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  1. 2015–16 Prospect Thread

    Nice update. Do you do this on Twitter too? 
  2. Relentless We Are vs Old School Lou Feb. 4 GDT

    He is pretty fun to watch. I loved that one rush he had even after losing the puck in OT. You can see the skill. He played with Barrie last year. Super talented.
  3. As per request Lucifer. Team Try Hard vs Team Tank.
  4. Wideman Shoves Linesman: 20 GM Suspension?

    I'm glad they didn't waver. Hitting an official is unacceptable. Whether or not Wideman knew what he did, I can't say for sure. Obviously, he got nailed and was wobbly. But his explanation made no sense. So, they gave him the full 20. It'll be interesting to see what happens with the appeal. 
  5. 2015–16 Prospect Thread

    I wonder how you guys feel about prospect interviews. I did one with one of Blandisi's former teammates on Barrie. Kevin Labanc, who actually is from Staten Island starred for the New Jersey Rockets and then got to experience the USNDT with current NHLers Eichel, Jones, Trouba, Skjei. He has had a long journey and chose the OHL playing for Dale Hawerchuk over Notre Dame. He did a great interview with me for my new Hockey Prospects blog. It was probably the most cool thing I did. If you're interested, I can post a link. Or just message me. Or tweet me. @derekbfelix 
  6. I had a well thought out response to this before. But my draft didn't save. So here's the short version. Lundqvist is the draw at MSG. So, he's not going anywhere. Especially with that contract. At least a million higher than any other goalie. He turns 34 in the Spring and might be showing some signs of regression. Part of it is the defense. It's just not as good. Girardi and Staal have shown wear and tear and Vigneault blindly keeps sending them out. Boyle is what he is. Yandle is under utilized especially on the power play. Points I illustrated in my long breakdown of what's wrong in the Around The League thread.  Don't forget there is no heir apparent to Hank. Talbot is on Edmonton and finally has recovered his job. Good to see. They have 3 young goalies (Skapski, Shestyerkin, Halverson) in the system. Skapski was the Sabres' specialist last year. He is in the ECHL after knee surgery. Shestyerkin is starring in the KHL and could be hard to sign. Has the highest upside and is the guy I am excited for. But will he come in 2-3 years? Halverson has gone down this year.  So, that's your goalie evaluation in the system. Henrik still gives them a puncher's chance which CR always alludes to. I have thrown in the towel on the season. I don't like what AV and his staff and the organization are doing. Vets over kids. Signing Paille who has nothing left. Killing the 4th line due to the coach. The PK disaster without Hagelin. Girardi and Staal much worse. Staying in man instead of going to zone. A point another blogger references. Not trying Miller on the PK when he has the tools. Not having Yandle on the top PP unit. I could go on. It's all in my post.  There's a lot wrong. Too many under performances. Older players looking broken and worn from all the game play. It happens. But that doesn't explain Kreider and Hayes, who I gave an F. They are too invested in this to trade Lundqvist. It would create a PR nightmare. So many subscribers would not renew. They may as well ride it out for as long as Hank has it in him. The D will improve with McIlrath if he ever is trusted and Skjei. Plus Graves. Saarela had a nice showing at WJC. And Tambellini is in Year 1 with the Pack. Anyway, this was longer than I planned. But should answer your question.
  7. Around the League 15-16 Edition

  8. Miller has been the one constant during this inconsistent stretch. He isn't a finished product yet. Still is prone to the silly turnover like the one that led to a goal against in a loss. But his hockey IQ is higher than Kreider or Hayes. I don't know why they don't try JT on the penalty kill. It can't be much worse. my recap, I gave Miller that 3rd star.  2nd was Stempniak and 1st of course was Schneider.  As for your Ranger point above, you're preaching to the choir. The roster is very vanilla and has become the typical Vigneault roster. Soft. Turn the other cheek. His downfall has been faster than what happened with the Canucks. It took longer. But it's headed down the same path. More and more fans and bloggers are getting fed up with his lines, misuse of Yandle especially on PP, and blind loyalty to vets (Danny G, Staal, Boyle). It took Boucher injuring Klein to get McIlrath back in the lineup. AV is also not honest about injuries. He said Nash was okay. Here we are a week later and he just started skating. It's his stubborn approach that will cost him his job next year. 
  9. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    The way I look at it, it gets McIlrath in the lineup. And that's better for the future than any sorta fake thoughts of a playoff run. They should not make any rental moves.
  10. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    lmao my god. he just made them look silly. Watch him go on a run and challenge Panarin for Calder.
  11. when I was younger, I was different. Now I'm calmer. And loved by all. Feared by evil.

  12. Okay. But if they win, I'm gonna take some good natured razzing.
  13. Here is Hasan's side of tonight's win. Looks like he got to experience it. Always nice when you win. Devils pull big rivalry win out of a hat
  14. I can if you like. But let the others be the judge. 
  15. I took my time recapping this one. Made sure to drive home some points on these 2 teams. The differences too.  Schneider carries Devils to big win over Rangers