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  1. I really am beginning to hate our fans.

    I have to say not only do I totally agree with the OP, but also I was relieved to read it. I thought I was the only one who felt this way. We were STH for 12 years, ending the year the Devils moved to the Rock. It was no longer possible for us to make it there by 7pm. Even then, we made it to about 15 games a season, plus ALL playoff games for a couple more years. Gradually we enjoyed it less and less because it felt as if the fan base was getting more disrespectful. We attended fewer games each year, until last year, for the first time in 25 years we didn't attend a single game. We never miss a game on TV and still consider ourselves huge fans. However the booing, vulgar chants, "crazies", etc make it more enjoyable for us to watch from our couch. The comments here and on TG's blog are so negative and mean-spirited that I don't read them anymore. Every season new whipping boys. The vitriol for DeBoer is something I don't understand. We have an AHL lineup plus injuries. Anyway, just my two cents- I'm sure I'll be criticized and that's ok! Go Devils!
  2. Rick Nash To NYR

    Exactly. That would be my thought process.
  3. Rick Nash To NYR

    Hope Nash likes boring hockey and blocking shots.
  4. He pissed me off! I tweeted back, and I never tweet. I said basically the same thing, that you could say that about most organizations. TG got a little testy. I asked him if he was trying to give Zach reasons not to re-sign here. I love TG's blog, and his info, he's the best. But sometimes he really ticks me off. And he gets very defensive if you disagree with him.
  5. Kings interference?

    I also have confidence that DeBoer and the coaching staff will adjust. It's just that it seems like clear cut interference and I'm wondering if different refs will see it as such. I was really surprised when it happened the first few times and there was no call.
  6. Kings interference?

    That's a huge part of our game, though. I think our dump ins have to be better, but I don't think we change our whole game because it's the Kings. I also thought of the penalty on Poni that was waay less than what they're doing. It really borders on holding/interference. I think DeBoer has been excellent at making adjustments in these playoffs, and I expect him to do the same in this series.
  7. Kings interference?

    I was wondering what everyone thinks about the way the Kings hold up our players when they try to enter the offensive zone. I wonder if it's just the refs last night that let it go, or if this is something that is being allowed again. I'm not for a minute saying that the refs cost us the game. I just wonder if this is an adjustment we have to make, or if different refs will call it differently. If they continue not to call it then obviously we need to start doing the same thing. What do you all think?
  8. So relaxed!

    I just hope the team doesn't subconsciously let down after the emotionally draining win over the Rangers. You see it happen all the time. DeBoer does an excellent job of getting them focused and ready to play, so I'm not too worried. I'm going to enjoy the next two days, then gear up for Game 1. I actually pulled a muscle in my side when I jumped off the couch after Henrique's goal!
  9. So relaxed!

    I have to say, these last few days have been so nice! I'm so happy and relaxed lol. I love the Playoffs, but find them very stressful. I'm going to enjoy this while I can, and then back to the stress of watching this amazing run! Love this team so much, they give me so much pleasure! Do you all feel the same way? Everyone have a great weekend, and then LETS GO DEVILS!
  10. TICKETS!!!

    Keep trying! Just got tix for all home games after trying for 30 minutes
  11. The I Hate Pierre Mcguire Thread

    What kind of tool changes his name from Regis to Pierre to sound more French Canadian? Hate him! He embarrassed himself last night. If he ever listens to the broadcast he'll see it.
  12. In defense of Zach

    Couldn't agree more. I actually haven't been coming to this board much lately because I got so tired of reading all the negativity about Parise. I don't know what people are watching. All I see is a guy who busts his butt every shift of every game. I don't think he'll resign, especially if we lose this series, and I for one will be very upset about it.
  13. Cangialosi wins two NY Emmy awards

  14. Cangialosi wins two NY Emmy awards

    If he is getting better (and that's debatable) it's because he was so bad to begin with! He can only improve. It's not his voice per se that annoys me, but his fake broadcasting voice. I am in no way comparing him to Doc, there is no comparison. Of course all play by play guys have signature phrases, but the problem is a sharp angle shot is not a shot from the faceoff circle! He uses it to describe shots from all over the ice. He also really needs to expand his vocabulary, that has not improved at all. As someone else said, he frequently gets plays wrong. Shots clearly off the post are described as great saves, whistles seem to confuse him. There have been penalties that he doesn't even mention! He seems to want to be a color guy, because often he stops describing the action for long periods of time while he tries to impress us with his knowledge. I guess you can see that I really don't enjoy listening to him at all. My hope that they fire him in the off season just took a hit when he won these 2 NY Emmys. I cannot imagine what it'll be like to listen to playoff games. Ugh.
  15. GDT: Devils vs. Bruins

    Anyone have a link to stream the game? Thanks