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  1. Now there's a surprise! Way to go JJ.
  2. Nice play for the goal. LGD!
  3. Quincy didn't do much to stop that shot.
  4. Looked good on that PP. Man, this games quick.
  5. I could see him playing well with Hall if he gets the chance. Both quick movers & thinkers.
  6. We looked more dangerous on their PP than they did. Way to go Palms. Nice shortly.
  7. I see we're utilizing the "Kamikaze" game plan tonight. *sigh*
  8. I was thinking exactly the same thing. Trust us to screw up being bad!
  9. So he draws the penalty that gets the go ahead goal and then races clear to score the third. Yep, I'll happily eat those words #44.
  10. Wood makes too many boneheaded plays. He's got to stop giving away cheap penalties.
  11. Wood got a few good shots in on Simmonds there.
  12. Great play between JJ and Zacha for the goal.
  13. Great goal by Hall.
  14. I'd agree with that. Watching the highlights of recent games the positioning of the D has been shocking and they seem to be too slow getting to the puck too often. If Hynes had any hair he'd be pulling it out right now. How the hell has it deteriorated so badly from last season?
  15. And I'd just been thinking he'd played much tonight!