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  1. Ottawa's summer looking like ours could have...

    I would have loved a guy like Jarko Rutuu on this team. A fourth liner that mixes things up. Jarko is Claude Lemieux less the offensive ability. A much better value than a Mike Rupp...
  2. shanahan..

    Have you ever seen these two play? Holik is big and plays to his size. Zajac is big and plays like he's playing with the girls... That's why signing a guy like Holik was good because he might be able to wake up a guy like Zajac and get him to play to his potential. Remember, Bobby is going to let everyone know what's going on... He's not going to sit there and stand for Zajac playing like a pansy!

    The experience and leadership these two bring to the team is huge. It would be nice to see them Zajac the proper amount of sh!t to start playing like he has a pair. If the Devils can aquire a top tier d-man they could be on to something...
  4. Niedermayer to Have His Number Retired Eventually

    I just don't understand how fans could hate on players that were big reasons they brought a championship to your team. If you take Scott Niedermayer off this team in those 13 years the Devils might not have a single championship. To hate the player after they leave means the championship he helped bring to your team wasn't very valuable to you as fan because without him you don't have that joyous memory.
  5. Niedermayer to Have His Number Retired Eventually

    Scott Niedermayer is probably the most talented player to ever where a Devils jersey. He solidified the Devils defense. His presence on the ice made his teammates much better players. Just look at the Ducks record since his return. It's ridiculous that people can over look his accomplishments because Lou f'd up after he decided to leave. How about being pissed off at Lou for all those years he screwed him over when he was an RFA. Perhaps if Lou took care of him then he never would have lost him. Lou screwed up the Niedermayer deal. He's too blame for the crap we've had to watch this last few years. Lou has a big ego and sometimes it gets in the way of what is best for the Devils. I do still believe he is a great GM. He has flaws and the Niedermayer issue is one where a flaw was made very apparent.
  6. The Flyers as a team should be suspended

    The Devils really need Janssen back!
  7. GDT: Washington Capitals @ NEW JERSEY - 7 p.m

    In light of the intermission discussion.... I love Marty's reaction, he's absolutely beside himself. What a great moment.
  8. Mike Rupp

    It's a lot better than working for a living.

  10. GDT ISLANDERS @ DEVILS 11/16/07 7PM MSG/HD XM 204 660AM

    it's pretty sad when their pushing pizza instead of hockey...