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  1. Imagine if a republican said this

    Triumph must have missed when a few months back some of the outlets in question admitted their bias.
  2. Imagine if a republican said this

    Did I ever say she should give up her racist joke or feelings? No, but if she really wants to have racist feelings while continuing to pretend to be a champion of civil rights I think it says a lot for her worth. My point is, that if everyone is going to make a huge stink about Lott, then her comments, which were worse than his, should have been an even bigger bombshell.
  3. Imagine if a republican said this

    Have you ever actually watched the actual news reporting on Fox? They, unlike the other stations, show BOTH sides of everything. Because they happen to actually report things favorable to republicans, people claim they are conservative. Also, Fox doesnt have better ratings because it caters to people of one side as you claim, if that were the case, it would have worse ratings as their are significantly more registered democrats in America. They attract a lot of people who have not decided to be completely partisan or completely spoon fed by the historically liberal media.
  4. Money or Morals?

    The issue with homosexual marraige is that benefits for married couples were designed with the idea that there was an intent to have children. This now spills over into adoption issues and is just one of many reasons why no politicians really have anything to gain by addressing this issue. I personally think they should be allowed to marry, but only after these other related issues are solved. I hope none of you plan on bashing Bush for this, since Kerry doesnt want them to happen either.
  5. Imagine if a republican said this

    Wait, did you just being up Nixon? What does that have to do with ANYTHING today? That statement alone shows just how partisan you are. Bring up a republican from 3 decades ago instead of talking about todays issues. I have news for you, I dont vote party lines, but its easy to see that NONE of the democrats that are prominant on the national level have anything to offer but sour grapes childish finger pointing, and name calling. Since you have the urge to be nostalgic, lets not forget what party Lincoln was affiliated with, I mean that has just as much to do with today as Nixon does.
  6. Imagine if a republican said this

    Silly me, I must have missed Drudges daily report on all 3 basic news networks. Please, spare us the rationlaization. Hiliary's "joke" had no place for a postion in power. I'm not surprised you would defend her disgusting actions though. Check out some research done by Eisinger in the Journal of Psychology (peer reviewed, APA approved) about the tendency of people to forgive immoral acts by someone of the same political affiliation. There is a reason why Fox, which is a cable network, gets better ratings than A(NTI) B(USH) C(ONSPIRACY), NBC and CBS even though they are usually free stations. That reason is people are getting sick of only seeing 1 side of things.
  7. Imagine if a republican said this

    All you want is 5? ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, almost every major newspaper in the county... list goes on and on and on. Hate to tell you this, Hillary's racist joke (even though her dumb ass had the wrong ethnic group) was a DIRECT insult aimed at a group. Lott's comment was not directly aimed at anyone, and a matter of interpretation to an overly PC country. Of course he shouldnt have said it and should have worded his complement better, but who are we to say what he meant. Hiliary's was quite obvious about what she was implying.
  8. Anothing genius move by the Bush admin

    What don't you get? It's the law, he wouldnt even have been allowed to run if he didnt. He actually cut ties with them long before he even started to run. The crap spewed on a daily basis is FAR FAR left wing rhetoric because they are scared that their is an actual leader in office who doesnt care what the polls say. I see you have a little conspiracy theory of your own... go figure.
  9. Anothing genius move by the Bush admin

    In order to run for v.p. he had to abandon all ties with haliburton by law or he would not have even been allowed to run. I'd say the question answers itself and the little conpsiracy theory that is implied is only relevant to those that are to ignorant to understand that or that do understand it, but ignore it because the radical left wing garbage usually reserved for tabloids has become mainstream over the last few years.
  10. Bush's desperation

    But according to the Dems who always speak for the troops, the troops are all angry at Bush. If the troops support for the leaders is irrelevant, why was this thread posted in the first place?
  11. *shrug* Apparently my points don't count because I'm a socialist from Canada. And correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the board was for fans of the Devils... I didn't participate in the other Hillary thread because it was concentrating on her New York record, and I do not follow local US politics (have enough to follow in just Ottawa politics). But I do follow (and participate in - helped out at a couple Nader events last election when I was working in Boston) US federal politics as the US government affects the whole world. Especially Canada. None of this surprises me. People who are actually listening to Hiliary and going along with that garbage.... well let's just say 99% of people with a brain know what she said is complete BS and has about as much value as monopoly money. The reason why it wasnt all over the news is that it would completely destroy her political future.
  12. Imagine if a republican said this

    Which conspiracy are you refering to? Hillary Clinton makes some racist comments a few months ago, none of the major news outlets accept fox report it. This happens, same response. Trent Lott however makes a comment that could be interpreted as racist indirectly and all hell breaks loose. Of course Fox and some other channels deemed "conservative" by many also reported on Lott. So how anyone can make and ridiculous claims that their isnt a liberal media bias is beyond me.
  13. Anothing genius move by the Bush admin

    Does anyone else see the irony in this title?
  14. Bush's desperation

    Now this is funny. Bush got an amazing reaction from the troops. Hiliary on the other hand, had only 6 troops volunteer to eat with her in afghanistan, showed up late, cut in line and made troops wait, and couldnt get a decent story out of it because when the troops were asked to comment they simply said that they didnt want to print what they thought about her. I'll see if I can find the story from that again, it always makes me smile.
  15. http://www.fox30online.com/news/local/stor...8D-852E190A0F9B Weird how this wasnt on the national news tonight.