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  1. The only reason for the early start was due to NBC and the damn NHL shilling for the Pens some more against the awful Flyers at Heinz Field.
  2. I never understood the Lovejoy move to be honest. But they were cheap and have cap room to upgrade the back end. I thought Schneider was excellent. He stood on his head the entire 2nd. That was as lopsided a period as I've seen. Maybe you're being hard on him. You want to kill him for the winner. Zibanejad pulled off a good fake and got him five-hole. It's 3 on 3. That's not hockey. A lot of goalies can be made to look bad in such chaos. He gave up 4 goals. And was screened out by his own players on Clendening's tying marker. The other 2. One went off a Devil, Kreider and the post. And Lindberg was left alone. Schneider needs more help from his D. Palmieri absolutely blew that hat trick. He had room on the second chance but missed. Devils deserved to win.
  3. Lundqvist is 10-2-1 with a sub-2.00 GAA and .939 save percentage over his last 14. He's been carrying them for a while. Stepan has been sh!t since 1/17 and Zibanejad finally did something. They have been doing it mostly with Hayes/Miller/Grabner. They had an off game. And the 4th line has been good lately along with Skjei. But you are correct on the D. They are shaky. So, I have to think a move will be made. Look how bad they were at the start of the third. That was hideous. They are able to score timely goals. But in the playoffs, it gets much harder to score in transition. Hence why I still doubt the AV system.
  4. He's obviously not the finisher he used to be. But Nash is a solid three zone player. He still has good wheels and is effective in the offensive zone. He can play any situation. He's turned himself into that. That will be his second career. He can still score 25 goals. Maybe top out at 30 if he fits a system. He doesn't have much luck lately. He gets chances but isn't burying them as frequently. But he works hard. Obviously, he'll get less than his current contract with one more year at $7.8 AAV.
  5. They have to bump up Kuznetsov significantly. He's restricted. Orlov and Schmidt are Group II as is Burakovsky. Justin Williams comes off.along with Daniel Winnik and probably Karl Alzner. I don't see how the Caps can keep Oshie, who will command $6 million plus.
  6. Probably wants between $6.5 to 7 million on average. So, that could be in the neighborhood of 6 for 42 or 7 for 49 tops. Personally, I don't think he's worth it. Shattenkirk's an excellent offensive defenseman and puck possession player. But I am sketchy on him defensively. Of course, his market value and big season will get him that contract. The idea of giving up assets (top prospect, 1st round pick) doesn't appeal. I wouldn't do it if I were the Rangers. But they have a history parting with that kind of package for Yandle, who worked out okay. But Vigneault misused him on the 3rd pair and 2nd power play unit. I don't know what's up with Duclair. He's not even scoring since he was sent down. Bad year or was last year a fluke? Shattenkirk probably winds up here. He is from the area. Looking at his career statistics, more than half his points have come on the power play. That is a big need for the Rangers. Their power play sucks. They have no true point man. I would wait till the summer. If he wants to sign with them so bad, he can wait. I have heard they're in on Brendan Smith. Not sure how I feel about that. People like him. He'd come cheaper. Eh.
  7. Thanks. I knew a few of our guys have to be protected due to the NMC's. Good point on Stepan. At that cap hit ($6.5 million AAV) with the NMC kicking in this summer, Las Vegas will probably stay away. But i bet they protect him. I would consider moving him for the right price. It all depends on what happens with the blue line situation. I love Step. But he could be expendable. Hayes and Miller must be bumped after next year. Zibanejad is Group II this summer. I am still not sold on him. He's been inconsistent since returning from the broken leg. Might be a factor. I think a lot depends on what happens with this team in the playoffs. A crap shoot. I'm hearing they might be in on Shattenkirk. Why not wait? The Blues want a high end prospect and pick. Maybe another piece for a rental. Does he really fix the right side? If they trade Buchnevich, I am done until our stubborn coach is out. That would be asinine. He's scratched tonight for Pirri because they want to 'fix' the power play. Jesus.
  8. They drafted some good players. Blake Speers being one. He has the look of a 3rd liner. Ceiling is probably 2nd line. Was very effective for Canada in the WJC. Good speed and a good passer. Quenneville seems like the big prospect. Almost a point per game at the 'A.' He plays center. When they traded Larsson for Hall, they went for offense. Hall will give you that. He hasn't been totally healthy or consistent. I thought he'd be a lock for 30 goals and 70 points. I had the Devils just missing the 2nd wildcard to the Islanders. Agreed on Santini. He looks like he's gonna be good. They took him high and were patient. Defenseman take time. He played collegiate and they didn't rush him. Maybe they figured he could eventually replace Larsson. But the issue is more about your depth. Too many vets who aren't that good. Moore being one. Quincey, who has been decent. And Lovejoy, who they gave the contract to. He's okay. But nothing special. They need to get younger on the back end. They have one good defensive prospect in Colton White. He and Speers play on Sault Ste. Marie. He's 19. Wood has great speed like his father. But is streaky. If he ever learns to be consistent, you could have a solid secondary scorer. He could become a fixture on the penalty kill.
  9. I hardly post here. That was the first time I linked anything up that involved your team in months. I frequent here occasionally. I think you'll find that I bring a lot more to the table than him. He's dirt. He proved it in his immature response.

    This place was a lot better before they chased all the great posters away.

    I don't know you. You have 800 posts. But I am Derek. And have been on this board off and on for over a decade. 

  10. You're not getting Duchene for Henrique. They want draft picks and top prospects. Unless you're willing to part with a Quenneville and a first plus something else, forget it. They are asking for a lot. If I were the Devils, I would consider using either Henrique or Zajac for a defenseman. Henrique is the easier sell. Younger and a better contract with more value. The Devils desperately need a defenseman.
  11. It's not that close. Duchene has 133 ES goals to Henrique's 74. Adam is a better shorthanded player with 13 SHG for his career compared with only 1 from Duchene. I don't think playing for Colorado helps Duchene. That is an awfully run franchise. They're also asking ridiculous prices for both Duchene and Landeskog. They wanted a ton from Ottawa including future stud Thomas Chabot. They rejected it on principle.
  12. Don't forget the Yotes have Anthony DeAngelo. They sent him down. He's been in the AHL lately. Maybe they plan to recall him.
  13. I couldn't help but notice this tweet from Backlund on his newest teammate:
  14. I can agree with you on the amount played. But he had just shut down the Islanders. Why not stick with him? They're paying him starter's money to be the man for those big game situations. I think that game called for it. But as has been said already, they could've gone to him and replaced an ineffective Kinkaid.
  15. If you're not gonna start Cory, then they should've gone to him for that final period. It was make or break. They get within 4-3 and Kinkaid gave up two stinkers.