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    *EDIT* Misread post, my bad.

    Oates was around for one of his two 50 goal seasons and most of his other good ones.

    ... and what about his three 50-goal years when he had nobody on his lines? He DID have some dude named Adam Oates dishing him the puck ...

    Jesus Jason, the Sens just added a top line lw sniper that they have lacked forever and you arent even a little concerned? I mean this finally gives them a player who can play first line lw and effectivly pot hossa's/havlat's/alfredsson's rebounds. We are in some serious trouble here.

    http://www.ottawasenators.com HoLY sh!t
  6. Strong Sourced Rumor

    How do they figure out stuff like that? Is is something like rings on a tree? Considering that diagnosing concussions is an inexact science at best, I don't quite understand how they can determine that a player has had X number of past undiagnosed concussions. You have a concussion every time you get knocked out so I figuere he was knocked out 5 times in his life. I dont think that specific case is always true. I guess they just asked Stevens when else he had felt those symptoms and he told them 5 other times. Either that, or the doctors could judge it by something like looking at the amount of bruises on the brain (is that even possible?).
  7. Strong Sourced Rumor

    I believe Stevens was said to have 5 concussions that he has played through in his career when he initially got his head examined.
  8. Strong Sourced Rumor

    And I have heard from my sources (they are 99% sure on this one) that the Devils are about to aquire Sergei Zubov from the stars. Would you like to start a new topic about that? Look at it this way: do you think that the consumate team leader/captain would refuse to play for a coach knowing the damage it would cause his team? Hell no!Not only has Stevens had zero on ice practice since the incident, but he still complains about major headaches he gets from doing basically nothing in the news paper. In fact, I beleive that he was getting re-evaluated for the first time today by Karen Johnson (and he wouldnt be cleared to play before getting re-evaluated). Stevens is in some serious pain right now, and I have not seen a single thing that would lead me to beleive that Pat Burns would question this. And to better put it (as quoted by Guttersnipe at hf http://hfboards.com/showthread.php?t=52579&page=2): "I'm not someone who criticizes posts, but I'd be pretty pissed off if people started posting ridiculous false rumours (like this Stevens bs from the other board). First, Burns has always made it clear that he greatly admires Stevens and supposedly they had an excellent working relationship. But more importantly, this rumor portrays one of hockey's greatest warriors as a petulant child. I cannot conceive how anyone can believe that Stevens is healthy. So, a healthy Stevens sat out the most recent Flyer game? That when Stevens says he's suffering from and being treated for post-concussion syndrome, and can't even ride a stationary bike, he's actually lying? That when says he's depressed and frightened that his career might be over, he's also lying? This type of bs gossip belongs in junior high lunch room or granny sewing circle. News flash: the greatest Devil of all time may never play another game and that is what every Devil fan should be concerned about."