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  1. It works both ways. Plenty of Devil fans would come to MSG during the lean years and act like a bunch of jerks. The rivalry hasn't been fun in years. Maybe when the Devils get more competitive, you'll have something. It was nice to see a couple of fights to add some needed juice to a dead rivalry.
  2. Severson is younger and they probably wanted to keep him over Larsson, who had a movable and workable contract. Funny enough. I envisioned a Severson for Hall deal the year before. But it turned out to be Larsson. Larsson fits into Edmonton's top 4. That shouldn't be underestimated. McDavid is a great great player. Not complete yet. But he will put up 100 points a year and win scoring titles and contend for MVP's. Of course, you need that caliber player in a rebuild. They finally got it. It took long enough. How many times did they win the lottery? The Sabres didn't do too badly with Eichel. He's quietly been on a tear since the second half and is basically a point-per-game. I think it's harder to stay competitive without a top 10 pick. Say like the Red Wings. SI had this great piece on The Joe. I finished reading it yesterday. How they drafted so well and landed gold mines like Lidstrom, Fedorov, Datsyuk and Zetterberg. Their scouting was unreal and the biggest reason for the streak. It will end this year. Ironically, Datsyuk went home following another first round exit. Gordie Howe passed as did Ilitch. It's amazing how consistent they were. It takes a lot to stay that competitive for so long. In the long run, Detroit is better off hitting a lull now. They can rebuild for the future and finally land a high pick.
  3. I think it was listed as a sellout. 16,514 is capacity, right? I am sure there were some empties. Same as MSG these days. But you had a mostly full building for an exciting rivalry game that actually was good. Well, the second half and the OT. The first half was boring. Hardly much happening. Once the Devils scored, it got exciting. Plus a couple of scraps following the Holden hit on Wood. I understood it. Vesey and Coleman was good. It was nice to see some of that intensity back. It's been missing the past few years. The games have had no edge. You had Miller and Santini jawing post whistle. Then those scraps which livened it up. Devils got some excellent play from their key guys. Schneider had one of his better games standing tall in the 3rd and OT. Great poke on Grabner and robbery on Hayes. He was definitely locked in. Blandisi and Quenneville were excellent. They took advantage of a bad Rangers PK overload for Quenneville's first. And the winner was predictable. The Rangers got stuck with the same 3 out for over a minute. When they didn't change, I knew it was coming. McDonagh missed wide and he and Grabner had nothing left. Quenneville made a patient play passing for Blandisi for the sweet finish around Raanta. No complaints. Both goalies played well. Rangers held the shots edge (40-29), possession and attempts by a wide margin (68-41). I don't put much emphasis on that because they rarely win when they out-shoot opponents. They fall to 17-18-3. Hall had one of his better games. His goal from Palmieri off a bad Holden turnover was a laser. 8 total shots. But I come away saying Palmieri is their best player. He makes things happen. He forced Raanta into some tough saves early. And he got off to a bad start and still has 25 goals. When they got him, I knew it was a steal. Very good player. I didn't care about winning. That means nothing. I just want to beat the Islanders and send their annoying fans home. They rarely beat them. It's their Cup. Should be interesting tomorrow.
  4. You can't win without quality D. They upgraded. You also can't win without a great goalie. Talbot is that this year. It's not how many goals you score. But how many you prevent. Talbot deserves inclusion for the Vezina.
  5. They haven't sniffed the playoffs in 11 years. I guess they're supposed to go right back to the Stanley Cup Final like last time. They have more than a couple of good players. Maroon is good. So is Lucic even though the contract they gave him is awful. You need guys like that in the playoffs. Eberle is good despite what's been a bad year. So is Nugent-Hopkins although he doesn't score as much as I thought he would. Klefbom and Nurse are good. Larsson is plus-19 and leads Edmonton in hits. Talbot isn't getting enough credit for the season they have had. He should be up for the Vezina. Without him, they'd be cooked. Even with McDavid's scoring, they wouldn't make the playoffs without Cam.
