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  1. Shero has been really good at not overpaying on his deals this summer. Glad that we've got Palms & Hall locked up for a few years.
  2. Nielson to Detroit. 6 years
  3. Nielson not re-signing with Islanders apparently & Leafs "kicking tyres" on Wisniewski. And according to Dreger Ladd to Islanders, Okposo to Buffalo and Erickson to Canucks.
  4. Okposo & Neilson would be good signings. A defenceman is likely as well now I'd of thought. As long as it's not Warfosky, he looked awful.
  5. I don't think I explained myself very well there. What I meant was that teams losing players to Vegas lose those players salaries from their cap. Thereby giving them cap room, potentially, to pursue FAs that Shero might be hoping to sign and driving up the salary they'll get.
  6. How does the expansion draft affect the rebuild? Teams are going to have extra holes in their rosters to fill (and extra cap space to do it) which is going to push up the price of free agents surely? So isn't it better to try and sign players this off season?
  7. Man, I'm loving this team. Don't think Cammalleri gets enough credit for his playmaking or his willingness to defend & block shots.
  8. Moustic, my thoughts are with you and all Parisians tonight. I'm in the UK and an watching it the horror unfold on T.V. Senseless, pointless terrorism. Stay safe friend.
  9. Can someone tell me what was so wrong with Larssons hit? There's no way he was targeting the guys head. It was shoulder to shoulder petty much.
  10. Why is there a car next to the rink? Bizarre! Let's go Devils!
  11. After watching the half hearted performances of the last couple of seasons I really wasn't expecting much from this season. But I have to say I'm really enjoying it. Hynes really has to take a lot of credit for organising this team so well & motivating them. Great win today even though the performance wasn't as good as it has been previously. LGD.
  12. Evening. Let's hope they can cut out the penalties tonight. Get a lead early against a team that's used to losing could be big psychologically. LGD
  13. It's not going to be who can create the most chances wins this game, it'll be who manages to make the least mistakes.
  14. FFS Gelinas what we're you thinking?
  15. I thought Zajac had missed that at first. Way to go Devils!