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  1. Gomez will likely sign with either

    I'm from Anchorage and I heard from someone that knows one of Gomer's good buddies, who said from his most recent conversation with Scott that he believes its down to Rangers, Flyers, and Kings. He got the impression this was mostly due to the offers he expects to get from those teams. He got the distinct impression that Scott is considering all of those teams legitimate options. I have a sneaky suspicion it may very well end up being the Rangers. One of the Rangers top young prospects is Brandon Dubinsky. He saw a little time with the Rangers last season and was their top rookie at camp last year. I'm guessing Dubinsky has a good chance to make the roster this year. Dubinsky is also from Anchorage and their dads are pretty good buddies. Not that this necessarily means anything, but I wouldn't be surprised if it had some small impact.
  2. TFP: Top 30 UFA's

    I know someone that has a friend pretty high up with the Coyotes. I asked him about a week ago to check with his friend to see if he has heard anything about Gomez and the Yotes. I talked to him today and he said Gomez isn't going to Phoenix. His buddy told him they aren't interested in Gomer because he wants to much $$$$. I'm not sure if there have been any discussions or if this is based simply on what they expect him to get and its too much, but his friend seemed pretty certain Gomez wouldn't be a Coyote.
  3. EGG

    After 3 games just about everyone here called them everything under the sun, especially Gomez. Well the EGGers have come through, along with Brodeur, to win this series. In the 4 Devs wins the EGG line pretty much dominated the scoreboard. There were many that said Gomez didn't care, good riddiance. Gomez is now the leading the playoffs in points with 9, yeah I don't think he cares. Now I'm sure most of them will come back on the EGG bandwagon. But knowing the fans in this forum, if EGG doesn't produce in game 1 against the Senators I'm sure they will be crap again. Vinny and St Louis were pretty much held in check over the last 3 games, yet they gave it their all and I'm sure their fans know that they did everything they could, even if they didn't produce on the scoreboard.
  4. Burns article on Hart Trophy

    http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=202762&hubname=nhl MONTREAL (CP) - Former NHL coach Pat Burns says that while Sidney Crosby may one day be the best player in hockey, that honour currently belongs to Vincent Lecavalier. "He's the best hockey player in the National Hockey League by far," Burns said Wednesday while promoting a prostate cancer fundraiser. "I saw a game in Tampa when he played against Crosby and he just put on a show. You could see Crosby thinking `I'm going to be good like that one day.' He's big, strong, he can skate, he can score and I'd say he's probably the best hockey player in the league. "And him and Marty St. Louis are probably the best duo in the NHL." Crosby, the NHL scoring leader, is expected to garner far more votes for the Hart Trophy as most valuable player than Lecavalier, who is third in points and leads the league in goals with 52. But Burns lives in Florida and sees Lecavalier's Tampa Bay Lightning often in one of his jobs as a consultant for the New Jersey Devils. Since Monday, he has also had a job as a regular on French-language radio station CKAC, which switched from all-talk to an all-sports format this week. Now the coach who always spoke his mind will get paid for his opinions, of which he has many. "I just want to keep my mitts involved," said Burns, who hasn't ruled out returning to an NHL bench one day. "But I'm not going to talk about the Montreal Canadiens. "I'll talk about the NHL. You guys talk enough about the Canadiens." Burns's 13-year NHL career was cut short when he was struck by colon cancer during the 2003-04 playoffs, a year after leading the Devils to the Stanley Cup. He had a second bout with cancer in 2005, but now looks fit and healthy. He'll be back in Montreal in June for a walk to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer, an event his cousin Robin Burns, head of the I-Tech hockey equipment company, helped organize. While visiting his hometown Burns, who was celebrating his 55th birthday, will also be inducted into the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League hall of fame along with a player he coached with the Hull (now Gatineau) Olympiques in the 1980s - Luc Robitaille. Burns, who began his coaching career with Montreal and also coached in Toronto and Boston, has won a record three Jack Adams trophies as NHL coach of the year. Although he works for the Devils, he could shed no light on the shock firing this week of New Jersey coach Claude Julien, whose team had 47 wins and 102 when he got the sack and was replaced by general manager Lou Lamoriello. "I don't know anything about the situation," he said. "But I know that Lou wouldn't make a decision like that for nothing. "I don't know what it is, but there had to be something." It wasn't a first in New Jersey, where Robbie Ftorek was fired before the 2000 playoffs and replaced by Larry Robinson, who took them to the Cup. But Burns said it shouldn't scare off any coaching candidates from New Jersey. "If you get a chance, you should go there running," he advised. "It's a great organization and Lou's a great boss. "Not everyone understands that, but when you're on the inside, it's great. There's not 60 bosses, there's one boss." Burns also weighed in on the much-anticipated final game of the regular season for the Canadiens and Leafs on Saturday night in Toronto. If their current positions hold, the game will decide which of the two makes the playoffs. He picked Montreal to win. "I'd have to say Montreal because of their goaltending," he said. "I was impressed by this kid (Jaroslav Halak), who came out of nowhere. "But he'll be on the road, and that's important." And he said there is no way he'll miss that game. "It's going to be an exciting game and I know I'll be glued to the TV on Saturday night," he said. "It'll be loud in there. If the Leafs get the first goal, you'll have to hang onto your seats. I coached there four years. The fans in Toronto are special."
  5. Angels fly with a Devil --- Scott Gomez

