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  1. Hello Jello

    Hey, GA, sorry for the tardy response. Great to see a Richer fan! Since moving away from Montreal, I have met very few. I don't know if you got a chance to see him play last November in the outdoor Heritage game in Edmonton, but he looked great. I swear, the guy could have played another year! I sure miss seeing his elegant puck-handling and booming canons. Certainly one of the top 3 harded shots in the late 80s and early 90s.
  2. Injury Update?

    Thanks man. I hadn't heard that Rafalski was pushing for one of the games against Boston. Great news. Cheers.
  3. Injury Update?

    Anyone have the insider on Rafalski or Stevens? Obviously, no one seems to know much about Scotty, but what about Brian? I've heard that a "mid April" return is likely for Rafalski, but could he play game one of the Playoffs? Just wondering if anyone knows more.
  4. NHL Awards

    Listen, any serious Vezina trophy candidate must meet the follow criteria (in no particular order): games played, games won (very important), GAA, and Sv%. Whoever has the best combination of those criteria ought to be considered. Brodeur is the best candidate, having played 67 freakin' games, with oustanding numbers, and 30+ wins! All 'round, he is the best. My two other candidates would have to be Turco and Theodore. Roloson should NOT be considered for the Vezina, whatsoever. He doesn't have the wins, and frankly, 43 games played is not enough.
  5. NHL Awards

    Hart: Martin St. Louis Rocket Richard: Ilya Kovalchuk Selke: Martin St. Louis Masterson: Sheldon Souray Vezina: Martin Brodeur Jennings: NJ Norris: Scott Niedermayer Calder: Michael Ryder Adams: Darryl Sutter Byng: Joe Sakic
  6. Sidney Crosby

    Indeed you are.
  7. Sidney Crosby

    Definitely. The next few years will be telling, in terms of his development. All I know is that his work ethic and level of maturity impress me even more than his skills. Have you seen this guy speak? Articulate, level-headed and so determined! He sounds like he's 35! So impressive.
  8. Sidney Crosby

    I liked this... Wayne Gretzky told a reporter from The Arizona Republic, in answer to a question if a player may some day break some of his records: "Yes, Sidney Crosby. He's the best player I've seen since Mario (Lemieux)."
  9. Sidney Crosby

    Now that the regular season is over, I decided to check out Sidney Crosby's totals with the Rimouski Oceanic in the QMJHL. In 59 games played: 54G 81A 135PTS and +49. Despite missing 10 games for the World Junior Championship, he easily led the league in points. In fact, he broke records. No one has scored that many points in the Q as a 16 year old. Not Lecavalier, not Bossy, not even Mario. NO ONE. Furthermore, Crobsy broke Denis Savard's previous record for assists (regardless of age), which stood at 79. How's that for for a 16 year old? Holy smokes!
  10. Hello Jello

    Very true. There are some stations that keep the tradition alive, however. The CBC (home of Hockey Night In Canada), for instance, throws on "the bars" come 3AM, or so. I'm determined to bring test patterns back to all television stations across North America! Down with infomercials!!!! Thanks to everyone for saying hello. GO DEVILS!
  11. Devils MVP for the regular season

    I think you have to go with Marty. Of the three mentioned, which player could the Devils absolutely not do without? Has to be Brodeur. Without him, they'd miss the playoffs this year.
  12. Hello Jello

    Color bar test signal for television. Next time you're up at 3am, turn on the TV and flip the channels.
  13. Hello Jello

    Thanks everyone. You're an awfully friendly bunch!
  14. A MUST READ -- Weinrich letter to USA Today

    I am astonished by the deplorable sports reporting in the US regarding the whole Bertuzzi incident. In the last week I have seen countless ill-informed, non-hockey people (CNN, CNBC, Seattle affiliates, etc.) speak at length about the incident without giving it proper perspective. There has been harsh criticism north of the border, to be sure, but at least it is an informed and balanced dialogue. The fact remains, hockey is a cleaner sport now than it has ever been. From time to time, sh!t happens in every contact sport. It is sickening to see some of these "reporters" trash hockey, with it's 100+ years of glorious history and tradition, over one (overblown) incident. If they want a scandal or a sensational piece for their next column, why not get to the bottom of something far more outrageous - the American steroid scandal that puts the integrity of all sports (particularly baseball and the Olympics) into question. Okay, I'm done with my rant.
  15. Hello Jello

    Thanks RoughDraft.