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  1. The Global Warming Fraud

    It's still garbage science since there is evidence that data was manipulated to further an agenda. Science may be neutral or fact, Scienctist are men/women and have their biases. We are witnessing bad science since it has been politicized and there is a clear agenda. If the Nazis win, the myth of their science would be taught as that, science. Hindsight is 20/20 and we can say these things now looking back 60 years later. We live in a propanganda world and in that vortex of Climate Change talk and the conference in Durban, SA at the moment. People are referred to Climate Deniers akin to a Holocaust one and the difference is the side that is pushing this agenda is acting as if the debate is over. Carbon tax credits and offsets galore. It's a non starter and irresponsible of government or anyone to act if this is settled within the community.
  2. The Global Warming Fraud

    Much like the Nazis found Scientist to prove that the Aryan was superior to all and other groups were scientifically inferior and or the how Scientist spoke of the world being flat and those who questioned either group or any science were punished. Politics has entered this debate and they have created a deritivates markets in the form of carbon offsets and carbon taxes much like the Catholic Church had a scheme to pay off your sins several hundred years ago. Funny how the Warmers resort to name calling or churlish straw man. Scientist have an agenda and or are useful idiots in this scheme. There are other scientist who in fear of being blacklisted don't chime in. There are vocal scientist on the other side as well. I haven't formed an opinion on this matter because I'm still waiting for the Global Cooling to come that was predicted in the 1970's. I also notice the rebranding of the issue to say "I told you so" from Global Warming to Climate Change whatever happens. AT This point, I just see people seeing a way to make money and create a new revenue stream and more market intervention by governments and the UN. Firms like Goldman Sachs has alot of energy contracts based on higher energy prices in the future and a way to get there is cause or false/inconclusive science. Green Energy, check your PSEG bill to see what "Societal Benefit" costs along with higher rates you are already paying for S recs credits and group think social engineering.
  3. The death of rock radio in NYC...again...

    Long live Grock radio.
  4. Lets talk 2012.

    An economy needs two things for it's "middle class" to thrive: Low food and Low energy costs, forget taxes. Food prices have been climbing so fast since 9/11 as have fuel prices. Any canidate that acknowledges and addresses these issues has a good chance of winning. Look at how many people take food stamps on every level and WIC and other programs. I know why social safety exists, but someone has to be paying for these. This president right or wrong can be blamed for expanding them. These programs are Herion or Lays potato chips once you start, you can't stop.
  5. Kings Fire Terry Murray

    Your hunch is a bit more optimistic than my hunch.
  6. Cory Booker

    A little overrated, but again look at the citizens he's dealing with. You have agitators, street thugs sponsored by drug dealers. A few seasons back, they had the PPP protesting police brutality in front of the Rock. I think that Newark has a long way to go and Booker can only do so much, more of a over promise under deliver type guy. Nice guy and all, but he's in over his head with a large element of the residents there. Massive gang problem and not enough of those tax paying folks, but if you live in the Essex County you are paying for it.
  7. Rags keep winning

    1-2-2 along with a defense that can score and led an attack and a no bs coach and solid goaltending until now. They have the horses on the backline we lack.
  8. GDT: 12/10/11 Canadiens vs Devils

    I've lurked enough here to see you are not a Kovalchuk fan. Why would you one of the only few offensive threats this team has? Kovalchuk has a center in Henrique and Zajac and Josefson will be back soon. So you have a key cog coming back and you want to trade a player who has commited to the team for a cap friendly hit. The same player who carried this team last half of the season. I'm not saying he hasn't struggled, but I think it's counterproductive and console boy fantasy to think he will be traded. Meanwhile, our Captain has been less than stellar with a huge minus that is almost as bad as Kovalchuk but fans like you are quick to bury Kovalchuk and let others off the hook. He has one more point in five more games and is a minus 9 and is a pending UFA. I maybe late to this debate here, but the hate he gets from Devils is bit much. As far as this game went, the Habs have perfected the 1-2-2 and Parise admitted he flubbed that shot after the game. Too bad the intensity of the last few minutes of the game wasn't there all game.
  9. Kings Fire Terry Murray

    Just a hunch or based on something concrete? I would be careful if I were the Devils and make sure he has fully recovered from the injury. To me, he's saying what he needs to say and it's all vague. His father has been chiming in as well, I believe he's outta here 1st. chance.
  10. Just STOP

    Long time Lurker here. Read here, hf, dr and fire and ice and various blogs via google feed. Post other places and enjoy reading the banter and was reading the volleys from the GDT. Felt compelled to sign up after reading this thread. I have seen the same type of posts on dr.com from those two and they got called out for calling out others because they drive two hours up until last season. Here's my take on board spats as having been involved and witnessing them. On another board, the members banded together to ignore a certain poster. It's been two weeks with success. The board is much more civilized and every thread doesn't degenerate with or meltdown according to his agenda. I for one never have a problem with differing opinions, it's the broken records and the sole agenda posters that are what's wrong. You will always have personality differences, when reality crosses with the cyber world and real personality may also clash. These are unavoidable.