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  1. Excellent article. This was a terrific read. No other goalie in the world would fit this team like Marty does.
  2. CONGRATS #30
  3. After watching so many 1-0 and 2-1 games to see 7 goals on Saturday and 8 goals tonight it's alot of fun every now and then. I know this team is not going to keep scoring like this every game but if the EGG line can keep producing and creating chances like this look out.
  4. Congrats Marty on setting the new NHL record for consecutive 30 win seasons!
  5. Elias is red hot!
  6. 7 goals twice in the last 3 games. Who would have thought? The EGG line is amazing These guys are unreal out there. I'm loving this.
  7. Glad Pando found the scoring touch again. Rafalski's goal was huge!
  8. Thanks but no thanks. Nedved wouldn't fit in here. His dissapearing acts are not for this team.
  9. Can't really fault Marty on that second one. But the D looks like crap tonight. They can't take this Sabres team to lightly.
  10. Finally Pando breaks the drought! 3-2 now
  11. Damn this line is fun to watch! Gionta
  12. Ridiculous
  14. There never will be another Scott Stevens. To label Hale as the next Stevens is a huge weight to put on the kids shoulders. I have liked what I've seen from him this year and I do think he will be a vital part of this team in the coming years but to label him as the next Stevens is ridiculous. Reminds me of another guy I heard about all last summer. The next Roy/Broduer. Whats his name again? Oh yea.....the flash in the pan Jiggy. Only time will tell how good Hale is going to be but from my outlook there will only be one #4.
  15. With him still at the reigns as GM there is still plenty for him to screw up. I don't think the mentlity he has that this is still 1980s hockey is going to go away now that he is not coaching the team. As long as he is still involved at moving players, and signing these outrageous contracts nothing is going to change in Rangerland.