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  1. I look at this way: Nolan is 6 3 according to scouting reports I read a very good 2 way center. Nico is 6 1 and a very good offensive center, Nolan has injury history. If Nolan gets healthy can the Devils afford to give a 6 3 inch center to the Flyers? Or do they give the Flyers an offensive wiz? This is a decision for the guy making big bucks Shero. * Of course the Devils will draft a goal tender.
  2. According to the NHL 8:00 pm EST. I think that's at 2:00 AM by you
  3. Let's Go Devils!.... or should I say ping-pong balls?
  4. Not a big fan of Kovalchuk. Jacques Lemaire did wonders with him turning him into a somewhat reliable 2 way player. I do remember him doing extended shifts. I do remember the Devils passing up good shots to get the puck to Kovalchuk for a not so good shot on the power play. Can he play a 82 game season anymore? I hope it's a ploy to get a big payday for the KHL. The drama we endured from him over 2 summers was too much. To me not worth it unless he is used to get draft picks,
  5. I have an offseason plan worth a couple of wins. Get rid of the high fiving stair route to the ice and just have them come out of the tunnel 10 feet from the dressing room. Yes I'm saying professional athletes can't deal with a stair climb 4 times a game for 41 games.
  6. Might be the worst. The early years nothing was expected. I figured they wouldn't be in the playoffs this year. I expected to be eliminated in the last week of season.(Maybe i was too optimistic.) There sure were a lot of bad endings to Seasons though, Carolina has already been mentioned. How about '96 all they had to do was beat Ottawa in the last game of the season at home. Of course they sh!t the bed.
  7. Elias on the open practice today: "It was an easy practice for them (the Devils) and a hard one for me." They got their work in and had a lot of fun with each other and the crowd. It actually had the feeling of an old South Mountain practice.
  8. Chris Terreri holding up a Nashville? No Way! sign in a limo at first cup "parade".
  9. I wonder how the US and Canada will select players. I don't think they will go back to the Herb Brooks route of the players selected doing a 4 month tour to whittle it down to the final 20 players.
  10. Robbie Ftorek throwing a bench on the ice in Detroit. John Madden yelling "Hey Ace" to Mario Lemieux to get Mario to pass him the puck. Mario then chasing Madden all over the ice while play is going on.
  11. How about substitute refs after "have another donut..."? At the donut game as everyone knows the Bruins kicked the Devil butts. There was a Bruin fan sitting in 208 giving Devil fans sh!t. With about 5 minutes to go in the game, I turn around and there is an explosion of beer and popcorn directed at the Bruin fan. He came down the stairs looking like a drowned rat.
  12. Does anyone remember a playoff intermission entertainment "Quick Change"? A man and woman changing outfits.
  13. This happened in the '90's or early 2000's a guy sitting in his seat watching warmups with a beer in his hand, Gets a puck (the whole surface not the edge) to the face. He was out cold but never spilled a drop of his beer.
  14. Another oldie but goodie from CAA days: Sitting in Section 201 and watching a puck clang off the crossbar sail over my head and strike in the middle of the "0" in the 201 sign. The puck was still rising!! This was before the safety mesh but I think it still might have cleared the mesh if it had been there.
  15. 6 NJ State Troopers carrying out a Flyers fan on their shoulders from the top of Continental Airlines Arena.