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  1. If Shero has done any deal with Vegas I hope it's to take the largest cap hit from us, as that will give us more cap space for free agents like Shattenkirk. I think Vegas are either going to have a fairly decent team from the get go or a hell of a lot of picks on friday.
  2. Bit like choosing between Kovy & Parise imo. Both capable of putting points on the board. One through audacious skill. One through phenomenal work rate. Oh to have both! I'll vote, but will probably change my mind on a daily basis.
  3. A few teams will be doing deals to make sure Vegas don't pick certain players. Vegas will probably be paying the Devils just so they don't have to pick any of our players! Seriously though. Maybe Shero has a deal in place so Vegas picks a certain player?
  4. I gotta admit when the story broke about Dallas listening to offers for the #3 pick I hoped Shero could do a deal for it. But let' face it. Any deal involving lower round picks to move up to the first is going to require Shero to sweeten the deal and there's not a lot of sugar left in the pot to sweeten it with. Realistically what would we have to give up to get another first rounder? Rico or Severson and a 2nd?
  5. Ha Ha. Every time they show Woods picture during a game I'm thinking damn, it's James Franco!
  6. While it may be within the rules to offer incentives for Vegas to pick or not pick certain players the fact is Vegas doesn't have to accept them. Surely they're going to want to be competitive sooner rather than later so they build a fan base and bring in revenue. The owners aren't going to want keep pouring money in for too long I'd imagine.
  7. That's pretty much the same claptrap they come out with after every losing series. Just change the date and save yourself the trouble of reading it next year.
  8. Kreider, for no rational reason, really, really, really annoys me. Was it even worth Nash suiting up? Must've touched the puck about two or three times all game. Another year they've failed to live up to their own hype. Funny as hell.
  9. Karlsson just took the wind out of their sails.
  10. I love watching the rags snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
  11. I think the spotlight is well and truly on Shero now. He's got the expansion draft, #1 draft pick, 9 other picks, the potential return of Kovy and a ton of cap space to work with this summer. Time for him to shape the future of the team. To say I'm looking forward to see how things unfold over the next few months is an understatement.
  12. Wow. Never in a million did I expect #1. What an off-season this is going to be.
  13. The potected/exposed lists don't need to be submitted until June 17th and will probably be made public June 18th according to the NHL.
  14. I only put Auvitu in my post as he'd been banished to the AHL and never came back up yet the likes of Stollery were getting game time. So I assumed Shero/Hynes didn't rate him. I'd like to see him get another chance. DSP was definitely a let down. Occasional flashes of decent play negated by plenty of games where he just went through the motions. What can be said about JJ? If ever there was a player that everyone wanted to succeed it's him but it's just never worked out for him. Time cut loose imo.
  15. From the exit meetings today. "Pride, tenacity, pushback,” Shero said. “We had it at times but not enough. Not close enough to where we want to be. Some guys had a chance to prove that this year. They won’t be back.” I'm guessing Auvitu, DSP and maybe Bennett & Josefson are on that list. Although I'm in the minority that actually quite liked some of Bennetts play.