    Here is a print article. From the sounds of it he may have blacked out? http://www.ktuu.com/cms/anmviewer.asp?a=5987&z=1 Seeing the heavens and stars with the Blue Angels Thursday, August 10, 2006 - by John Tracy
  6. Face-Off Stats

    Including last nights game, Gomez is 8th in the league in face-off percentage for guys that have taken over 100 draws. He has won 96 and lost 63 for 60%. His first few years in the league were dreadful, so its nice to see that he worked on this part of his game.
  7. New Rules?

    I think I understand now, thanks.
  8. New Rules?

    Can someone help me out regarding the new rule that only allows the goalie to play the puck in the designated area behind the net. While watching the Canucks/Coyotes game last night I was explaining to my wife the rule and the new lines behind the net, and just a few moments later the puck came down the ice, the goalie came well outside of that area and 'stopped' the puck, then the defenseman came in and picked it up. No penalty was called, no mention was made of it. I read that the new rules indicates the goalie cannot play the puck outside of this area, but what is meant by 'playing the puck'. So can the goalie stop the puck outside of this area, but is just not allow to then move the puck? I guess I didn't think the goalie could touch the puck outside of this area. Either I'm wrong or the officials just missed it, but in the example above the goalie was out near the faceoff circle when he stopped it.
  9. Shoot Out Shooters

    As Gomez played in the ECHL last year he had a few opportunites in the shootout format. Looking at the ECHL stats, it shows he had 6 shootout attempts and 1 shootout goal. He probably won't be at the top of the list.
  10. Gomez at Titans game!

    Article about Gomer returning to Jersey: http://www.adn.com/sports/aces/story/6474453p-6354561c.html Gomez's return to New Jersey is bittersweet BUM DEAL: Injured Ace had been hoping to play against Titans. By ADAM KIMELMAN Trenton (N.J.) Times Published: May 10th, 2005 Last Modified: May 10th, 2005 at 05:20 AM TRENTON, N.J. -- Even though he won't be able to get on the ice for a minimum of four more weeks as he recuperates from his injury, Alaska Aces MVP Scott Gomez attracted several New Jersey reporters used to seeing him in a Devils uniform as he accompanied the team to Trenton for three games in their best-of-7 National Conference finals. Playing for his hometown Alaska Aces has been a good experience, he said, even if it took some getting used to. Gomez posted league-highs with 73 assists and 86 points, and was named league MVP. "The hockey is just amazing," he said. "There's a few guys here I think that have a shot to play in the NHL." Most important, he said, was the chance to play in his hometown. "I wanted to give back to where I'm from, wanted to give back to my community," he said. "I didn't even really look at it as what did the league have to offer me." The grind of playing in the ECHL shocked him at first. Maybe it was the three-games-in-three-nights sets. Or the long bus rides. Or the road trips that started with a three-hour flight from Anchorage to Seattle, then took off from there. "The guys back in Jersey definitely can't call me a silver-spooner anymore," Gomez said with a chuckle. His welcome-to-the-ECHL moment, it came in the season's opening series, a three-day weekend home set with San Diego. "My first thought was no way are they going to make me play Sunday," Gomez said, chortling, "but that's when I figured I was one of the boys." He played that third night, then embarked on one of the Aces' grueling road trips. "The first road trip, we leave on Monday at 6 in the morning, we fly to Seattle, then we fly to Los Angeles. The bus was about two hours late, then it was 2 1/2, 3 1/2 hours to Bakersfield, we play the next day, get absolutely killed. "Then we go down to San Diego (236 miles, by bus), play that night, bus back up to Fresno (341 miles), play two games there, then bus to Vegas (391 miles), stay there for three days, bus to Long Beach (276 miles)." Gomez got worn out just telling the story. "I think Dano (former teammate Ken Daneyko) called me, and I'm in shock. I said, 'I don't know if I did the right thing.' " But months later, Gomez can laugh while recounting the story. He said even the times like when the team stayed at a Holiday Inn in Fresno and the players were advised not to stray too far from the grounds, were fun in their own special way. As if missing out on the playoffs wasn't enough, Gomez said he had been hoping to play against the Titans all season. "It was disappointing especially because we're playing Trenton. Even during the year, I was praying we'd be playing in Jersey." Where he goes next is unknown. With NHL labor talks moving at a glacial pace, Gomez said he has options, including a return to the Aces, but Alaska fans shouldn't get their hopes up. "Hopefully the NHL will be back, and that decision will be made for me," he said. "But this could have been a one-and-done thing for me."
  11. Next up: the Alaska Ace--If only Gomez...

