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  1. Who? The rest of the post I don't get. They don't have enough cap space to make a significant move. I expect maybe a small trade for depth. Whether it be a depth defenseman or physical winger. One or the other would be okay,
  2. There is no travel. It was the only back to back on the schedule. Schneider made four straight starts and had been playing better. Your argument is about activity. It was their fifth game in eight days. Even if you start Kinkaid, at some point they have to pull him. Whether it be at 3-1 down or when they cut it to 4-3. The game was too important. They didn't give themselves a chance.
  3. I don't care about views. Most previews and recaps don't attract readership. It's when it's an obscure piece that people read. I don't write sensationalist crap like rival blogs who make it seem like the Rangers have missed the playoffs the last five years. I write for fun and keep perspective. Hasan doesn't post anything because of public perception. In the old days, there was more tolerance.They even linked up our old site under the News Section. I never post anything Rangers. But a few people here do when it's relevant. Yet that's what I'm labeled. As a Rangers fan. I can write blogs on anything hockey related and it wouldn't change public opinion. I did a piece on the Sabres the other day and their surge. Unfortunately, they got blasted by the Blackhawks. I don't need to defend myself. Hasan writes good posts about this team and has backbone. He doesn't believe in tanking. I am nice. I don't care about whose team is better. Hockey isn't life. It's sport. It's about time you started acting like it. Enjoy the games for what they are. A needless distraction. Enjoy being around friends and surround yourself with positive people. Do what makes you happy. Have a nice day.
  4. You're wrong. At some point, you gotta go with your horse. Hasan has complained plenty of times about how they don't give Schneider enough leniency in back-to-backs. It was the same opponent he shut down. He was responsible for the first win. In a home and home where they needed four points, you don't go with your backup unless he's Raanta or Darling. If it's a quality backup you know you can count on, then sure. But the Devils needed the game. That was their best chance. I guess the tankers got their wish.
  5. I couldn't believe they didn't start Schneider. That was a must win scenario. They had to sweep. Off a 40 save performance, you gotta go with your best. I also agree with what you said on the lineup in your post. Maybe the Devils want to tank. They obviously didn't care enough to put the best roster out in a game they had to have.
  6. So, is he getting traded? It's clearly not working out. And the Devils are better off promoting from within. They have Quenneville. Any chance he'll be back? I could see a team taking a chance on Cammalleri. But he's got two years left at an AAV of $5 million. Not easy to fit in.
  7. My Dad would rate Bossy ahead of Ovechkin in terms of best finisher. Look at the numbers he put up for those Islanders teams. There are other great finishers. Brett Hull. Bobby. Maurice Richard. Pavel Bure. Gretzky's single season record and NHL record will never be broken. Gartner was a heck of a sniper. Blazing speed and the shot to match. Money on breakaways. Ovechkin is at 551 goals in 896 games entering today's annoying 12:30 game at MSG. I'm sure he'll add to it today. He is 31. He could reach 800 by the time he's done. So, maybe you have a point.
  8. He isn't because his team hasn't won and Ovechkin isn't a complete player. I love him. But he's more pure sniper. He also can make plays with the puck but his assists have dropped off. Maybe due to the Caps balance. Or maybe he's never going to put up total number of points he used to. He isn't asked to do as much. He doesn't penalty kill. And Ovechkin has never been a 200 foot player. He's also lost to Crosby twice head to head in the second round. Unfortunately, it could be a hat trick due to the awful playoff format. The idea that that the Caps and Pens should be forced to play each other in the second round is terrible. They need to wake up and go back to 1-8. And don't reward the other division if they can't have more points. The Metro is a zillion times better. I would not give the Atlantic winner home ice unless they have more points. I hate the current system. It sucks. This is what the players voted for. I am already bored.
  9. He was part of their 2012 team and the fourth line basically won that series. Classy move by the Devils.
  10. You got a problem? I don't need your approval to post a article Hasan wrote previewing your team's weekend. It's not like anyone else cared enough to start it. You're too busy praying for them to tank. A sweep gets them back in play. One more win and they're right there.
  11. This is make or break for the Devils who host and then visit the Islanders in a home-and-home series. The kind we should see more of. But due to the schedule, you don't get it too often. Hasan previews the big weekend.
  12. Probably never. They will do what they desire. Money. Fortune. Fame. Most athletes are hanging out at clubs, bars or strip clubs. Their lives aren't normal. You would think they would use more caution.
  13. That has nothing to do with coaching. Everything to do with the focus of your goalie. Long shots shouldn't be an issue for Schneider. But he does give up odd ones and still make the great save point blank. It's all about consistency.
  14. I believe when his career is over, Crosby will be a top 5 player all-time. I wouldn't put him or anyone over Orr. He's number 1 in my book for how dominant he was. Imagine a complete defenseman who won the scoring title with over 100 points, Hart Trophy, Conn Smythe while being unreal defensively and had a great plus/minus. Orr had it all. I wish I was old enough to see him play. Current list: 1.Orr 2.Gretzky 3.Howe 4.Messier 5.Lemieux I don't think any goalie is a top 5. The goalie issue is always a great debate. Comparing different eras. Who's better? Sawchuk, Esposito, Broda Hall, Roy, Brodeur, Hasek, etc. Hasek's the best I've ever seen. And he won 1 Cup as a starter on a loaded Detroit roster. But had a great postseason. But I will always equate him with the Sabres for his flat out dominance in Vezinas and Harts. Numbers that I had never seen. Unorthodox style. And he was a slinky who was my height (5'11 and a half). Not big like Marty or the other cookie cutter goalies we see now. I believe Crosby is a much better overall player than Mario. My Dad thinks he dwarfs Gretzky defensively too. Sid can do it all. What if he didn't miss that year due to the concussion? How many more points? How many more Cups? Yeah. I went there. He's amazing. I've never seen a more dedicated star player in terms of work ethic and skill level. Who has better hands in front of the net? The best backhand too with Datsyuk gone. Someone mentioned Toews. They aren't even in the same stratosphere. Toews is a great leader. But he's never reached 80 points. He's a terrific two-way center who steps up in big games. Hence the 3 Cups. But no Kane or Keith or Seabrook. No Cups either. Those Chicago teams are loaded. Toews isn't even top 100. That list was a joke. Any list minus Malkin can't be taken seriously. There were other omissions. I don't think Keith is a top 100 either even with his 2 Norris Trophies and Conn Smythe. They put Joe Nieuwendyk in the top 100. Why? Because he won 3 Cups and a Smythe with Dallas. He was very good. Not great. The problem with such lists is it's subjective. We all have strong opinions. My Dad would probably put Howe 2 over Gretzky. I took Wayne because he was unbelievable. He has unbreakable records. More assists than points. I would put Jagr right after Mario. Mario was better. People forget that. But Jagr is a living legend. He now is at 1990 points. 2nd all-time. Only 1 Hart. How is that possible? He got robbed in '05-06 with them giving it to Jumbo Joe when he put up 92 points with the Sharks after that awful deal the Bruins made. Jagr did more for the Rangers that year. Franchise marks in goals, points, power play goals and shots for a single season. They were picked last. Who is your 5?
  15. Crosby goal for number 1,000. OT winner from Malkin and a assist. 1,002 points. In style. Top 5 when it's over and that's despite missing significant time.