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  1. Not at all. They sign Kreider for an affordable $4.625 million AAV over the next 4 years. A similar deal to Palmeiri except 1 less year. Gorton is having a good summer. Traded Brassard to clear space and picked up Zibanejad and a 2nd round pick. My story: Rangers, Kreider agree on new contract
  2. I definitely don't agree. Palmieri had a breakout year. He'd never come close to scoring 30 or even totaling 57 points. Don't be surprised if he can't match that in Year 1 of his new deal. Expectations are higher. He also won't be relied on solely with Hall arrival and Cammalleri return. Kreider has the potential for 25-30 goals, 60-65 points. Whether he ever reaches it remains to be seen. He has all the physical tools. The size. The skating. The strength. He also is a power forward. The problem is consistency. His IQ isn't a strength. That has held him back. Work ethic. Nobody works harder. He's a workout freak. It's between the ears. I am 50/50 on what they should do. Do you make him earn that next contract? If they do, then he gets one year at around $4 million. If not, they should offer 5 for 25 and buy up 3 free agent years. If they are undecided and next year goes south and he isn't there, trade him and start a rebuild. By that, I mean explore every option. That includes figuring out if they can move Lundqvist. Move Brassard too. J.T. Miller is the harder worker. He has developed better. I would've tried to lock him up for 5 -6 years. But they simply don't have the room. And don't have the foresight. They did the same thing with Stepan and cost themselves more in the long run. I hate bridge deals. But it is what it is. The 5/18 contracts continue to anchor the team's maneuverability. Also, regarding CK, don't discount his production in the postseason. He's always been able to score goals. That makes him more valuable. He has always been capable of performing. It remains to be seen if he'll ever get it over 82. Decision time is coming.
  3. I would say Kreider is similar to Palmieri. Brooks actually had a decent article about that signing and how it impacts CK. Kreider is 2 years away from UFA. So, NYR have two choices. Sign him for a short term and make him prove himself. Or go 5 for 25 million. Choice C is trade him. Highly unlikely although I'm not opposed to it. They must also pony up for J.T. Miller, who IMHO is better and more consistent. Hayes and McIlrath aren't arbitration eligible.
  4. New Post: Devils continue good summer re-signing Palmieri for 5 years, $23.5 million
  5. Geez. That's awful.
  6. As long as Montreal keeps Therrien behind the bench, they lose.
  7. As usual, a lot of activity. Okposo to Buffalo is a good fit. He should benefit from playing with Eichel. Count me as a proponent of Ladd to Islanders. The length is bad. But Ladd is a proven player who should help them in a leadership role. I also love Chimera. I wanted him. Great speed still. Strong PK. Scoring touch. Solid depth move. The Ranger signings are blah. Grabner will help the PK. He still has speed and will get breakaways and blow most of them. No hands. They added Gerbe, who is a midget. So two good skaters. I would guess Clendening is AHL fodder. Good: Detroit inking Nielsen. If the Vanek deal is for 1 year, it could work. Short term is always better with reclamation projects. Bad: Montreal with Radulov. Too much money. He has talent. I guess it depends on production. Habs made that awful trade too. Idiocy. Subban is such a better skater than Weber. Younger and doesn't have such a long contract. I mean it was star for star. A rarity. Weber will produce his usual 15-20 goals and provide leadership. But the last half of that deal. Yikes. Great deal for Nashville. Josi and Subban top pair. Ekholm so underrated. And Ellis. At least they're not the Oilers. What kind of franchise gives up Hall straight for Larsson? Funny enough, I always envisioned Hall winding up a Devil. I proposed Severson for him on this board once. I guess it just goes to show it wasn't too far fetched. He went for Larsson instead. Genius move by Shero. Then Edmonton went too many years for Lucic. The AAV of 6 per is fine. He doesn't miss many games despite his style. But at what point does he run out? Year 4 probably. Anything else I miss?
  8. You're fortunate he isn't the Devs' GM anymore.
  9. Hasan's New Post on the Devils' signings and projected lines: Shero stays busy signing five on July 1
  10. I'm sure the Devils will sign a defenseman who can fill their bottom pair. They have good prospects too as Hasan pointed out in his post. Santini and Jacobs. Zacha and Quennevile up front. Looking at the current roster, I believe they're a playoff team. I rank them 3rd in the division behind the Pens and Caps. They should be able to score enough goals to win those games now. A great goalie and a better offense should be enough.
  11. Hall has never scored 30. He isn't just a finisher but a playmaker. I would project 30-40-70 for him.
  12. The game has changed. You no longer need to build from the goal out.
  13. Here is our Devil resident Hasan's take on a whopper of a 1-for-1 deal. Wacky Wednesday alters Devils franchise
  14. Are you high? They were never even a blip on the radar screen. Glad he stayed. TB are Cup favorites.
  15. Have you not followed the Rangers the past few years?