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  1. The thing is, it wasn't Smehlik's fault at all....
  2. What did Smehlik do wrong? You guys obviously have it out for this guy.
  3. Just shut up.
  4. Did you work for Pharmacia?
  5. Engine failure isn't something to get all scared about, happens more then you think. I had a bad dream the other day about the Devil's charter going down.
  6. Censorship ):
  7. Nice call man, too bad I was one of the one that believed and wore my Wild hat everyday. Another way to prove you guys don't know hockey. Who was the guy that said Carolina II after we lost Game 4? I wanna make a thread about you too.
  8. I know I'll be able to watch it, haha.
  9. You guys are such horrible fans.
  10. http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/playoffs2003...tory?id=1535956
  11. Carolina 2?
  12. me and my d-town thugs gonna roll out to cali today, lets just say rucchin aint goin home to his house tonight, he'll be goin to the hospital.
  13. I don't hate Smehlik, and I don't see why others hate him.
  14. 5-1 is embarrasing, but what is worse is people over-reacting.
  15. Alot of stupid liberal ones too. Please, go live in pre-liberated Iraq.