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  1. October games for sale. 2 tickets in Section 226 Row 4, aisle seats, right next to section 227. Price is for the pair. If interested message me. Hard tickets can be mailed as well once they are in. Paypal is preferred. 10/13 vs Nashville $42 10/20 vs Arizona $42 10/31 vs Islanders $70
  2. i have 2 in 226 row 4, aisle seats. asking $35 for the pair. message me if interested.
  3. tickets for games at the end of January & most of February. Games and prices are listed below. Price is for the pair. Seats are Section 226 Row 4, aisle seats. If interested send me a message. Prices are lower than face value. updated prices. 2/9 vs Edmonton $30 2/17 vs Buffalo $30 2/20 vs Vancouver $50 2/23 vs Arizona $40
  4. Some December games for sale along with 4 for the open practice on the 22nd. Games & prices below. Message me if interested. Seats in Section 226 Row 4, Aisle seats, right next to 227. All prices are for the pair and are better than stubhub. 12/17 vs Ottawa $40 12/19 vs Tampa Bay $53 12/20 vs Washington $65 12/22 Open Practice ($25 per pair or $45 for all 4) 12/23 vs Carolina $45
  5. their plan is to have a lot of draft picks, then as those get closer to having to be picked, they trade them for more future draft picks while telling their fans about how great things are going. and while i'm not thrilled with lou and some of his moves, look at what harris and co. have done with the sixers gm jobs. it's not pretty. based on that alone i don't know how much "better" it would get sadly.
  6. What proof do you have that the devils would have scored a 2nd goal? Just because they did isn't an answer but if that's what you believe then we'll this conversation ends now
  7. excellent breakdown and analysis of the game and how it was going.
  8. What did you see in the 2nd and most of the 3rd that makes you think they win this game? The 2nd was atrocious as usual and the 3rd was better but nothing great.
  9. it was so disgustingly loud i may have to bring ear plugs from now on. felt like everything was cranked up to volume 20.
  10. updated with games available.
  11. i was there and i highly doubt there was 10,000 people. if you moved everyone down to the lower bowl, it probably wouldn't have been filled.
  12. 2 tickets for sale in Section 226 Row 4, Seats 1 & 2 (Next to Section 227) for the following games: 10/30 vs Jets 11/1 vs Blue Jackets 11/4 vs Blues 11/11 vs Wild 11/28 vs Red Wings 12/17 vs Ottawa If interested in these or any other games send me a pm or e-mail me at and we will work something out. Thanks.
  13. not sure how they are handling people who sign up now, but you might be charged what i believe was a 6% or 7% tax on top of the ticket cost.
  14. They usually give 10 - 14 days notice which for some is enough time and others isnt. Also, for the future, for the most part, these events are held around just about the same time every year. BBQ usually late September, skate in February, and practice at end of march or early April.