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  1. Miracle

    I don't think that really had anything to do with Brodeur wearing 30 because Brodeur is French-Canadian, and I don't think Jim Craig had a big influence on him. Okay, good point. B)
  2. Miracle

    I also saw it. Just goes to show you, that you don't need all-stars to win a hockey game. Something I noticed was that 'Craig' wore #30, do you think that influenced the many goalies wearing that number today, such as Brodeur?
  3. An Observation

    I also watched all three of those games, I believe it was Saturday night, or Sunday morning rather... I didn't enjoy watching the hockey they played in those games... It just wasn't entertaining to me, I find today's hockey to be more enjoyable, as well as much more talented. A lot of people are upset at the lack of goals being scored these days, but really it seems like certain players stand out more now, than they did then. Back then it was all about forwards, now it seems like the spotlight has shifted to Goalies, as well as Defenseman. Obviously there are many forwards, Rick Nash, Ilya Kovalchuk, that are also in the spotlight, but for the Devils, you have Patrik Elias, the only 'real' offensive star to the Devils name. The Defense of the Devils, was built by Lou Lamoriello's own strategy, (copied by many teams in the NHL that lack the money to pay certain players) because he knew that the team couldn't afford the compensation these forwards like Jaromir Jagr, were receiving from wealthier teams. Obviously Lou knew what he was doing, as he has lead the NJ Devils to three Stanley Cup Championships. I find myself to be dissapointed with some articles written about the Devils... Most likely written by the fans or employees of teams that have power forwards like Ottawa and Toronto. Those teams, both great offensively, really don't have a chance at beating teams like the Devils, Red Wings, or Avalanche. Mainly because their teams are solid... ---------- Cup Contenders: [What the current playoff spot holders have / lack.] Eastern Conference: 1.Philadelphia: Lack a goaltender, good offense, okay defense. 2.Toronto: Have a good goaltender, but a lacking defense... 3.Tampa Bay: Great forwards, and goaltender... No defense... (Cup Contender) 4.Boston: Good defense, rookie goalie, okay offense. 5.New Jersey: Lacks offense, great goaltender, great defense. (Cup Contender) 6.Ottawa: Great Offense, okay goalie, lacking real defense. (Cup Contender) 7.Montreal: Great goalie, good shooters, no defense. 8.NY Islanders: Lack a good goalie, defense falls through, okay offense. Western Conference: 1.Colorado: Great offense, good defense, goalie is okay. (Cup Contender) 2.Detroit: Great offense, good goalie (hasek), okay defense. (Cup Contender) 3.San Jose: Great goalie, good offense, okay defense. 4.Vancouver: Great offense, good defense, bad goalie (cloutier) 5.Dallas: Good offense, good goalie, okay defense. (Cup Contender) 6.St. Louis: Good defense, okay offense, okay goalie. 7.Calgary: Good offense, good goalie (kiprusoff), okay defense. 8.Nashville: Okay offense, good goalie, not so great defense. Go Devils 2003-2004!