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  1. The War

    No offense to any Arabs out there, but its just silly how some of these people lack reason. Isn't reason what seperates us from the animals, that and opposable thumbs? No matter how long we are there, Iraq will never have a stable peaceful government. the people in that area have been constantly fighting for 1000's of years, with the exception of a short time around 620AD. Nothing is gonna change that.
  2. What has Hillary done.

    You are exactly right, I couldnt have said it any better myself.
  3. Bergen chief knocks Nets, Devils

    Thats cool though because I just got a mobile unit of my own to play with. I'm not quite at the proffessional level yet. Stubbs, I'm looking for some lights to go along with my setup, where would i find stuff like that? Even cooler would be some that go with the beat of the music... Sorry for diverting the the thread to some totally irrelevant...
  4. Salary Cap = Level Playing Field

    i think the NHL sees the shape that baseball is in and realizes it needs to set a salary cap now. I think all sports should have a maximum and a minimum. Baseball went from the national pastime or game to a buissness environment where everyone is trying to eliminate (permanantly) their competition.
  5. Bergen chief knocks Nets, Devils

    I didnt mean it to be mean. Please dont take me seriously, Im sure he does a good job.
  6. Bergen chief knocks Nets, Devils

    Stubbs' DJ Buissness Contact him now, he does parties of any size!
  7. Arena Plan Press Release

    I've been around and I must tell you that this area has the best pizza compared to anywhere else. Tops on my list Benny's in Hoboken (with their giant slices) and Italian Brothers in Midland Park. Did you know that its "normal" to have cheese fries with pizza in south jersey? i never get pizza from Domino's, but there cheesy bread, cinnastix and buffalo wings are worth it
  8. Bergen chief knocks Nets, Devils

    I don't think that I can take this guy seriously when his first line says that the teams are just doing all this for leverage.
  9. New guy

    WOW! Thanks for the rousing welcome.
  10. New guy

    I must start off by admitting that Im not the biggest Devils fan ever. I watch games when I get the chance. I really didnt join the bandwagon until after 1995. I go to about 2 games a year. ( I know, but hey, I'm a poor college student) Lived in nj my whole life, as i said before im a college student, but currently i'm on an internship. so thats about it i guess