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  1. The Good, Bad and Ugly Part I

    I find it intriguing how the columnist exalts the Flyers for signing the oft-injured Forsberg to a ~$12-million contract, yet nearly decries the Devils for signing Mogilny.
  2. I need a new game!

    I've played through every FF, save for XI and X-2 (and I don't exactly plan on playing that). The best one that you haven't played is likely IV, but its plot will probably seem somewhat banal to you, for it's been out for nearly 14 years. I assume you like RPGs a lot, so you could try XenoGears, Xenosaga and/or Xenosaga: Episode II; any of the Dragon Quest games (particularly one from the trilogy spanning games IV through VI), although the crux of each game is within its charm and gameplay; Lunar I and II; and Suikoden I, II, and III. Since you mentioned FFT, I'd definitely recommend the Fire Emblem series. If you have a GBA emulator, you could download and play any of VI through VIII. A warning to heed, though; prepare to reset and restart chapters often, because unless you want to have your army decimated by the end of the game, you'll want to keep alive as many allied units as possible.
  3. Greatest comeback ever?

    I too was at this game. Talk about unreal--the eight-goal third period was unfathomably intense. I'm no Flyers fan, but the Phantoms are a very well-run organization and are my pick for the Calder this year, their second recent one. They're a very complete team and their offense is almost too overpowering for the AHL level.
  4. Ari Ahonen signs in Finland(?)

    Hey bruins, what do you think of Cam Ward of Carolina/Lowell? I've heard some people say that he's unflappable, reminds them of Marty, etc. so I was wondering about him. What do you expect him to do in the NHL?
  5. CD's you've been spinning a lot recently

    Augie March - Strange Bird (Aussie Pop, Dream Pop...features some of the most diverse songwriting that I've seen) Black-Eyed Snakes, the - Rise Up! (Blues Rock) Yasunori Mitsuda - Xenogears: Creid (Game OST; Celtic re-arrangement) Magic Carpathians, the - Ethnocore 2: Nytu (Tribal/Ethnic Folk with a touch of psychedelia) Nobuo Uematsu - Final Fantasy VI OST
  6. Ari Ahonen signs in Finland(?)

    Yeah, it does confirm that he indeed signed with them. EDIT: Ahonen, that is.
  7. USA-Canada game thread

    It must have been Marty's defense again. He's absolutely horrible when facing more than 15 shots in a game. He missed Niedermayer in this game. He'll get torn apart in the more open international game. He should be traded immediately for a younger goaltender, since he's washed up.
  8. CD's you've been spinning a lot recently

    Iron & Wine - Woman King (EP) Pinetop Seven - Rigging the Toplights In Gowan Ring - Hazel Steps Through a Weathered Home Alec K. Redfearn & the Eyesores - The Quiet Room Alasdair Roberts - No Earthly Man Do Make Say Think - Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn The DMST one is definitely one of my favorite instrumental post-rock albums, too.
  9. Canada hammers Slovenia at Worlds

    Yeah, I've seen similar comments, as well. I'm not surprised, but Marty really is in an always-lose situation (regarding the viewpoint of his critics, at least). The Devils (or Team Canada) win a game and their defense is credited with the victory. The Devils (or Team Canada) lose a game and suddenly the defense escapes accountability in their eyes and Brodeur "blew it" because he "faced more than 10 shots for once". And yeah, before someone mentions it, I'm well aware that some people solely credit Marty when the Devils win, but they're becoming the obvious minority in comparison. On the other hand, Luongo is mostly in an always-win situation. Florida wins a game (be it especially a close game with lots of shots against) and Luongo is exalted, yet when they lose a game he is never or rarely blamed because their defense is "weak". Why?
  10. Observations from Organizing My iPod

    I see. Faith no More is far from my favorite band (not that I have one), but I figured I'd mention two of their albums that I like just in case you hadn't heard them. I like Cohen and Cockburn a lot, although I only have two of the latter's albums ("Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws" and "You've Never Seen Everything") on my computer. He has 27 albums or something ridiculous. I don't have an iPod, but I should paste a link to my Winamp playlist sometime on here. EDIT: As for French, I enjoy it a lot thus far. Since I am already well-acquainted with another Romance language, the grammar is not too difficult. However, I have some trouble understanding native speakers. I've done rather well in the course, but I always lose a few points on my tests because of the listening comprehension sections.
  11. Observations from Organizing My iPod

    Oui, Mr. Bungle est exp
  12. Observations from Organizing My iPod

    Don, since you listen to Faith no More, are you by any chance a Patton fan? He's undeniably still one of the best vocalists in the music scene, given his multi-octave range and at times unhuman voice. With respect to that, he may be matched only by Tim Buckley. I'm not a big fan of every Patton project (such as Tomahawk), but Mr. Bungle and Fantomas are definitely worth checking out. Tu as go

    It's no big deal, trust me. I just had to do it, given the scenario.

    You do know that you should use there are, right?
  15. Man, what greedy bastards

    It may be easy to say, but to those who are paranoid about being caught by the RIAA, don't be. They can do absolutely nothing to people who either a) download and share no music or b) download AND share music on labels not copyrighted/owned by the RIAA. You can check the RIAA Radar at http://www.magnetbox.com/riaa/ to see whether or not the music you already have or want to download is owned by them. The RIAA is, in a sense, facing mass civil disobedience in the form of music downloading. In my eyes they were vanquished a while ago.