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  1. now i can hear deadly silence on the prucenter on the other side of the earth.
  2. i`m ok with that if not in playoff game
  3. 22 years old guy i dont remember whats contracts were giving for big players some years ago when they are 21-23 years old.
  4. it is strange, but... i like this expirience last 4 years were like - we doesnt in playoff again... ok. this good one player goes away. this good player goes away for nothing. this one. marty play in stl blues... damn.. oh! we make a good trade. palmieri looks fine! another one! dsp looks way better than ranger`s son. and now we wait for desicion of young and talented guy to the end and it was looking like we PRETEND for something. for somehting that other big clubs pretend too. more or less on equal terms. good thing.
  5. Flames sign Sean Monahan to seven-year contract extension $44.625.000 $6.375.000 per year
  6. and f*ck you. with pleasure. and with kovy please.
  7. I am exaggerating. the expectation from the hype. do not take it too seriously
  8. oh, my Lord every day i`m wake up at 6 am and before my scamper i watch vesey situation and after running and in evening and before i`m going to sleep and next morning and it goes about month? more? now i`m not remember make this decision, puppy. men tired of waiting
  9. it`s 10th club for lee going for record
  10. Devante Smith-Pelly (#NJDevils) 2 yrs @ $1.3M cap hit per @NJDevils 2016: $1.25M 2017: $1.35M
  11. Jon Merrill staying with #njdevils. Two-year deal - $1.0M and $1.275M.
  12. interesting thing will we try to sign stempniak? and how much contracts of this first hour of this market will be buyout or trade in 3-4 years
  13. unnormal contracts except perron hall is looking for nothing for us.
  14. it`s time to change your avatar, StereoDesign.
  15. i cant say that i`m completly happy