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  1. Some quick thoughts: 1. When they changed from green to black I remember fans being excited. (Hell I was excited for the red to black helmets.) 2. As others have mentioned I don't want change if it includes Buffaslug, Fishsticks etc type logo changes. 3, I usually buy replica CCM jerseys i like the way they feel. When the league switched from CCM I got a pretty cheap authentic. I expect the same to happen to the Reebok jerseys style the players wear on the ice. 4. Like others have said if it is just changes to the striping, shoulder area etc. I'll probably come around eventually. Anything more than that, I got my CCMs.
  2. They started this policy last year with my half season tickets. I called my rep and got my prudential center tickets. I was so disappointed they didn't have Devils pictures on them.
  3. If you are looking for the patch, I ordered mine from
  4. Right now I'm leaning to not renewing. I've had a partial plan since 1987 it will be weird not to have a ticket plan. Here are my reasons: 1 I feel partial plan subscribers get no respect. I feel someone who buys tickets at the box office gets more attention than someone who has put his money down for many years. 2, I don't enjoy the game day experience as much anymore. There are lot of food choices but i don't really like the taste of most of offerings. The music is really starting to grate on me. (Some of it is me getting older but the club music for warmups I feel really sucks) I don't like the fans around my seats. The comments I'm hearing I feel are really stupid and irksome to me. I really hate the Ric Flair Whoo that the Islanders and Carolina started. 3. I like to bring my camera sometimes. The same camera and lens I've been bringing for years almost wasn't let in because my lens was "all powerful" I told him the rules of the arena he told me they changed. They hadn't. When I pulled them up on my phone I was let in with the camera and lens. So all these little things are adding up for me to not to renew,
  5. it was interesting the harassment of the puck carrier. Very high energy. It would be nice to see this team play that way for 60 minutes. The 3 on 3 OT was a lot different than prospects camp in July, In July all 6 skaters hung around the slot area. This one had quite a few breakaways. Observations: I know the Devils want to be a fast skating team, but aren't there some taller players with a bit of speed? Very Smirf like team. Tlusty ripped a great shot in the 3rd practice session. Over the goalies shoulder hit the crossbar into the net. There was a new video called "Relentless" which seems to be this years theme. They played a different goal song. Don't know if it was just for practice and they only played a 10 sec clip. But they played it for each goal, It was old time hockey with no ads on the boards. The fire and ice lounges are completely being renovated. In fact the construction crews were working during practice.
  6. I really hope not many of the "Lou Rules" are abolished. I like the fact the Devils were clean shaven until playoff time. The Devils have a 3rd jersey the red and green. If they want a 4th the white red and green. The no high numbers was always waived for a very good player. e.g. Richer, Jagr etc. The no #13 was a Macmullin thing. Did Lou keep it in place? Yes he did. Not a big deal either way. All these rules made the Devils unique. Without them they just like the rest of the league. Yes I'm an "older" fan, but seeing these other teams changing their uniforms is really head scratching. The jerseys most of the time are horrible. Orange Oiler jersey at the draft anyone?
  7. Thanks Lou for everything! Funny how it all works out. Lou hard balling Shanahan which led to strong words from Shanahan regarding Lou. Shanahan gets all pissy signs with St. Louis(plus the Blues offered him really big bucks at the time . Lou wins arbitration and gets the Devils Stevens. Some twenty plus years later Shanahan hires Lou. ..... Oh I forgot one minor detail of 3 cups!
  8. I was told by my ticket rep., this is a way to phase out partial plans. With this membership you put a certain amount of money into an account then divide any way you want. One game at the top of the rock, one game at the glass, one game with 2 tickets, one game with 10 tickets etc. By being a member this will allow you attend the team functions. As a half season ticket holder, I currently get NO team activities. I decided to stay with the half season plan as I am grandfathered in for next season. After next season who knows?
  9. I've come to realize watching Schneider is that I miss the stick handling and the tape to tape outlet passes. I watched Marty do it for 20 years and now that it's gone realize how special it was. How long until the trapezoid is gone? My other great memories among others that don't come quickly to mind.: The scorpion save, The various helicopter saves, and of course the dying art of the two pad stack.
  10. He should have had the Balrog on there. It is devilish looking. How you doing Dew?
  11. Ask Zubrus if he torches his composite stick blades. (I was told he does.) If he does why does he do it?
  12. I'll be there. I may not have good sight lines for the rink, but I made sure that I have good sight lines for the video board in centerfield. (In case the rink sightlines do actually suck.) (Yeah I know watching TV outdoors.)
  13. If the Devils don't mind borrowing (copying) a song experience. Jump Around by Cypress Hill. I know it's not a "rock" song but they already play it at the arena. The Wisconsin football crowd goes crazy for it.
  14. I'd like to comment on the draft ticket situation. I haven't seen it posted anywhere. If it has I apologize. It is all good the season ticket holders got taken care off. However, as a partial ticket season ticket holder my option was limited to entering the general lottery. I don't think they did it, but perhaps a limited number of tickets could have been set aside for a partial season lottery then the losers of that lottery get placed in the general lottery. Giving the partial season ticket holder "two chances" to hit the lottery. It's the draft so it's not that big of a deal. I'm afraid they will do the same procedure for the Yankee stadium game, thus shutting out the partial season ticket holders. (Getting full season tickets is not an option for me.) Edit: I know Yankee Stadium has more available seats I feel they'll give season ticket holders a chance to get more than their allotment of tickets before they consider the partial plan holders, if they consider them at all.
  15. I usually have the 13 game weekend plan. I probably go to 5 or 6 additional games where I get better seats (lower bowl). I'll still get a plan. Not so much the extra games. I know the owners are counting on fans like me. However, I like watching the games and the skill level of the NHL players. When I'm at the games I have very little thought on the financial aspects of the league or the players. I just want to watch the games. Until this week though I haven't really missed it. Last night I watched a Regina Pats Vancouver Giants game on NHL network that was played on 11/16/12!