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  1. If anyone is going and can pick me up 1 I'd pay $25 for the poster, shipping, and the rest as a thank you. Easy profit!
  2. I DO!!!! it was beyond awful from what i remember. my friend and i still talk about it randomly when at a game.
  3. They did. I was able to pick one up.
  4. but think of all the perks they offer us to stay and keep us engaged it will be funny to see their justification for raising prices again. after 10 years i think i might be done being a sth.
  5. sold
  6. ...

  7. glad they listened. what they should now do is offer the cricket as a pilot program for those who want it and offer them a few incentives as a thank you to work out some of the kinks. any word on how ticket exchange will work or any other secondary site (yes, i know they want to get rid of stub hub sales).
  8. As of yesterday their site still said this for non premium too. Who knows if this part (premium) was changed or is old.
  9. I'm sure you can still buy on ticket exchange. This is a way to eliminate stub hub purchases. With no pdfs you would need the hard ticket to sell.
  10. October games for sale. 2 tickets in Section 226 Row 4, aisle seats, right next to section 227. Price is for the pair. If interested message me. Hard tickets can be mailed as well once they are in. Paypal is preferred. 10/13 vs Nashville $42 10/20 vs Arizona $42 10/31 vs Islanders $70
  11. i have 2 in 226 row 4, aisle seats. asking $35 for the pair. message me if interested.
  12. tickets for games at the end of January & most of February. Games and prices are listed below. Price is for the pair. Seats are Section 226 Row 4, aisle seats. If interested send me a message. Prices are lower than face value. updated prices. 2/9 vs Edmonton $30 2/17 vs Buffalo $30 2/20 vs Vancouver $50 2/23 vs Arizona $40
  13. Some December games for sale along with 4 for the open practice on the 22nd. Games & prices below. Message me if interested. Seats in Section 226 Row 4, Aisle seats, right next to 227. All prices are for the pair and are better than stubhub. 12/17 vs Ottawa $40 12/19 vs Tampa Bay $53 12/20 vs Washington $65 12/22 Open Practice ($25 per pair or $45 for all 4) 12/23 vs Carolina $45
  14. their plan is to have a lot of draft picks, then as those get closer to having to be picked, they trade them for more future draft picks while telling their fans about how great things are going. and while i'm not thrilled with lou and some of his moves, look at what harris and co. have done with the sixers gm jobs. it's not pretty. based on that alone i don't know how much "better" it would get sadly.