  6. Find the part where I said Edmonton won the trade. The winner hasn't been determined yet. Because when such deals are made, it takes more time before deciding. I think many of us including the experts jumped the gun. The Oilers knew they had McDavid and needed a top 4 defenseman who could log key minutes. Larsson might not be the guy you or I thought he was. But that doesn't mean he's bad. He was a solid minutes guy for the Devs who they depended on. Those types aren't easily replaced. Hall made sense for them because it's like you said. They have little to no offense. I think it's also fair to point out that there's no playoffs for Edmonton without Talbot. He's up to 37 wins and 7 shutouts. They don't have a backup. He plays basically every game. I think last night was number 66. He's gonna win 40. Even Lundqvist never did that. Without Cam, the Oilers don't sniff the playoffs.
  7. After a down season, his value will be at an all-time low. They won't get close to fair value for him. You have to wait it out. Maybe next year, Schneider returns to form. The Devils can't be any worse. They'll get rid of some of the dead weight and play the kids more which should make them more competitive. I don't think he's as bad as he's shown this year. Your best bet is to ride it out. Either he carries them in even though it's unrealistic given the division and East. Or has a bounce back year which increases his value making him a more attractive option if teams are interested. It depends on management. I have no clue what the plan is.
  8. Who cares. If he were truly elite as you claim, he'd be more consistent despite the awful defense. All you do is make excuses for him. Elite is what Bobrovsky is doing. He should win the Vezina again. Even with the improvement on D, he stands on his head nightly. Elite is Lundqvist carrying the Rangers during 2012 when he won the Vezina on a flawed team that was the top seed, won a Game 6 and two Game 7's before finally cracking against the Devils. It's Kiprusoff during a couple of Calgary years doing the same for the Flames even getting them within an inch of a Stanley Cup. It's Brodeur doing it every year for the Devils even with the talent they had. Winning 40 games or better. Smashing records and winning 3 Cups and 4 Vezinas. I feel like the definition of elite has dropped off. Elite to me are great goalies. The level of Hasek, Brodeur and Roy. Price is at that level even though he's been inconsistent this year. He can steal games or a series. Bobrovsky might be capable of it. Rask also could be. Lundqvist has won series when his team's back was against the wall. Roy always did. Marty did it against the Flyers in '00 and against the Senators in Game 7 of '03. Is Schneider even as good as Dubnyk? He's finally showing signs of slowing down with the Wild in free fall. If you took Dubnyk off that team, they would stink. What about Talbot's performance for Edmonton? They're not exactly a lock down defensive team even with the upgrades. Talbot rarely gets a night off. I want to make one thing clear. I don't want to diminish what Schneider did last year. He was at the best level of his career and gave the Devils a chance to make the playoffs. I expected him to take the next step. Maybe it was poor thinking. I didn't consider how much they would miss Larsson or how bad their moves were. I had them just missing the wildcard. Yet you claim the Devils won that trade cleanly. I thought so too. Many did. But they haven't. Hall should be a 30-goal 70-point guy. Edmonton is doing fine. They don't miss him.
  9. Not when you're out of it. Santini should play every night. Scratch Lovejoy or Moore. Every coach does this. They stick with vets and bench kids for no reason.
  10. Why would they scratch Santini? They're out of it and he's got promise.
  11. Exactly the point I was going to make. Buffalo is a huge ratings market for hockey. They always tune in. And they have passionate fans who will make the trip next year. I wish more people paid attention to that fact. It doesn't always have to be local. The Stadium Series has been pretty successful at giving other markets chances at the outdoor game.
  12. So, you think they would actually have McDavid and the Oilers play the Rangers in the game? Or is this just a suggestion for an Oilers/Flames game which NBC would not draw on? I think you had Calgary and Winnipeg in an outdoor game this winter. Eichel is not just good. He's been ripping it up. Since the All-Star break, he has 28 points (9-19-28) and is 48 points in 49 games. It just seems there is a lot of bitterness over these games which are overrated to begin with. I don't care one iota about it.
  13. Brad Marchand 19-12-31 since 1/24. He should be up for the Hart.
  14. They already had the Caps and Blackhawks or was that someone else. The Hawks participate in more outdoor games than anyone. Rangers played the Flyers in 2012 at Citizens Bank Park and the whole Stadium Series at Yankee Stadium. I love having the Sabres in it with Eichel. Don't forget there are other outdoor games. Hopefully, they will expand.
  15. Elaborate why you think Andy Greene is a top pair guy. Hell. McDonagh isn't an anchor either. He's overrated. But at least he can play the minutes and produce.