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  1. my favorite

    #22 Claude Pepe Lemieux #4 Scott Stevens unsung= Sergei Brylin
  2. All I Gotta Say Is I'm Proud Of This Team

    aman brother , no one to blame, just didnt have it this year......the devils are human, marty is great, lets just stick to our guns and we'll have many more years of postseason fun
  3. Esche quiets doubts in Flyers net

    the flyer's arent making it to the stanley cup finals anyway whether they beat us or not. he's no marty or that other guy in anahiem who did nothing this year. enjoy this round while you can, you finally got the better of the undermaned Devils, this guy is not bringing the cup to you and will never match what marty has done in his career
  4. Just for nonbelievers

    hahahahah...being a high school history teacher, i find that both amusing and scary

    haha... heaven, AMEN

    its amazing how quickly we turn on beloved devils, the team that has brought 3 championships to new jersey, constantly the underdog (who in this case everyone wants to loose) they are without their leader and warrior and it is showing in this series, think of how many professional teams have gone decades without ever winning a championship, the devils loose 2 games and its time to bash the devils. marty has been subpar this series, but he has gave us 10 incredible seasons where he backboned this team. the team we have in the playoffs is very flawed, some costly decisions from the front office, but lou has done everything right before that. fair weather may be the word for some of these posts, you cant expect to win them all. the whole hockey world loves to see the devils loose, maybe we should stop bickering amongst ourselves and show support to our team who had givin us the most prized trophy in all of sports 3 times in less than a decade. i know the devils havent played up to their expectations but give marty a break, he just may be the greatest goalie ever to play the game and we're bashing him for two subpar games...maybe we just need to give him a little support. mar-tin mar-tin LETS GO DEVILS
  7. Is this goodbye?

    get this crap out of here
  8. AHL players upset over league's new equipment deal

    gotta love the T-FLEX
  9. My thoughts on the negativity here

    i couldnt have put it any better....imagine if we were ranger fans
  10. Should have picked up Odelien

    i was definatley kidding, hence the smiley face pounding the ground and laughing
  11. Game Thread -- Canadiens at Devils

    there goes white again
  12. Game Thread -- Canadiens at Devils

    i love white but that was a horrible play
  13. I need a car.

    im selling my 96 gt mustang, 5 speed manual, auto locks, leather interior, 96,000 miles
  14. Is Marty As Good As We Think?

    man you guys sound like wfan, espn radio, and all the uneducated callers who brag about their dismal teams (rangers, iles, devil haters). marty goes through his spells of soft goals but this guy is an elite goaltender and is responsible for our past 10 sucessful years. when all is said and done marty will be one of the top 3 goaltenders to ever play the game and people dont take advantage of that. mar--tin mar---tin, i can remember hearing those chants during the 95 playoff run when the heavily favored wings were swept by our beloved devils. not only is he one of the greatest goalies to ever be on the ice, he gave the confidence to his team, that even though they may be underdogs they knew they had the best goalie behind them who could win a game on any given night. goalies are a different breed, many of them very strange (belfour, vernon, hasek) they dont appreciate the fans or the game, marty is level headed and comes to the rink with a smile on his face everyday. we have a defensive minded system which does help but how many teams have modeled themselves after us since 95, we keep on winning because of him. if mike dunham was in net for us, our defensive minded system would not have allowed him to have 7? straight 30 win seasons. maty has a lot to do with it.