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  1. Lets Talk Elias

    I was expecting alot from Elias coming into this season. I was not happy with the way he played last season but he seems more focused and is playing with the passion I've been hoping for. Hopefully he can keep this up throughout the playoffs cause we're going to need him. Probably more so than ever.
  2. Devs v. Canadiens

  3. Karpotsev?

    I'll pass.

    The more I read articles from this guy the more annoyed I get.
  5. If Lou had unlimited resources

    Looking at it like that I have to agree. Almo would still be here and so would Niewy. I was thinking more along the lines of players we didn't have that were free agents. Of all the guys we have lost to free agency the one I wish was still here more than anyone was Mogilny.
  6. If Lou had unlimited resources

    I don't think so either. Lou builds his team around role players and guys that fit the Devils system. I don't think even if Lou had the budget of the Rangers his "No player is bigger than the team" attitude would really change.
  7. Greetings Devils Fans

    Thanks guys. I can honestly say I haven't seen a Devils message board on the net that has this many posters. Most of the sites have a few here and there and not much is going on really. Just looking around I think I found the diehards. Very refreshing to know that I don't have to wait 2-3 days before I get a reply or find a site where people are interested in the team. Looks like it's all here.
  8. Greetings Devils Fans

    Just wanted to drop a quick hello and say hi. Great board you guys have here. I'm looking foward to posting with you all. A little about me. I've been a Devils fan since 1984 when I started going to games and got into hockey. Been following the team ever since. Some people say I'm to fanatic about this team but what can I say. I love my Devils. To this point my greatest Devils moment was being at game 7 of the SCF in '03. Nothing like being there to see the Devs hoist the Cup. B) See you guys around.