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  1. NHL draft day has lost most of its lustre

    After watching the NFL and NBA draft as well this year the NHL can't hold a candle. They should somehow make it more interesting. Or not hold it in an arena. The commentary wasn't great and they told the audience who the team was picking as they went to the podium.
  2. Anyone going to the draft day party?

    I should be going...sounds like fun.
  3. Who do you want the Devils to draft?

    Now before I throw out this idea I realize that Lou would never do this. Hypathetically speaking... Hockeysfuture Says the Washington is shopping around the number 1 pick ESPN (i think) Said that the Caps had not contacted Alexander Ovechkin's agent Would anyone be for the Devils trading up to get Ovechkin A potential offer i thought the Caps would think about.... Devs Get: 2004 #1 Pick Caps 3rd or 4th Round in 2005 Caps Get: Zach Parise (I think he is the man but Ovechkin is ridiculous) Devils 1st and 2nd round 2004 Devils 1st in 2005 I think the idea is interesting, Alexander Overchkin is apparently NHL ready and would be a big time scoring threat.
  4. Stevens announcement tomorrow?

    anyone know if stevens is even skating yet?
  5. Gonchar scratched, deal in the works?

    or price
  6. Gonchar scratched, deal in the works?

    I don't think Gonchar is the answer. The asking proce for him is too high. Watch the Rangers deal prospects for him.
  7. Paging Lou Lams

    He turns 36 this week. I don't think picking up Leetch would be such a bad move. Sather is a moron, Lou might be able to get him relatively cheap. I think that would be the ultimate insult. NJ getting Leetch for nothing and winning the cup with him.
  8. What are they going to call the Newark arena?

    No, im still around. Im a huge devils fan obviously, however i don't make it to a lot of Devils game b/c im a college student in VA. My favorite players are John Madden and Brian Gionta because of their tenacity. I'm for the new arena, Newark is not an ideal location but the state needs to do this before we see the Portland Devils. Zach Parise is the future. Lou Lamerillo has the best job in the whole world. Not sure how i feel about the devs cup chances w/o Stevens but i think the Caps are asking too much for Gonchar. Lou shouldn't trade Gomez, this could be the best he's played in 2 years. Im a big fan of the EGG line and Rutt's Hut in Clifton has the best hot dogs in NJ. That's it!
  9. What are they going to call the Newark arena?

    Verizon Arena in the Brick City Prudential Brick City Colliseum ---------- FIRST POST!