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  1. A-Holes

    i got banned after 1 post too a few weeks ago even before the series started.....its fun
  2. Roenick on Jim Rome

    sw61776 i have a problem with u, your team, your city, ... you're not right bout ne thing.....deal with it
  3. Roenick on Jim Rome

    Last 9 years: Devils: 3 cups, Flyers 0 Cups thats more important now isn't it.... Im the only moron u see.....u can't even c me
  4. Roenick on Jim Rome

    sw61776 u know JR is a moron who is cocky as hell..... dont quote everyone with your opinions.... JR is a moron, Johansson is a moron, Desjardins is a moron.....
  5. Almost 600 members

    I just joined in March and love it here.... Everyone is great and Ill do my best to stick around as long as I can
  6. Roenick on Jim Rome

    I would've just shot em....... I don't like athletes or any famous people for that matter who do things like this....
  7. Summer Vacations

    I am actually going to New Jersey for a couple of weeks... Its been awhile and I hear its different now. It better be better than Tampa, FL though....freakin hot as hell here and don't want to hear anything bout the damn Lightning either....
  8. Roenick on Jim Rome

    JR is a moron, so he fits right in with the Failures.......

    thanks RD your doin great on the broadcasting ....appreciate it and everyone else tooo

    keep me updated as much as possible guys b/c im at work with no tv or radio and espn website sux!!!! thanks
  11. WHY FRIESEN???

    no athlete deserves what he gets paid.... I do agree that he is sluggish but so is every player on our team.... Somebody on the team needs to grow some nutz and tell freisen he is cold, no wait hes freezen... and throw his arse in the oven
  12. WHY FRIESEN???

    i agree...give the guy a break....he is no wayne gretzky and he can't expect him to lead them as much as he did last year..... The whole team is plaing like shet.....
  13. Should Larianov be back next season?

    Igor should be shot in the head with a puck to knock some sense into him... he has no hussle and brings nothing to the ice... we have no room for this on the devils
  14. Come On!!!!

    Most of us are talking like everything is over already. We're talking about next season and our future team already. Did we lose four games yet?????? Not that I am aware of Hopefully the team isn't thinking like we are. Picture it.... Gomez talking to Neids after the game saying we'll be better next year and beat them then. I don't think so. THERE IS NO TOMORROW!!! All of the sports that I have watched and played Ive seen it too much that anything can happen. I admit that we are all frustrated and believe me I am to. But can we hold the our team sux thread, good-bye Friesen thread, and we will be better next season threads. I praise those of you who started the threads that state we are BELIEVERS!!thats why I joined this forum...I always use to give up so early into any game or series. I know its from a movie but its a good point..... THE DEVILS DON'T HAVE THE EYE OF THE TIGER!!!!!! They seem scared, therefore they get knocked down and beaten to every puck. I just wanted to state my feelings on everything...trust me I could type forever on how I feel about everything the whole devils organization is doing wrong but what would that prove... NOT A DAMN THING!!!!!!! WE JUST NEED TO WIN LIKE DEVILS AGAIN!!!!!!!!! Be proud when you put that jersey on..
  15. NY POST

    This article makes me feel a little better b/c it kinda shows that the devils still believe and they damn well should...