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  1. Fans For A New NHL

    hello everyone. i want to reach every hockey fan i can find to fill everyone in on a petition that has been created. a poster at a Flyers message board made a suggestion and i decided to move on it. ive created an online petition to issue to the NHL with some suggestions on rules changes that we as hardcore hockey fans think are absolutely essential to the survival of the league. not all signees have to agree with every rule change mentioned. the object is to get as many ideas through to the league and hope that a little attention gets drawn either in the media or from the league directly. anyone who signs also gets a comment field where they can sound off about the listed rules they DONT want, or add their own in for good measure. the list of rules is nowhere near all-inclusive, but we hope to get something constructive accomplished. here is the URL of the petition... i hope that most of you feel that this is not only worth adding your name to, but worth passing along to other friends in the hockey community. as fans, we have all been suffering since the lockout started. but maybe we can have a small hand in not having to suffer from the same brand of boring, unexciting hockey when the NHL resumes play that we've seen in the last 8-10 years. please take some time, add your name and comments, and let the NHL know exactly what you think. thanks. The FlyerFly check out my Flyers homepage at...
  2. Hockey Fans United Against Kevin Collins

    youre right...the linesman WAS Collins, and although he was right to try to break things up, its kind of ironic that Collins was the first one there. Personally, i would have preferred if Collins had stayed out of it and let Domi beat the snot out of that dork. The FlyerFly check out my Flyers homepage at http://flyerflies.com
  3. Hockey Fans United Against Kevin Collins

    Fraser's mousse has seeped into his scalp i thnk... with hair like that, who needs a helmet? i agree about Fraser as well, but i believe Collins is a bigger problem. if he had his way, there would never be another fight in the NHL, and thats NOT what the fans want. thats why im taking this up. hopefully this thing can gain some steam and we can get something done. The FlyerFly check out my Flyers homepage at http://flyerflies.com
  4. Hockey Fans United Against Kevin Collins

    hey everyone. this is my frst post here, and no, im not here to flame...even if you are Devils fans.. just wanted to let you in on something ive finally decided to persue at a serious level. i am fed up, as im sure many of you are as well, at the antics of Kevin Collins and his one-sided officiating style. he is the first, and on many occasions, the only one breaking up every fight that threatens to break out. there is a time and place for this of course, but we are regularly and completely deprived of one of the most entertaining and exciting aspects of the game every time Collins works. and i know that you dont have to be a Flyers fan to see it. i know that we hockey fans can put aside heated team rivalries for something like this. so, i am creating a fanlisting that will appear on my website that will include everyone and anyone who would like to see an end to Collins' "man on a mission" style of officiating. once the list gets bigger and gains some attention, i will personally contact the NHL and NHLOA (National Hockey League Officials Association) relentlessly in an attempt to make them listen to our plight. please, if you are tired of the antics, and you want something done about it, fill out the email form on my home page and join the fight. and be sure to let every hockey fan you know about the cause. i am dead serious about this, and the ONLY way we can possibly get anything accomplished is to get everyone we can involved. thanks and i hope to hear from ALL of you soon. Nate - aka, The FlyerFly check out my Flyers homepage at http://flyerflies.com