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  1. Kostur Recalled???

    Just read in the NY Post that Kostur was recalled to Albany. Does anyone know anything else about this? The paper did not say why or if someone was getting sent down. Thanks!
  2. Back from the Rats game...

    Thanks for the welcome! I'd have to agree that Clemmensen is in NJ for the simple fact that it means Ahonen is getting the experience he needs. He's a young guy, still, and when his game is on, he is amazing to watch. I'd love to see Ari in the NHL. Clemmensen is a good goalie, too. He did get the SO his first NHL game, which is an accomplishment, but he's older. I think he's got about 5 years on Ahonen - if you were choosing someone to be a back-up and you know he would almost never get to play, who would you choose, you know? I really like the both of them, but I really love watching Ahonen in net. Especialy when he's holding his stick like a baseball bat ready to mess Binghampton's Emery up! What a mess that game was.
  3. Back from the Rats game...

    I'm new to this site, and saw that you had put Foster scratched last night for obvious reasons. I guess I'm a little dense - what happened? Is he injured? I haven't heard a thing. Thanks! And yes, Steve Kariya is very tiny. I've met him a couple of times. I'm 5'5" and there is absolutely no way he is the 5'8" he is rostered at. He's not much taller than me, if he is at all. I'd say he's 5'6" at best - probably 5'8" with his skates on!