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  1. so what's more annoying? lou's retreads or shero's penguin player fetish?
  2. That extra year could be huge. That's when they might turn the corner. The minute you make the hall trade you're on the clock to turn this thing around in 3 years otherwise what looked like a good trade could set them back even more.
  3. as a season ticket holder i think i'm at the end of my tenure after this season. i don't think i can justify continually paying to watch an unwatchable product anymore. yes, this off season has a long way to go but lets be realistic there only trade chip is henrique and do we think he's bringing back a top 4 d-man? also, when hall gets traded because he rightfully won't sign an extension in a couple years the hall/larsson deal will look really bad. the playoffs are right now what feels like years away and with ticket prices and food rising and what feels like no hope in sight this might be it for me. maybe i'll be completely wrong come march but as of now it sure doesn't seem like i will be.
  4. Will we still count the hall trade as great when he tells management he won't sign an extension in a few years and they trade him? That's where this is more than likely headed baring this team doing a major turnaround quick.
  5. Sadly, at this point it should be considered. This team is years away from being decent. As a sth that's so depressing to write and now fully realize.
  6. Yup, shero talked a fair amount about taking advantage of these assets this off season and there is nothing to show for it at this time. Yes October is a ways away but this team on paper looks just awful. Not to beat the horse again but I'm sure hall is happy with how things are going here so far. What looks like as of now another season of not sniffing the playoffs. In hindsight which I know you can't do as of now we should have just kept Larsson.
  7. If anyone is going and can pick me up 1 I'd pay $25 for the poster, shipping, and the rest as a thank you. Easy profit!
  8. I DO!!!! it was beyond awful from what i remember. my friend and i still talk about it randomly when at a game.
  9. They did. I was able to pick one up.
  10. but think of all the perks they offer us to stay and keep us engaged it will be funny to see their justification for raising prices again. after 10 years i think i might be done being a sth.
  11. sold
  12. ...

  13. glad they listened. what they should now do is offer the cricket as a pilot program for those who want it and offer them a few incentives as a thank you to work out some of the kinks. any word on how ticket exchange will work or any other secondary site (yes, i know they want to get rid of stub hub sales).
  14. As of yesterday their site still said this for non premium too. Who knows if this part (premium) was changed or is old.
  15. I'm sure you can still buy on ticket exchange. This is a way to eliminate stub hub purchases. With no pdfs you would need the hard ticket to sell.