will some pretty low cost pieces. They have great talent up top but I can
  2. Devs offer Niedermayer 6.8/m

    I suggested it in another thread and I'll say it here. I think a Niedermayer+ Rafalski+ Hale grouping looks better than either of those 2.
  3. What is our current lineup and salaries?

    Was Stevens resigned when I wasn't looking? Why is it that everyone believes he is coming back? With the New NHL and the way we have already seen players bouncing around the league would it be out of the question to think that Lou might spend the money on Rafi AND Nieds and let Stevens go?
  4. Martin called for duty

    http://tsn.ca/world_cup_hockey/news_story.asp?id=96249 Martin to replace Leopold for Team USA TSN.ca Staff 8/25/2004 With the loss of Jordan Leopold to injury, USA Hockey announced Paul Martin has been added to the lineup for the American team. Leopold suffered a concussion in Team USA's 3-1 win over Team Canada on Monday night. The two team square off again at the Corel Centre in Ottawa Wednesday night. Martin appeared in 70 games with the New Jersey Devils last season, scoring 24 points and recording a rating of +12. "Unfortunately Jordan will be unable to participate further in the World Cup due to his injury status," said Team USA General Manager Larry Pleau. "However this represents a tremendous opportunity for Paul Martin, who is a rising young star in the National Hockey League and a player who can contribute for us on defense." Prior to joining the Devils, Martin helped the University of Minnesota capture back-to-back NCAA Division I national championships in 2002 and 2003. During his three-year collegiate career he registered 97 points (20-77) in 127 games. He has also represented the United States by skating in the 2001 International Ice Hockey Federation World Junior Championship in Russia.
  5. Team Czech Republic Preview

  6. Team Czech Republic Preview

    Cause at 5' 9" 190 pounds he aint build for crushing.
  7. Scott Niedermayer files for arbitration

    Just a thought we will be paying Nieds about 1.5 times Marty's salary if he gets 9.5 million (which would make complete sense given the price of Norris trophy winners these days). If the new CBA doesn't give us a cap and only has a luxury tax or something won
  8. Kozlov accepts Devils' qualifying offer

    Stuck some combos? Ok ill give you madden-pandolfo pairing which has been there for a couple years and is also fairly proven commodity. But I don't think I would ever call Burns stuck on any line combo, the guy shuffles our line up more than most in our league. The EGG line has been around for around half a season and people are calling for its demise already? I think some of us might be tired of looking at it on our fantasy lines. The A-line had Gomez
  9. Kenyon Martin Gone

    Actually this trade is worse than it seems they get 3 number 1's, one from the Nuggets one from the Clippers and one from 76ers. BUT they can't use the clippers number one if it is going to be in the top 14 picks overall, the 76ers if its going to be in the top 8 overall or the clippers if it's gonna be in the top 5 overall. The Nets just gave away a great player and any hope of a championship in the next 5 years over cash.
  10. U.S. World Cup numerals

    Yea it was Deadmarsh who got 28 over Rafi
  11. na na, na na na

    Ill chime in, I think the song is "Angel is a Centerfold" but i could be wrong
  12. It's that time... PLAYOFF PREDICTIONS!

    Devils over the Flyers in 6 Tampa over Isles in 5 Montreal over Boston in 5 Toronto over ottawa in 6 Detroit over Nashville in 6 San Jose over St Louis in 5 Vancouver over Calgary in 7 Dallas over Colorado in 6 Devils over Toronto in 5 Tampa over Montreal 7 San Jose over Detroit in 6 Dallas over Vancouver in 7 Dallas over SanJose in 5 Devils over Tampa in 7 Devils over Dallas in 6 Conn: Elias
  13. Recchi Hurts Foot

    Ok I hardly ever post here but there has been a trend in the forum latley that is kinda shocking. I am a die hard Devils fan but rooting for injuries? That is really disturbing. I want to win the cup but i'd rather do it against a healthy teams rather than have my flyer friends from school telling me "ya but the devils only won cause we didn't have Recchi" I hope he's fine and i hope everyone is healthy on all teams for the playoff push.