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  1. TG Leaving the Record

    It's just been a weird / saddening half dozen years to be a Devils fan (record aside)...doc, chico, marty, lou, tg... don't go patty! stay forever.
  2. GDT - Jerseys Team vs New York 1994's

    Ha! I'm from "upstate" New York but they live in Staten Island, theory checks out! I don't think I ever asked my uncle why he is a Devils fan (my cousin has since switched allegiances to the Rangers), I suspect it had something to do with the Meadow Lands being closer than MSG?
  3. GDT - Jerseys Team vs New York 1994's

    As a Devils fan born and raised in NY this is my story. My Uncle and cousin were Devils fans, they were the first team I was introduced too so I followed suit. I always find the "you owe your state's team your allegiance" posts a little disappointing, I think you guys forget you have some "state traitors" rooting for this team too
  4. GDT - Jerseys Team vs New York 1994's

    I don't think it's 4 unique players, just 4+ total incidents for the head coach fine(s) to start kicking in. The chart is a little vague though. Rule 64 – Diving / Embellishment https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-announces-rules-changes-for-2014-15-season/c-730165 Gulitti said "A fourth embellishment fine for a Devils' player would result in an automatic fine for Hynes, as well." Chere wrote earlier (after Farnhams) "* For head coach, each fine issued to a player on his club counts toward total." So based on that, next "fine" which is either another incident from the 3 players listed above, or a new guy to be hit twice?
  5. GDT - Jerseys Team vs New York 1994's

    I care a little. Both times we might have had a powerplay if he didn't try to sell it. After last night he's probably on a "watch list", if he doesn't shape up he will never get the benefit of the doubt when it counts. This kid has a lot of potential, no reason to carry on bad habits if we can straighten it out now.
  6. GDT - Jerseys Team vs New York 1994's

    That was a fun game to be at. I'll just leave this here for prosperity https://www.nhl.com/video/schneiders-amazing-stick-save/t-278661590/c-41752303
  7. GDT: Devils @ Ovie's 7PM MSG+

    Poor Cory
  8. Relentless We Are vs Old School Lou Feb. 4 GDT

    I'm going to go a different direction, I am happy we have challenges for plays like that. I think refs will be more likely to call a questionable goal a "goal" and then let the challenge overturn it. Imagine if the refs were forced to conference about that play (given Reimer trying to sell the interference) Sure 9/10 times they get it right, but now with the review option I think it's closer to 99/100.
  9. Relentless We Are vs Old School Lou Feb. 4 GDT

    Keith's having a really strong game, 25 saves and we are only halfway through.
  10. Relentless We Are vs Old School Lou Feb. 4 GDT

    Gelly did not do himself many favors there... poor kid.
  11. Relentless We Are vs Old School Lou Feb. 4 GDT

    Watching the Toronto telecast (idk why) but they just said something neat that I wasn't aware of... Apparently we are 17-0-3 when scoring first this season. Also the only team without a regulation loss after scoring first.
  12. John Scott - Players Tribute article

    John Scott has been the highlight of a very entertaining All-Star weekend. Good on the NHL for (eventually) letting him play and especially Scott and the players. This has been great so far. As I write this, he just scored his second.
  13. Farnham suspended four games

    4 games is not enough, they need to start handing out 10 games for this kind of bullsh!t. I don't care that he is on our team or producing for us right now, it's downright disgusting. Look at his face at :45 seconds http://nhl.nbcsports.com/2016/01/13/devils-farnham-suspended-four-games-for-violent-predatory-hit-on-jaskin/ There is no intent to play hockey, he just wants to smash someone. It's not hockey and it can't be tolerated.
  14. Devils vs Wild, 8pm NBCSN

    WRT losing the feed; I was listening to the radio feed on my drive home and Matt and Sherry said there was some kind of power surge that knocked out some of the lights and scoreboard display and disrupted the NBC truck. It's not like some intern tripped over a wire in the studio and they all just shrugged their shoulders too lazy to plug it back in. Not really sure NBC deserves any hate for this one, it seems out of their control.
  15. GDT: NJ DEVILS @ Boston BRUINS (5 p.m., MSG+, WCBS 880 AM)

    cory needs a raise