    Gomer was on the bench with coach Payne Davis for the last series, so I would assume he may be making the trip and helping on the bench
  12. Gomez voted as ECHL MVP

    http://www.echl.com/cgi-bin/mpublic.cgi?ac...s&cat=1&id=4558 Aces' Gomez Named CCM TACKS Most Valuable Player April 20, 2005 Teammate Minard Finishes Second In Voting PRINCETON, N.J. - The ECHL announced on Wednesday that Alaska left wing Scott Gomez has been named the 2004-05 CCM TACKS Most Valuable Player, finishing ahead of teammate Chris Minard in the voting of ECHL coaches. Gomez and Minard were both named First Team All-ECHL by league coaches. Playing in his hometown of Anchorage during the National Hockey League lockout, Gomez led the ECHL with 86 points and 73 assists in 61 games while Minard led the league with 49 goals and finished fourth overall with 78 points in 69 games. Pensacola goaltender Frederic Cloutier (48 gp, 32-12-3, 2.37 GAA, .928 save pct.) and Idaho rookie goaltender Frank Doyle (52 gp, 32-13-4, 2.16 GAA, .916 save pct.) tied for third while Toledo's Carl Mallette (64 gp, 30g, 50a, 80 pts) finished fifth. Gomez had 26 multiple-point games, including the last five games he played in the regular season, and he tied the team record for points in a game with five points on January 5 and 8. He had 22 multiple-assist games, including five assists on January 5 and January 8, setting a team record and tying the ECHL season high for assists in a game. Gomez helped Alaska finish first in the West Division and first in the National Conference at 45-19-8. The Aces set team records for wins (45), points (98), road wins (23), consecutive wins (6) and consecutive road wins (5) while tying the team record for home wins (22) and consecutive home wins (4). Gomez had scored four points (1g-3a) in the Kelly Cup Playoffs before leaving Game 4 of the West Division Semifinals with an injury. Alaska defeated Bakersfield 6-2 on Monday in Game 5 to advance to the West Division Finals for the second consecutive season. The Aces will open their best-of-five series at Long Beach on Friday. CCM TACKS Most Valuable Player Award Winners 2004-05 Scott Gomez, Alaska Aces 2003-04 Scott Stirling, Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies 2002-03 Buddy Smith, Arkansas RiverBlades 2001-02 Frederic Cloutier, Louisiana IceGators 2000-01 Scott King, Charlotte Checkers 1999-00 Andrew Williamson, Toledo Storm 1998-99 Chris Valicevic, Louisiana IceGators 1997-98 Jamey Hicks, Birmingham Bulls 1996-97 Mike Ross, South Carolina Stingrays 1995-96 Hugo Belanger, Nashville Knights 1994-95 Vadim Slivchenko, Wheeling Thunderbirds 1993-94 Joe Flanagan, Birmingham Bulls 1992-93 Trevor Jobe, Nashville Knights 1991-92 Phil Berger, Greensboro Monarchs 1990-91 Stan Drulia, Knoxville Cherokees 1989-90 Bill McDougall, Erie Panthers 1988-89 Daryl Harpe, Erie Panthers
  13. Modano leads Team USA

    They said on the local news in Alaska that Gomez was offered a spot on the team. His Alaska Aces team is in 1st place in the ECHL and the playoffs start next week. If they happen to get knocked out in the 1st round then it sounds like Gomer will be playing for USA, but otherwise he is going to stay with the Aces through the ECHL playoffs. Gomer has been a huge boost to the team, he is leading the league in scoring as well.
  14. Anchorage Aces/Gomez article

    By the way, Tibbetts leads the ECHL with 221 PIM in just 23 games. This despite playing about 20 less games than most others.
  15. Anchorage Aces/Gomez article

    Gomer is leading the league in assists by a ways and also leads in overall scoring in points per game. I think he is 2 points off the overall scoring, but with about 5-6 fewer games played. With that being said, I don't think Gomer is really playing with a 100% effort, which is somewhat understandable. I've watched him play about 5-6 times now and each time I've been surprised that he doesn't seem to be playing at full speed. He isn't skating hard much of the time. He is still producing well, is magical with the puck, and has turned Minard into the leading goal scorer in the league. I'm still surprised that Gomer hasn't put more pucks in the net himself, with 7 through 38 games. One thing I've really noticed is how much the other teams concentrate on him. They spend much of their time trying to get him off his game its incredible. However, I do think if he stays in Anchorage and finishes the season, I expect he can still pick up his game a whole lot more in the playoffs. As well as he has done (and as should be expected), I think he has a couple more gears he hasn't been using and he could help Alaska do really well in the playoffs. As a side note, as much as I've disliked Billy Tibbetts in the past, I've now seen him on the same sheet of ice as Gomer 3 times this year and I must say he is an impressive hockey player. He stands out like nobody else with his passion, desire, and not to mention his skills. Unfortunately for him he just can't stay out of trouble. He's now playing for his 4th ECHL team this year (don't know all the reasons for this), but he just can't control his emotions most of the time. If he could I believe he would be a star player in the NHL.