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  1. With Gordon coming back I like the Cashner deal for the Fish. I think Archer could be a guy that helps a playoff contender in a big way, too. After the last two tough losses the Mets look done. But, this was also the case at this time last year. Except the pitching was healthier a year ago. I'm not high on Bruce for what it would cost in players to get another Granderson type even though he's been good this year. The Marlins are looking like they got a real shot at this thing by scrapping it out and then having Stanton (whos heating up) with the big bop. They actually scare me now and I don't think they are done making moves.
  2. I'm definitely down with a shirt term stint for Backman and I really like Viola. I think Frankie V. Could be more long term. If Backman does the job you know that the fans will be on SA for an extension and I think that's what they are afraid of. He's too big a personality for SA's low key persona.
  3. TC has to go. Right now, today! Back to back losses in this fashion. This it Sandy, there is no bouncing back from this on his watch we need a boost. Bring in the firecracker Backman and start cracking some of these bumbs.
  4. Depends on where Milwaukee thinks their window is and if saving money and bringing in mlb level prospects is what they want. If the Mets aren't willing to spend the money than this all for not anyway and we should all just give up. Because as we've seen time and again if you don't score you don't win and runs cost dollars.
  5. You really wouldn't trade Conforto to add legitimacy to this lineup right now? I'm not usually a sell the farm type bit this team doesn't have anyone that is a can't miss. Just to get an idea to way I look at an evaluate my teams is by what they can give me today and in the future. For instance, with the Devils I was on the sell high on Schneider because I thought the Devils were a lot further away than they seem to be now with the big move last year and now with the Hall deal. They're a well coached team and their new window is around the corner. With the trades Shero has made I wonder is it Schneider's team or Blackwood's. With the Mets it's a completely different story, all of the pitchers have graduated. Injuries and fatigue have slown them down but in a short series I take my chances with arms. So, we need some sticks to get us over the top. I think we've gotten a good look at Conforto. I don't see the huge difference maker there. I know he's young and has a lot more time but he's not a superstar player. Does help the team as player in this window or a chIP to bring in a player? I'm not sure, but because I think we have a very small window given our lack of depth in the system I'd definitely move TdA and Conforto for Braun and Lucroy. And if sending deGrom in a package somewhere gets a steal for something say an Archer and Longoria I'd do that too.
  6. It's time to go all freaking in! There's no point in saving any prospect on this team including Conforto. Make a big deal and get Lucroy and Braun. Whatever it takes save Syndergaard and deGrom. I'd even trade deGrom if I got an equal pitcher. If the Mets don't go big now they miss their window. The window is now.
  7. Only reason I'd trade deGrom is due injury history and he's a year older than Sale.
  8. If Rosario goes we literally have nothing left but fringe at best prospects. Rosario could be a fringe prospect as well... but, I think I'm with you. We might be able to grab one of the relievers also in that deal. The Mets have to go for it. They need to be buyers all the way around. Chris Sale is being dangled out there as well. deGrom for Sale would be tempting. Would deGrom be enough? Too bad Harvey didn't get dealt over the winter...
  9. No real relevance but I often wonder if GMs ever throw around big name one for one swaps like the napkin Dimaggio for Williams swap that never was. I was day dreaming about this as Fernandez was cutting the Mets up once again. Like, Harvey for Fernandez after this past season. Harvey seems like he'd be a big south beach guy. Too bad we couldn't have moved Harvey when we had the chance... not like it would have been for a pitcher anyway. Right now, I don't see a way to make this team better. They're going to have to fight through it together and scrape it out because they are what they are.
  10. Time to pull the plug on TC. They don't have the talent to bring anything in prospect wise that they can spare. The only thing left is to gut the manager and the staff. I'm all for bringing in Wally and Frankie V. However, I don't think SA will ever give Backman a shot.
  11. In a straight up deal for Bastardo I'd think I'd do it but I'm not giving up an asset. I didn't like the Bastardo signing to begin with. I just don't see Niese being happy to be here.
  12. Pretty hard to believe they would take Niese back after his parting shots at his teammates in the field.
  13. A sign Reyes has a lot left.... the extra base hits and scoring without getting a hit. The latter being what this team has lacked the most.
  14. Big series coming up. The Mets have to stay hot. They need this one. 3 of 4 sets a tone that their ready to game up. They need a split at worst.
  15. Yeah, I thought it was a little weird that they brought him up today....