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  1. it`s 10th club for lee going for record
  2. Devante Smith-Pelly (#NJDevils) 2 yrs @ $1.3M cap hit per @NJDevils 2016: $1.25M 2017: $1.35M
  3. Jon Merrill staying with #njdevils. Two-year deal - $1.0M and $1.275M.
  4. interesting thing will we try to sign stempniak? and how much contracts of this first hour of this market will be buyout or trade in 3-4 years
  5. unnormal contracts except perron hall is looking for nothing for us.
  6. it`s time to change your avatar, StereoDesign.
  7. i cant say that i`m completly happy
  8. rinne, lund and zett were ones of the best late rounders you can smash me by tomatos but i loved illka pikkaraynen and the best one in our history was clemmensen on my taste
  9. please please please severson for 4th oils please
  10. Do someone know about ahl free streaming?
  11. and Paul Thompson
  12. That is a strange lou's revenge
  13. tootoo is enough smart player for not enough smart to understand of how tootoo is enough smart ____ Farnham evokes memories of Clarkson - more speedy, smaller, but looks like he impliments same funcions.
  14. Like a cancer? You mean there is no real medicine? Or influense patient will die sooner or later? Or may be find the root of Terrorism advent and burn him?
  15. Beatiful stat of hits Schneider was excellent last year as this year but we lose games last year Schneider isnt only one big reason why we win