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  1. The potected/exposed lists don't need to be submitted until June 17th and will probably be made public June 18th according to the NHL.
  2. I only put Auvitu in my post as he'd been banished to the AHL and never came back up yet the likes of Stollery were getting game time. So I assumed Shero/Hynes didn't rate him. I'd like to see him get another chance. DSP was definitely a let down. Occasional flashes of decent play negated by plenty of games where he just went through the motions. What can be said about JJ? If ever there was a player that everyone wanted to succeed it's him but it's just never worked out for him. Time cut loose imo.
  3. From the exit meetings today. "Pride, tenacity, pushback,” Shero said. “We had it at times but not enough. Not close enough to where we want to be. Some guys had a chance to prove that this year. They won’t be back.” I'm guessing Auvitu, DSP and maybe Bennett & Josefson are on that list. Although I'm in the minority that actually quite liked some of Bennetts play.
  4. Ok. Thanks for clearing that up.
  5. Do teams have to protect players who are RFA/UFA at the time of the draft? I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that if Kinkaid hasn't signed a new contract by then that Wedgwood can be the exposed goalie.
  6. I was just looking at some of the players further down the rankings (slow day, for once) and there are a couple of players racking up the points. Kailer Yamamoto has 99 points in 65 games this year and 227 in total in 190 WHL games. Is his ranking so low because he's only 5'8"?
  7. I agree with pretty much everything on this thread so far, which is a first. My wish list for this off season: 1. Shattenkirk is a must imo. If he doesn't want to play in NJ then Shero needs to let it be known that's why he's not wearing Red & Black. 2. There absolutely has to be a creative D man in the team come next season. Moore, as much as I love seeing a D man rack up the goals, is not the answer. Greene on PP is also not the answer. 3. Use the expansion draft. It's a golden opportunity to poach a decent player. 4. Add some fire power. Before Hall loses the will to live. 5. Win the draft lottery. Yeah, I know but stranger things have happened.
  8. Tank f@ck that seasons over.
  9. No f@#%ing way did Hall kick that in.
  10. Listening to the crap he talks it makes you wonder how the hell he ever got a coaching job. Must have been a helluva job interview.
  11. 1-1. Normal service resumed.
  12. Typical. You go for the tank and the other team has to go and stick one in its own net. Doh!
  13. Simmonds didn't look too keen to take on Prout there.
  14. The real plus this season (and probably the only one) is seeing the kids given some games rather than having to watch over-the-hill wastes of space like Ruutu. Really like Coleman's attitude he seems comfortable in all situations. The guy is staking a claim for next season. Quenneville as well to a lesser extent.
  15. Can we play the Flyers every game? Where's this type of performance been in recent games?