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  1. Mets 2015-16 Offseason Thread

    The Duda trade seemed reasonable based on the Sox need for a power hitter and Mets need for a SS and a player who can run. I'm not high on Rosario. I wouldn't be surprised if he never played for the Mets. I think SS is going to continue to be a carousel for the Mets for the forseeable future.  On the other hand, Dom Smith is getting closer and Duda is just in the way. A sure handed 1b is always a treat. Plus I appreciate the high average Olerud type. Not that Smith will flirt with.400. But you know he's going to be a hitter. I wouldn't be totally surprised if Smith was a September guy this year.
  2. Mets 2015-16 Offseason Thread

    I think it's pretty assured Colon gets that spot. There's 7 million reasons that say so. It wouldn't surprise me to see Montero or Verrett traded and others on the fringe to get amother experienced bullpen guy. You have to wonder if they just sit on a guy like Montero for half the year and see what he is. He could be that injury fill in. It'll be interesting to see if Familia isn't disgruntled after all his contract dust is settled for this year.  I completely agree about Duda. I would still send him to the Chisox for Tim Anderson.
  3. Mets 2015-16 Offseason Thread

    I don't really have a problem with the Walker deal in that it led to Niese's departure. The money there is a wash. Iguess I can't bitch about that one. I hope he has a great contract year. I would have been happy if they got Cespedes and no one else after that. To me, they wasted funds they could use later. I would have like to have Uribe back also. I still think they need speed. Something they aren't going to be able to get.
  4. Mets 2015-16 Offseason Thread

    For me signin Cespedes doesn't get the FO and ownership off the hook. Like you said CR, they were perfectlying fine going into the season with the less than stellar moves that they made. Cabrera, being no better than Flores. Walker a slight defensive upgrade but no on offense. De Azza? A lefty off the bench who brings in the lefty from the pen and then is promptly pinched hit for. Colon? His rubber arm was great in the pen as a long man in the playoffs but his contract wasnt necessary when you have Verrett and other guys who could hold down fort. Bastardo, could easily go either way. The Mets needed Cespedes he's not a luxury. We'd be pretty damn pissed on a nightly basis like we were last summer once we gave up 3. As it is, were competitive, we're not the Cubs. The Nats will be tougher this year and will be on a vengeance. I'm glad Cespedes is back we need him to take a shot at the Cubs but this a crapshoot. We need Conforto to be a guy that can't be shifted on. We need Wright to be something... Now, We're in the race. I don't think we are without Cespedes. I hope he stays healthy.
  5. Mets 2015-16 Offseason Thread

    The DH is a game changer for the NL.  I freaking hate the idea but it's inevitable. I think its completely bs when comes to pitchers safety being a reason for bringing it in. Plus, some pitchers are pretty damn good hitters and hitting is a  part of the game. I never liked the DH. I always felt that if you don't have a position on the field you don't get a bat. Anyway, it's going to change the way rosters are constructed which could have something to do with why the Mets brass is a little more interested in bringing back Cespedes.
  6. Mets 2015-16 Offseason Thread

    I had in my head a deal like the ESPN one mentioned. The Mets really only want him for one year. So if he kills it, he's bound to make a killing in the offseason next season. The key is he wants to be in NY. If he blows up and hits like 50 bombs next year you know he'll get a killer deal from the Yankees.
  7. Mets 2015-16 Offseason Thread

    I'm willing to live with this because he's the best available option without me having to trade the talent I already have.
  8. Mets 2015-16 Offseason Thread

    The thing is the Nats were actually the team to beat in the NL east last year and sh!t just hit the fan. They have a bad taste in their mouth and are determined. They have a pretty damn good lineup without Cespedes. Including him has to put them right there with the Cubs as favorites. 
  9. Mets 2015-16 Offseason Thread

    I hate signing middle relievers like this. They are such a crap shoot. Not really sure why this was necessary after already bringing back Blevins. This front office continues to do things to make me hate them.
  10. Mets 2015-16 Offseason Thread

    That's just it. He's who is available and I can have him for cash only and keep my stud pitchers. you are not getting a player of his caliber in trade without giving up significant player assets. I want this team to hit the ground runningin April and just destroy this division. They will come nowhere close to that without a big stick in the middle. You also have to remember they haven't replaced Murphy's stick either. The Mets have virtual question marks at every offensive position.  Cespedes is going to make the opposing pitcher grip the ball a little tighter. 
  11. Mets 2015-16 Offseason Thread

    If he's willing to accept a 1 yr deal from the Mets. I would give him what he wants for 1 yr. CR, you can't ignore 2015. Maybe it was his coming out party? You can't deny the talent. 
  12. Mets 2015-16 Offseason Thread

    I didn't like the Gomez deal either. I like having Wilmer Flores on this team he's a good ball player. He's just not a SS. He actually played pretty well there for a large part of the season. Wheeler though recovering is still a great asset. My thing is that NY teams need to hone their assets and spend their cash.  The Mets made a lot of money in 2015. That money should be invested in the team and Cespedes or Upton are the two sticks that lengthen your lineup. They aren't Mike Piazza but they make your offense more formidable.  The 2015 team lost four  1-0 games and were shut out 15 times.  Remember being down by 3 by 4th and knowing the game was gone? That's where we are again.
  13. Mets 2015-16 Offseason Thread

    1) Cespedes is a better offensive player than anyone on the current roster. Defensively he was very good in center until he got hurt. 2) one of things that I admired about LL as the gm is he didn't believe in the rental, not that he never did but it wasn't his style. I hate the rental. A NY team should never have to go that route. The Mets made big money last year and stand to make bigger money this year. They need to spend and make the money back in the contract when it is still a value and settle for breaking even on that player.
  14. Mets 2015-16 Offseason Thread

    It's not spending big for the sake spending ala Jason Bay. He needs a big bat now so it doesn't cost player assets later. You always have to overpay in free agency we all know that. But, having that dynamic bat in the lineup is the difference between running away with the division and staying in the race. Right now, the Mets are content on staying in the race and moving an asset later. We also have to think about that you always over pay for needs in terms of assets later. Not bringing back Cespedes turns into an over pay for a rental. Yes, he was great but we now have nothing to show for it and are forced to watch Fullmer turn into someone's else's gem.
  15. Mets 2015-16 Offseason Thread

    Agreed. I'm so glad he's in. I may actually make the trip up for the ceremony. Probably my 2 favorite players of the era.