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  1. GDT: Eastern Conference Semis - Game 3 Philadelphia @ NJ - 5/3/12

    love the train ad. also i think they used kovy a good amount of time he was at 22 min. That is great!!! stick with parise as the high man, kovy had so much more energy at the end. If we had more pp's he would have more time. NICE win tonight!!! hey you suck.
  2. Bench Kovalchuk

    I agree with what you all are saying. kovy makes the plays that cause the rush the other way. hes not playing the team game. He should be our best player but is soo careless sometimes. I see why atlanta never won with him and hope we don't have the same fate and he can fix his mental lapses. He without doubt has metal lapses. besides that we preformed tonight and once again a couple calls that had to be made although i don't like the delay of game rule. Maybe make it a minute penalty for that. but then that would open up a whole nothing door for how many minutes each penalty is. the team played well and we just needed so offensive rush. Lets get the next one and go back to nj 1-1. wish we won cause now i have to deal with my immature ass philadelphian gf. doesn't know the first thing about hockey. maybe one day she will. Go devils!!!
  3. Viewing party at the Prudential Center for Game 7

    I had a great time at the game 1 viewing. free food and a chance to watch the game with 200+ fans in the acela bar. Watching at home it nice and cheap but watching with other fans at the rock you can't beat it!!! IT would be really cool if they could get a huge crowd at the rock away games!! i live in PA and repping the devils population here, anyone going to a game in phili even though it will probably be more expensive than up at the rock? Also can't have a bunch of phailadelphians at the rock for game 3 and 4.
  4. GDT: 4/21/12, Game 5 Quarterfinals (6) NJD @ (3) FLA

    i'm sick of this team why can't they play back to back games well. Power plays doom us all the time. We didn't put any meat on theodore. i could have had a shutout. And if we were close to getting a come back stupid mistakes come back to bite us. brodeurs or the dst lazy effort for gaol too. KOvy plays to much. hes not worth playing at all if hes tired the whole game. his play at the end was terrible it why we have so many short handed goals against us in the reg season. IM still hopeful we can win this series now that were back home but penalties need correcting and we need to get the puck on net. there was a ton of plans on the boards that we sent to the middle with no one there. they play doesn[t work. The panthers blow and if we lose whoever gets to play them is going to thank us for being chumps. sick of this where we play well in the regulr seson to be out in round 1. we so mch better than the pathers but have not shown it. please get them going if your heading to game 6. GO devs.
  5. EQF Game 3 - Playoff GDT: Florida Panthers @ New Jersey Devils

    missed part of the game tonight. but dam we are the better team. if the world turns like its suppose to do the better team will win in the end. I like the offense but there are sometimes were there are two many people up and once the get it past the neutral zone its a 3-2. and kovy please sit him longer he conserves energy and not does not move all 60 minutes. i'd rather have bernier in there. uggh after tonight. maybe we gan see a game where we actually okay well. i know its a tough decisoion but start hedberg and shoot the puck clemmenson in the foot. he is good and need to be taking off his game. what a way to go to bed tonight pissed. I feel mad dogs passion. cmon guys play devils hockey. tighten up hire jacques agin for the rest of the series. agree with you to triumph
  6. GDT: New Jersey Devils @ Ottawa Senators

    that penalty was assinine. way to give alfreddson a slam dunk. wouldn't have even got to ot had it been not for martys short handed shotty. damm. least we got a point but dam.
  7. Daneyko Mini Banner

    I do have the stevens banner as i went to that game as well. Just need the daneyko darn. If i can't get a trade I maybe have the nieds mini banner to sell ya.

    Hey, newest member here. Devils fan since I was 12 and and remember the Octopuss getting thrown on the ice in 95'. Need a good place to let my frustrations known to other devs fans, es[ecially in the last two years. Now i live in PA, can't express my frustration with them. I know what 3 cups feel like, they don't know what a cup is. Going back to where I grew up this weekend. Can't wait to be at niedermayer night and watch zajac and the boys go fo 2 points. Also if anyone has a daneyko mini banner they want to trade or sell. Im looking for one to hang on my wall. Thanks for letting me join!!!
  9. Daneyko Mini Banner

    Anyone have an extra Daneyko mini banner they want to trade or sell for a Niedermayer mini banner or cash money?